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The In-Between Days

Updated on September 30, 2013

Time Flys...

Summer time came and went so quickly! Time sure does fly by...what happened??

One of my daughter's teachers once said that: "summers run and winters walk"

Somehow, that is often the way our lives seem to play out.

In any event, once again summer has ended and we are off running into fall. It seems our lives are lived from one Holiday or Event to the next.

Life Events

In recollection, it seems that this year’s Memorial Day activities had just faded as we begin to anticipate my June birthday, and then it was a Middle School Promotion, a High School Graduation, and the Last Day of School, followed by Father's Day! It was amazing how quickly Independence Day rolled around, and as soon as that celebration ended Summer was off and running---to picnics and backyard BBQ's, trips to the beach and campouts in the forest, swimming and hiking, biking and exploring, weekend adventures with family and quickly now it is all a memory as once again we look forward to Fall.

The "In-Between Days"

The memories we have of all these Holidays and Events are treasures beyond compare, but what about the
"In-Between Days"--those Tuesdays or Thursdays that have no special meaning on our calendars? Was there anything memorable about them? Was there anything valuable in those days that would validate us exchanging one day of our life for them? Did we pause to enjoy anything, learn something new, or make a difference in someone's day?

It is something worth thinking about.....

Celebrate Life Everyday!

In this often crazy, fast paced world we live in, I frequently like to pause and remind myself that EVERYDAY is SPECIAL! Every day is a chance for us to experience new things. It is a chance for us to celebrate LIFE!
We don't need to wait for Holidays or Special Events--we have an opportunity to enjoy life that is available to us with every breath we take!

In fact, with that in mind, our winters might even begin to run too!

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