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The Law of Attraction Explained in Simple Steps

Updated on February 2, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist. She also writes blogs about improving mental wellbeing and leading a calmer, more productive life.

A Brief Description of The Law

Many people see it as attracting things into our lives. So say, we have to be on the same vibration level to attract the things we wish for. If for example, your vibration is high, then you will attract good and if it is low then you will attract not so good things.

In general mood terms you probably already know this because we all experience a chain of unfortunate events or an incident that comes when we are already feeling low.

When it comes to things however, I don't believe vibrations either high or low, make any difference. This has been my experience with the law of attraction as a concept. I've wanted things to happen and they have. I've done this whilst not being in a particularly good place at the time of manifestation.

It's all about the emotion behind the desire and the ability to let that desire go.

Forget about you manifestation. How is that even possible?

No, not forget about it. If you can then that's fantastic. It's unlikely you'll be able to do this though. The more you try to forget about something you want, the more you think about it. Like when you're on a diet and all you can think about is cake.

Keep it Simple

If I could, I would tell you not to do anything because that really is the best way. It's easier for me though as I have pretty much mastered this thing. I've done this by assuming it's all about me and nothing to do with some outside force. You're reading this though, so you are not yet at that point.

I admit it takes time to feel completely confident that your wish will come to pass in some form or other. In some form or other is key. You have to be prepared for it to come in ways you could never imagine. Believe me, I cannot tell you of the amazing things that have come my way by thinking like this.

Be specific about your desire and what you'd like to happen, but be relaxed about how it comes to you. Once I let go of my expectations here, everything just came in super-quick time. Not in the way I had imagined at all, but so far, I am loving my life and I'd never have dreamt I'd be writing YA books, self-help books, (out soon) articles like this and picking up a rather large and rather lovely contract to write for a production company! I only take the work that excites me these days. I wait to see if the feeling kicks in, the one that tells me Yes this is right for you.

Step 1

Decide what it is that you really, really want. Think about how you would feel if it happened.

Now take a minute or two to think about any down-side to this manifestation. Would it make you completely happy, or would there be negatives attached to it?

If there are negative elements to your manifestation coming into reality, then ask yourself if you are able to rid yourself of those negatives.

Step 2

If there are things you would experience along with the greatness of your manifestation that would make you unhappy or uneasy, then ask your inner spirit, the universe, God...whatever you want to call this magic force, to bring it to you in the best possible way. Ask for those negative points to dissolve in some way. Now this only works if you can then relax and assume it is being taken care of. If you are then being plagued by the down-sides, you will not receive what you want. If you do then you will probably find it comes with too many issues. This is some sort of protective mechanism. We are being shielded from what we think we want because perhaps deep down, we know it may not be right for us.

For example: My husband announced one day that he wanted another baby. I already had one, and I wasn't all that good at motherhood to be honest. I was not a natural nurturing type. I was filled with dread when he suggested having another child. All of my friends were having babies at the time, so I thought Come on, you can do this.

After a few months of trying I fell pregnant. At six weeks I lost the pregnancy. I was gutted. From then on, I was desperate to have that second child. Nothing happened. We went for IUI twice and I even contemplated IVF.

My last course of unsuccessful IUI came in the week that my Father-in-law died. I was at an all time low. I just gave up. I couldn't do it anymore. We'd been trying for almost five years. It was exhausting.

Now you'd think that this might be the point that I got my wish. I'd given up after all. That's how it works right?

No. No baby. The thing is that as soon as I let it go, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and realised almost immediately that I hadn't really wanted a baby. Not for the right reasons anyway. I'd wanted to get pregnant because I couldn't. I hated not being able to do whatever I want. I felt cheated. It wasn't fair. I was like a spoilt child throwing a fit because I'd been told NO.

Now, I cannot tell you how happy I am with my one, lovely gorgeous 18 year old boy. I thank my higher self for knowing that I didn't really want another baby.

Wait for that inner voice to confirm you really do in fact want this in your life. whatever this may be.

Step 3

When you've had inner confirmation that this manifestation is all good, then all you have to do it release it. Assume it is on it's way. I generally think about it for a few minutes and find it easy now, to get the feeling of it. The way I would feel inside if I had it. For a minute I pretend it's already here.

That's all you need to do. Seriously, don't over-think it. That leads to blocking and resistance. Just imagine you have a magic lamp and assume the genie knows his stuff just like Aladin did!


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