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The Leading Indian Yoga TV Programs for a Great Summer Vacation in Australaia

Updated on January 4, 2016

Indian TV have dedicated channels that you can subscribe to and enjoy unlimited native Indian content. You now have a chance to try the ancient meditation techniques that you have been putting off because of a busy schedule.

These are the leading TV channels that offer unlimited Indian content that will make your vocations memorable. They have different Yoga programs that include ancient and modern Yoga. Your summer in AUS will never be the same again. Apart from the traditional cable TV or satellite TV there is also unlimited Online TV. The online TV channels give you an even wider variety of content to choose from. You get to see video streaming to help you achieve the best Yoga results.

Having Yoga TV streaming channels also gives you the virtual Yoga instructor. You practically get to choose which Yoga you program you want to access. With the current HD TV, you can also stream multiple channels and choose to follow the one that interests you most while keeping an eye on any new Yoga program from other channels.

The best Indian TV meditation Channels in Australia are:

Sanskar TV
Aastha TV
Arihant TV
• Bhajan TV

And more..


Meditation Techniques

There are many meditation techniques you can expect to get from these TV channels and programs. Among the leading Yoga techniques you can expect at low cost are:

  • Kripalu- Get to know and learn from your body, teaches one to be comfortable in themselves
  • Ashtanga- Get to express poses that are linked to your breathing movements
  • Anusara- Allows you to express yourself through you best position
  • Bikram- Best performed in heated rooms or general hot weather, best for a summer vocation
  • Hatha- The best original that encompasses all the types of modern Yoga
  • Prenatal -Allows expectant mothers to maintain their energy throughout.
  • Kundalini- Awakens the energy supply stored in your body and releases to rejuvenate yourself
  • Yin- Meant to relax your muscles by letting gravity work on you.
  • Iyengar- Best for all ages and is meant to align and sequence you body naturally. To make you flexible.
  • Sivananda- Uses breathing, proper diet, relaxation, proper thinking and exercise to help you have a healthy yogic lifestyle.

What is amazing is that there is on additional charges once you subscribe to these TV channels. If you are staying in a hotel that already has them subscribed to, then you pay nothing at all. All you do is sit and start your Yoga. Peacefully at your own preferred time.


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