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What is the Link Between Mental and Emotional Health

Updated on May 12, 2013

The Link Between Mental and Emotional Health

For so long humans have toiled emotionally but yet been responsible for equally important and good decisions often when their emotional world is crumbling within. How can one make clear judgement when their insides are tied up in a knot?

This is why I bring this question to light today to introduce and remind you of the need to clear your emotional charges - package it up and launch it out the window. Most of the stories you are telling yourself about your life or your past are based on false assumptions - that you aren’t loved, that you were mistreated, victimized - when all along you were the perpetrator of your own acts against yourself in an effort to know thyself.

But how do we know thyself when there are so many villains out there? Let’s evaluate the truth of this statement.

Who is in charge of your reality? You. Who is in charge of your life? You. Who runs your thinking? Let’s hope You. This simple test will allow you to see and understand what I am talking about. Ask yourself, what percentage of my thinking is free will? You will hear a number inside. Just accept it. Who is the other percent? Society, etc, etc. So let’s just close the gap first of all. Say, I now claim my right to all of my thinking energy, with no exception. You may feel a shift, a delightful Ping. That’s done.

So now, you know you are the creator of your life. So why would you present obstacles and difficulties to yourself? To grow and strengthen? To understand? To allow? It’s a beautiful journey we are on and now it is the time to throw down the shackles. We can be anything we want! Life is for living.

So, back to the Emotions. Those darn things hide in our interior closets and we are hoping they won’t peek out, but inevitably they do, for they are there to help!

So, let’s say you greet that one falling out of the closet and you hold it in your hands, and pull it close. It screams and whines of injustice. It stands on a fiery sheath and unleashes obscenity. And then what? It deflates and cries like a baby needing to be held. So hold it to your heart. You will feel everything release and become Okay. Yes, yes, and new understandings will release into your consciousness – the exact information that was waiting behind that feeling ALL along. Now, it’s not so bad. The truth reveals itself. We ARE loved! We ARE appreciated! It was all a bad dream we kept replaying. And now, its over, its finished. And we can go back to enjoying life.

You will find that your thinking becomes balanced, your way of life more relaxed as you continue of this journey of self-exploration. You will never again have to revisit this story in the same way. Oh yes, there may be other chapters if the story is deep and rich, full of ideologies much needed in your life. But follow the same technique and allow that emotion to snuggle up and reveal its truth. It’s a beautiful thing.

Allowing your full self to emerge is the solid path to healing. We are all in stages of healing - individual, collective and planetary. It is a great time on Earth! Do the work that was made just for you, by you, yourself. And have a great time creating mastery and enjoying beauty. I wish you well.

In Love and Peace,

Cassandra Wilson of The Horizon Centre


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