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The Law of Attraction and My Oak Trees

Updated on August 11, 2020
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I was a retired teacher and live-aboard in Seattle. Now I'm back to teaching in a remote area of New Mexico.

Scrub Oak growing in New Mexico
Scrub Oak growing in New Mexico

I love oak trees.

I even love the bush-like scrub oaks that grow in my area of New Mexico. There are many scrub oak trees in the area where my husband and I are building a house, but none on our property. This made me very sad because when I stand in the center of a grove of oak trees, even the small, scrubby trees we have here, I really feel connected to the earth and the past and the future. I know, really woo-woo. It's not a religion, just a feeling I've had for as long as I can remember.

So using the Law of Attraction, I decided to create an oak grove on my property, close to my house.

I mean, I guess I could have planted acorns or bought some small trees. But I've not seen oak trees for sale in New Mexico, and where does one obtain an acorn? Really, I'm asking because I haven't a clue. On all the oaks I've seen, I've never seen an acorn! My husband gave me "that look" when I suggested that we sneak in and dig up some trees from someone else's property, so I was out of options.

Out of curiosity, I've read a bit about the Law of Attraction. Do I believe it works? No, not really, but I don't believe it hurts. I'm really busy: building a house, working full time, and starting a part-time writing gig, among other things. But I always find time to imagine and daydream. I'm all about that!

So I visualized an oak grove growing on a particular area of my property. I didn't stress about it or do anything about it, I just pictured it, as if it existed, whenever I remembered to think about it. I did this for about a year.

And then this happened!

A tiny, baby oak tree!
A tiny, baby oak tree!

I made an oak tree with MY MIND!

Read that subtitle again with the voice of The Wizard of Oz.

Last fall, a rabbit ate the leaves off my little oak tree.

It was buried under a foot of ice and snow most of the winter. But it came back in the spring, and I fenced it in and started to water and fertilize it. I kept visualizing a strong, healthy oak tree while cared it. I'm no dummy! I know that you have to combine the Law of Attraction with action.

I felt pretty smug about the oak tree I created with my mind, but I also started to think about some other things:

1. There are oak trees all over this area and on both properties adjoining mine.

2. How DO oak trees propagate? I still don't really know, but I have a feeling that most oak trees are not created by the Law of Attraction.

3. Although my little oak tree was close, it was not in the area I had visualized.

4. I had originally visualized an oak grove, not a single tree.

5. Would it, COULD it, have grown without the direction of my visualizations?

I do know that when you think about something a lot, you start to notice it more.

Several books "proving" the Law of Attraction advise you to visualize a particular thing, a common object, but very specific, like a yellow car. Suddenly yellow cars are everywhere! Did you create them or did you just start noticing them?

My gravel driveway is made of crushed granite, light gray and coarse. I looked for interesting stones every now and then for several years, and, once, found a piece of white quartz crystal. After that, I expected to find some quartz every time I looked, and I do. I find so much that I don't bother to pick it up anymore. Created or just noticed?

When my husband and I put our boat up for sale six years ago, I visualized nice people buying it and taking care of it. And after two years it happened. However, it did take two years, we dropped the price considerably, I advertised on about a zillion boat sale sites, I created brochures which we posted at every marina, supply store, and anything else even remotely boat related, and I paid for ads on social media sites. Did I cause the sale with my mind or my actions?

And then this happened!

A tiny, baby oak GROVE!

This looks like just one tiny tree but is actually five trees. I noticed it two months ago on our property, close to the house. It's far from the area where I originally envisioned the oak grove, but I think I like it better. It grew and flourished without being imagined, visualized, watered, fertilized, or attended to in any way. Sometimes things just happen!

Do you believe the Law of Attraction works?

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© 2020 Lee A Barton


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