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How too loose Weight withThe Jenny Craig Diet

Updated on February 1, 2016

Jenny Craig happens to be a clinic for weight loss that puts a focus on consuming meals that are pre-packaged. The idea basically behind the system of Jenny Craig is that through the consumption of the meals that are sent and prepared for you, what happens is you lose weight. These meals which are pre-packed are delivered after being frozen and supposedly, these provide the majority of your food intake daily. It is a weight loss program that started way back in the year nineteen eighty three and moved from Australia to the United States in nineteen eighty-five.

How to do you participate in a Jenny Craig center? You can use the direct at home program or through mail or phone. The diet keystone is pre packed meals. So basically, you are encouraged to supplement the meals with reduced fat dairy products, whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits.

If you have never heard of Jenny Craig, the focus of the program is on teaching folks to eat in moderation as they exercise moderately. The diet plan of Jenny Craig is also to give structure to individuals. You will most likely become more familiar with the term volumetrics. This is a principle advertised behind all the eating plans and it has to do with eating sufficient amounts of meals with the least calories. It is taught by the company that folks are able to eat food that is healthier, achieve all this with fewer calories and feel full at the same time. What more will people want in a daily eating plan? Not only do you have a partner, you have meals you don’t have to prepare all created for you in a delicious kit that helps you lose weight to boot!

These days, more and more people are seeking to lose weight but many don’t know how to go about it or just do not have enough motivation. This is where you might want to start thinking about getting on the Jenny Craig program. With results that are actually tested and proven, it is worth checking out Jenny Craig.

A Mindset

The diet of Jenny Craig is a weight loss mind-action program that helps you, as a dieter, rapidly lose weight. Before you even begin to spend hundreds of your own personal funding on the program, it is a good idea to get yourself acquainted with what is really going on. It is better to gather the right kind of knowledge about the method of the plan in terms of aspects like how it functions to make the most of it. First and foremost, this happens to be a comprehensive program of losing weight and involves taking care of every aspect of your diet like sending you pre packaged meals that are healthy right to your doorstep and 1 on 1 consultation with experts of health to methodically get your weight loss going.

Are You Overdoing it?

The basis of the program is on the development of a healthy relationship with eating, in the sense that you should not have to avoid any food or stick to just one food group. Rather, Jenny Craig concentrates on the serving portions and the nutritional value. The main emphasis is basically on living a healthy lifestyle so it is not going to be like previous diets that ask you to set unattainable objectives that eventually just lead to failure. In Jenny Craig, there are high nutritional standards so you know that even with moderate portion sizes; you are getting a good daily dose of vitamins. It is really a lifestyle change, and to make the transition to choosing food yourself and eating properly, Jenny Craig is sort of like the ‘starter kit’ or the ‘warming up’ into a new lifestyle with food. The most important thing to remember is that this diet has worked year after year for millions of folks, why wouldn’t it work for you? The hardest part is making the decision to finally try it. Since you will be eating, this means that you won’t really be starving on this diet. It is merely teaching you how to deal with each day’s meals. You won’t have to fast, avoid certain food, and after you ‘get the hang of it’ you can even eat exactly the food choices of your own preference. Again, the hardest part is the beginning, when you make a decision to actually begin the diet.

The Concept

A weight loss program, Jenny Craig relies on smart, healthy food. The company prides itself in having the best health food that is non-conventional.

Behind the diet Jenny Craig, the main concept is that no food is prohibited, and everything must be eaten in moderation. When you think about these premises, the idea is that the diet Jenny Craig can be maintained once a graduation is done by dieters from eating the food exclusively from Jenny Craig to eating grocery general store food that they themselves prepare. It is as if the system teaches consumers how to relearn cooking and preparing food in healthy ways, which in itself is a good life skill. Dieters are allowed to get accustomed to eating tinier portions without having to count calories. These modifications, along with Jenny Craig counselling and coupled with regular exercise does help in ensuring that each dieter will keep the weight off the moment they begin preparing food on their own.

Your Style Profile

Another Jenny Craig helpful tool is the Your Style Profile. This is one of the profiles that will help you in identifying your own personal weight loss mindset, activity stage and your particular style of eating. This will allow Jenny Craig to get the best weight loss regime customized especially for you.


For the program of Jenny Craig, exercise plays a big role. This is because it is an element important in healthy weight management and healthy living overall. Your personal consultant helps you in developing a regime that is logical in order for you to be able to achieve the development of a healthy lifestyle which you can enjoy and maintain.

Your Own Personal Consultant

Getting your own personal consultant is one of the Jenny Craig perks. The Individual helps you through harder times that you will have to face inevitably as you alter your life. Think of him or her as your personal motivator and teacher. Each week, you will be able to meet with your personal consultant in order to start sharing the success of weight loss that you have gone through. This keeps you motivated and lets your mentor know what areas you will need to work on. In other words, you won’t be alone and you will have a lot of help while on the program. What better way to keep yourself right on track?

The Jenny Craig Food

There are three Jenny Cuisines that the program consists of. Plenty of vegetables and fruits per day and one snack. The purpose of the cuisine is to eat in moderation and balance. Eating moderately is achieved through finding a balance between your own personal groceries of heart healthy fat, whole grain and low fat dairy and also with the Jenny pre-packaged meals that are easily available.


Since the inception of the program, Jenny Craig has assisted people by the millions around the world take control of their exercise choices and their diets. The program of Jenny Craig is specifically known most for being an easy to afford method of losing weight with goals that are actually attainable. For this model of business, the company Jenny Craig, Inc has won many awards which include a two thousand nine award for Franchise Satisfaction.


In the year nineteen ninety-six, Jenny Craig got a diagnosis for having a chronic jaw dislocation, which made it hard for her to eat and talk. In the past, she had made appearances on many commercials for her brand as a public spokesperson. After her diagnosis, this abruptly ceased. To repair facial muscles, she went through extensive surgery and t o regain her speaking ability, had to go through years of speech therapy.


As a San Diego County, CA resident, Jenny Craig is well known for both national and local philanthropy. Particularly, she has worked with several domestic violence prevention programs, Race for the Cure with Susan G Kohen and United Way. Sid and Jenny have also made tens of millions in donations of dollars to southern local California schools and specifically for the University fitness and business facilities. Aside from that, Craig is also an avid basketball fan and a collector of antique cars.

Genevieve Guidroz

Born Genevieve Guidroz, Jenny Craig was born in Louisiana in the year 1932 and had founded the weight loss global company with her husband Sid that bears the Jenny Craig name. Men and women are helped to lose weight and maintain healthier lifestyles through exercising portion control and staying active. A southern California resident, Jenny Craig is known also for her San Diego philanthropy and breeding horses. It was in Louisiana in where Sid Craig owned a fitness nationwide club and he and Jenny met. In the year nineteen seventy nine, the two met and as a couple, they founded the diet in Australia in the eighties. The program for weight loss debuted in the year nineteen eighty five in the United States. Since this time, Jenny Craig has become one of the most popular and largest weight loss companies of the world.


Mainly, the menu of Jenny Craig primarily consists of foods that have been pre packaged and frozen before being delivered to your home. There are options offered by these meal plans for dinner, lunch and breakfast. These foods which are pre packed offer various meal selections and are created for the purpose of being supplemented with portion limits of purchased healthy food from your own groceries. Meals are delivered by jenny Craig that are approximately composed of twenty per cent fats and sixty per cent carbs. Low fat vegetables, fruits and dairy products bought from the groceries are supposed to supplement the meals delivered.

Desserts and Snacks

Desserts and snacks can also be comprised of pre packaged Jenny Craig including portions of crackers, popcorn, pretzels, cookies and cake. Another snack or dessert option is fresh fruit including vegetables that include raw cut broccoli and carrots.


From Jenny Craig, a broad variety of choices of food are pre-packed. Plus, this system gives a recommendation of food that you can buy from the groceries of your choice for breakfasts in order for the pre-packed frozen food to be supplemented. Breakfasts can include vegetable sausage and blueberry pancakes which are a frozen pre-packaged meal. It can also include one of the choices on the menu selection of Jenny Craig which are banana nut muffins. There are various Jenny Craig cereal healthy types including Cranberry Almond, Complete Start, Frosted Oat and Maple Nut. There are also choices of a breakfast scramble, a stuffed breakfast sandwich and other options. These supplements for breakfast can be supplemented with fresh fruits purchased portions.


The pre-packed Jenny Craig food menu makes an inclusion of various options which include soup like beef barley stew, chowder and chicken noodle. It also includes sandwiches like chicken sandwich, turkey club Panini and beef Panini. There are also other options like chicken salad, turkey burgers, rotini and many others. Meals for lunch can also be paired with small portions of vegetables or fruits that you buy yourself.


The options for Jenny Craig for dinner are broad and can include pork, chicken or beef. These dinner options are pre made and can also get paired with small vegetable portions of salads of your choice and which you can buy yourself, separately. There are broad options in terms of dinner for every taste to be catered to. The only thing is that the dinner calorie count needs to be moderate to small in portion size, as this is the last meal of the day.


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