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The Joy of Sheltering in Place and the Domain

Updated on April 10, 2020
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I like to come at things from a different angle. Usually if we take some words and apply them to ourselves we can then apply to the world.

Give Me Back My Hat

An Umbrella?
An Umbrella? | Source

The Shelves are Empty?

Here is an interesting note about Sheltering in Place. You cannot stomp out the door in anger. Sheltering in place makes us face it all the way through. Three family members sheltering in place together forces us to at least try and get along. Even just husband and wife sheltering in place changes dynamics. Change is normally resisted. So we must embrace the lock down of sheltering in place.

I am a stay at home dad who “works” from home. This is my domain. Then this gal (my wife) shows up uninvited to spend day and night in my domain. Of course she is more used to ordering people around. It is what she does working for a contractor. Please and thank you are not normal courtesies in the burly world of hard labor. So who is she going to boss around and demand that she get her way to?

On the other hand I set my own schedules. I insist on quiet and well planned and do not get bossed by anyone – well maybe except my 10 year old. No one gives orders in my domain, everything is contemplated and very seldom reacted to, but rather part of the flow.

My poor wife normally takes about an hour to get ready for work, insists on taking the boy to school and commutes. She also usually works a second part time job. We all admit she is a workaholic. Now somebody just took that all away. That should be a good thing right?

Here is the problem. Ask someone “what do you do?” And your answer will be the job that person does. It is their identity. Sorry but you cannot be a door to door salesman so then what are you? (a rather weird exampleJ)

Over two weeks my wife has become a mom instead and again. I have no issue. I am a writer and staying at home only lessens the experiences of norm and provides a new adventure.

However with all that said; I am just about sick of all the giggling and laughter and watching the stress melt away. My son still has a healthy exercise routine and does his assigned homework and extra like VSL and Bible study but now gets a full two hours of IPad stuff a day. Bummer for him ;-) Meals are eaten at the same time as a family. I miss the cooking but my wife just loves having the time and is starting to really get on her game. Anyone else gaining weight?

Great Beat

Half Full

Overflowing? | Source


Toilet paper is being rationed. We just decided not to go poop as much. Seriously we buy toilet paper by the two or more month supply. And it just hit us at the right time. That food stalking up deal was real fun for me. I was amazed at how many things I eat that no one else wanted. Hey you can make beets taste good and their greens are great. Kale lasts forever and is supper healthy, hoarders avoid health food like the plague itself. No one was buying onions, carrots or potatoes. Ong Choy is a treasure trove of good stuff. Maybe too much garlic and ginger, but so far that call has been right on. (garlic is good for the 6ft rule hihihi)

You combine rice, beans, corn and cheese in a burrito and you have God’s finest protein. Next to a good PB&J in taste.

One of the cool things about this deal is water and gas/electricity remaining on. A disaster with all the comforts of home. And if you really need something you can run to the store. That is not a disaster that is a holiday.

And just as I now am drinking the chlorinated tap water I also put a moratorium on worrying about au naturale. What we normally eat, I used to go to the store 3 times a week for the food because of no shelf life. No chemies no shelf life. With few exceptions.

Some of that fully processed chuck full of names you cannot pronounce readymade stuff is really good.

Gardening is a problem ;-) I have my “Little General” wife telling me which blade of grass to pull and which to leave. About a week ago it irritated me, now we both just laugh and I follow direction even though she has never grown a thing in her life – she actually is good at ordering and has a fine eye. “Hey do you want to do this!?” “No I just want you to do it how I want it done.” Resulting in false bravado and a good laugh from the boy.

Showering. No lack of running hot water? Really, this is getting just too darn easy. We have the same schedules now. Hmm. You got it, no problem, we have two bathrooms and a hot water heater that could heat for 3 homes. Hey on stuff like water heaters I say go big. First mom, then boy and me whenever I feel like it. I demand on independence. (OK so I demand – who cares?)

Like a Rock

The Buffalo

Just how strong are we?
Just how strong are we? | Source

Vacation Time

One time hiking we got isolated for two days. Whoops. A flash flood cut us off. Immediate food distribution conversation. Rationing of camp stove gas. But laughs all around because it could only last for a couple of days – so drink plenty of water and fast. But we could not drive to the store or take a shower, Lol.

When my elder son and I were past 14 days we could have crushed a marble between us with the prolonged bear hug. The absence of a mere 6ft makes the heart grow fonder.

Social distancing is a term that now means a certain amount of feet away, no touching and stay in your place. Makes sense, but I have been using that term for over a decade, well over. To me social distancing is giving someone their space. “Leave me alone.” Actually I can be alone in a room filled with people so I need to be on the giving space side. Sometimes hard for me. Chances are someone on their phone or reading a book should be left alone. Chances are even better that someone in a cantankerous mood should be left alone. Don’t stick your finger in a beehive and don’t stick it in other people’s business.

The kitchen smoke alarm has gone off twice in 4 days. The lady of the house is pushing her cooking to the limit. That balance of heat to type of cooking oil is tricky. She would never have learned that concept by me telling her.

Dinner is served and the first course is a romaine lettuce dish. I remark at the freshness. My wife and boy snicker at me. It is the first romaine salad for this year from our garden. I grow it, the boy picks it and mom prepares it. And we ask it be blessed and we share it. Tell me does it get any better than that?

10 laps around our property is a mile. My neighbor and I have settled on about 15ft. We are both loud and talk with our hands so it works fine.

There are a million articles reminded us to send good intentions to those who suffer. There are as many telling us how to be safe. Sometimes I think we just need to kick back and have some fun.


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