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The Infinite Uses of Aloe Vera 'The Plant of Immortality' - 1

Updated on March 16, 2014
Aloe gel gives health to the skin and body, providing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes and amino acids.
Aloe gel gives health to the skin and body, providing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes and amino acids. | Source

Chapter 1

I think one article is not enough to explain the properties and uses of aloe vera. You ll get bored reading a lot of stuff in a single stretch. Well, I myself, am a lazy person. So, I decided to split this in two.

Before knowing the stunning benefits of aloe vera, read about the history, origin and constituents that make this plant magical.

There are infinite uses of aloe vera, some are discovered, some are hidden inside the transparent 'healing gel' of aloe leaves waiting for humans to find. Let us discuss some of the known benefits of aloe vera.

Aloe vera stops itching and burning.
Aloe vera stops itching and burning. | Source

Psoriasis Treatment Made Easy

Aloe Vera for Skin Care

For cut and wounds: Most of the aloe leaf is filled with gel, which contains 75 known substances. Applied to wounds, aloe gel acts as a mild anesthetic which eliminates swelling and pain. It is also used as a bactericide and fungicide substance. Furthermore, it increases blood flow to the wound area by stimulating the fibroblasts, which are the cells responsible for healing cutaneous lesions.

Aloe Vera has shown to have great effects in healing wounds. Some scientists believe that a substance in Aloe Vera promotes tissue formation and thus have a positive effect on healing wounds.

For burns: In an experiment reported in the Journal of Medical Association of Thailand, 27 patients with moderate burns were treated with gauze coated with Vaseline gel and Aloe gel. Burns treated with Aloe gel healed in 12 days, while with Vaseline took 18 days to heal.

For bacterial and fungal infections: Already in 2004, it was discovered that Aloe Vera can slow down the growth of Streptococcus and Shigella bacteria.

Psoriasis is a skin disease you don’t want to get. However, there is relief. Aloe vera helps against the disease by providing a much smoother and more moisturized skin which relieves the discomfort.Aloe Vera cleanses the skin, moisturizes and works as anti-inflammatory, just what you need against the eczema also. For the best effect to psoriasis, drink Aloe Vera juice. It has a preventive effect.

Aloe is able to quickly repair tissues and membranes, so it is used not only for burns but also on wounds, eczema and blisters, to accelerate healing.

For sunburns and insect bites: Aloe vera is known to soothe the skin. Irritation from insect bites is one such case. Aloe vera gel can help relieve the pain and swelling. Aloe Vera gel suppresses swelling and relieves pain and irritation. Dab the gel until the swelling goes down. Spread plenty of aloe gel on the skin after a day in the sun, so as to benefit from its refreshing power.

For dry skin or acne: Moisturizer with aloe vera juice leaves the skin smooth and soft. Apply after cleaning.

Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, can moisture all layers of the skin
Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, can moisture all layers of the skin | Source
Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Cream 4 Oz. Jars(2 Pack)
Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Cream 4 Oz. Jars(2 Pack)

This successfully moisturizes my skin, makes my skin feel a whole lot better without making me feel like I've been greased. ”


More Uses for Skin

  1. Aloe can be used as basic ingredient for the preparation of a body scrub, with the addition of olive oil, sugar or salt.
  2. Aloe is suitable to be used as a face mask in case of reddened skin. Apply the gel with your fingers and rinse with lukewarm water after it become dry to form a thin film. Dab your face gently with a cotton cloth.
  3. When you return home in the evening, you find yourself having chapped hands due to the cold or the wind, apply aloe gel generously in the rougher parts of your fingers. For an intensive treatment, leave aloe on your hands throughout the night by wearing cotton gloves after applying.
  4. The pure aloe vera gel may very well replace your usual face cream. You can also apply it several times a day, depending on your needs.
  5. Use the aloe gel around your eyes . You will be astonished by its effect on wrinkles.
  6. After the shower, use the aloe gel instead of body cream, massaging the skin until it is absorbed well.
  7. Apply on scars daily to make sure that they disappear faster.
  8. In the case of dark spots on the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun, make wraps of aloe gel on the affected areas, so that these can diminish and eventually disappear.
  9. At the end of the day massage the cracked feet with a small amount of aloe gel to which added a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  10. Few drops of aloe gel is the ideal solution to be applied to make the annoying pimples disappear more quickly.

For these reasons, this plant is abundantly used in the industry of beauty soaps, creams and bubble bath.

Aloe Vera for Skin Care

A perfect hair conditioner for you

Aloe Vera for Hair

Dry and Damaged Hair: Dry and damaged hair is a problem that almost everyone has at some point in life. Because Aloe Vera has a very moisturizing effect, it is often used in various hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. Use this regularly to get the best effect.

Hair Conditioner: Aloe is an excellent conditioner as it makes the hair shiny and protects the scalp. Also it can be used against dandruff and baldness.

Dandruff: If your problem is dandruff, pamper your scalp gently rubbing the aloe gel on it and leaving it as much time as you can before shampooing. It will help to counteract the formation of dandruff and prevents the itching.

Hair gel: Aloe gel is also a great hair gel without any side effects. Try it!

Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Aloe for muscle pain and joint pain

Strained muscles and joints: One of the best selling products of Aloe Vera is liniment. Liniment is used to prevent tired and strained muscles and help them recover. Since Aloe vera goes deep into the skin and moisturizes and soothes inflammations, aloe vera give a quick relief.

Rheumatism: Juice of aloe vera is said to relieve the pain in the joints, thanks to the combination of anti-inflammatory compounds. Drink juice morning and evening.

Try to reduce the muscle pain by doing massage with aloe vera gel, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Aloe Vera as Dietary Supplement

The aloe vera plant is packed with nutrients that help to increase your immunity and are effective against infections and effects of stress.

Replenishing the amino acid requirements for athletes: Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 different amino acids our body needs. The regular intake of aloe vera supplements will naturally complement these essential amino acids in the body.

Aloe Vera and vitamins: Aloe vera juice contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, folic acid and niacin. A number of them can not be stored in the body and are to be included in the diet.

Aloe vera and minerals: A part of the minerals found in the Aloe Vera juice are: calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper.

As we have seen, aloe contains many of the nutrients essential for proper maintenance of the body. For this, we can call it as a ‘Superfood’ without hesitation.

Did aloe vera help you with your skin problems?

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End of Part 1

So far, you have read about the benefits of aloe vera in skin care, hair care, how aloe can be used against muscle cramps and joint pains and as a dietary supplement.

Now we move on to the next phase. Aloe vera can be used against number of other diseases such as heart burn, digestive problems, frostbite, oral problems, diabetics, cancer, constipation and headaches.

Amazing! right? I gotta drink a lot of aloe juice.. Wait.. Does this super plant has any side effects?? Find out here..


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I use this every 2 weeks to help maintain the hair on my legs. I have ialaitn heritage and it really shows.This stuff is really gentle and does not burn your skin at all. I usually leave it on for about 10-12 minutes (sometimes longer if I get side tracked) and have never experienced any sort of burning sensation or redness. It has a more gentle scent compared to other hair removal creams and it seems to come off much more easier. I use this in conjunction with regular shaving and it has never let me down. The little sponge they include works perfectly to help remove all the hair without irritation.

    • healthcarepro profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Somewhere on Earth

      thats good to hear Jackie.. I use aloe for my skin and hair care mostly.. Its very good against dandruff..

      @ologsinquito thank you for stopping by and commenting.. Looks like our interests in herbal remedies are alike.. :P

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I know this is great stuff, my son healed his stomach with it just sticking a stalk of it in water to drink daily. ^

    • ologsinquito profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Aloe vera is wonderful stuff. The product you featured is the kind I buy for our house.


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