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The Love of a Mother Priceless

Updated on July 29, 2015



The Love of a Mother Priceless

The Love of a Mother

You found Love and cherished my Dad.

My Grandmother and Grandfather raised


Mother you sacrificed your life, and raised me

Installed my belief system.

You carried me in your womb taking caution

and taking the greatest of care, and with God's

Grace I was born great and healthy.

We went to church on Sundays and I was in

the choir ‎at Sunday school.

I went to creche and primary school.

When you left this earth I was only 11‎.

My world shattered yet I was too young to

articulate or comprehend the loss of a parent.

Some nights were really dark it seems as though

The morning would not come.

Without your advise and love it was though to

become ‎a man, I had to grow up I couldn't be a

child and be carefree. I made life difficult by not

taking care, how does one take care when you do

not know how precious your life is?

Cannabis I was introduced to at age 19.

It put a cloud of Darkness on my perception of

Life. I started writing Poetry got deeper into

reading biographies of Poets Psychologists

And ancient Philosophers.

I would Meditate for 3 to 5 hours a day...

‎Buddhism saved my life.

The principles of not to have a negative thought

No matter what life has thrown at you.

I was diagnosed Bi Polar 1 2001 I was 21....

I was shattered by the reality that I would be

On anti depressants the rest of my life.

I was in denial. I fought taking the medication.

And I continued abusing Cannabis.

I did fairly well in my first year studying a Diploma

In Tourism Management at Midrand University

Johannesburg South Africa 2002.

In my first year I passed 6 subjects and failed 4

In my second year 2003 I started smoking

cannabis ‎again writing approximately 325 poems

that year ‎also performing Poetry at Y FM one the

biggest ‎commercial radio stations at the time.

I had my first relapse age 23

And I only passed 3 modules out of ten in my

second year‎.

I am now left with 10 modules to complete my


I had to start working 2004 as I had depleted my

funds to study‎ further.

I worked for America. Online in a call center doing

customer Service for 6 months. Then Jacklyn

Enterprises a UK call center‎ doing customer

service, 6 months as well.

I now had a years experience 2005 January.

I then became an asset and diligent call center

winning awards ‎for best customer service ‎and

punctuality . I worked for Standard Bank Head

Office for a year doing debt collections in their call

Centre and received two blue star awards that

year.‎ I worked for Vodacom Business call center

for a year 2007 August to August 2008 being the

top agent for 11 months.

2010 I went back to university to complete my

National Diploma in Tourism yet I was not focused

And I did not complete my final Year.

2011 January I worked for Neotel a Tele

Communications ‎ company in South Africa.

I was there for 16 Months ‎and was a Top achiever

For 14 months.

I worked for Britehouse SAP2013 to January 2014

Then I worked for Autopage March 2014 to August


I was a top agent for 4 months our of my 6 months


I bought a scooter 2011 July with my savings from my wages

It has been good to me and I am driving my bike

till this day. Her name my scooter is Poetic

Last name Hades I will have her for four years in

July 2015‎.

‎I now have 5 years 4 months experience in the call

center work environment I am a senior


I was born 1980.07.05

I turn 35 this year. Thank You God for all the

lessons , not all lessons are wrapped up as a gift

Life may be unkind at times yet your life and

happiness ‎is more precious than any


Mother I know you watching me, and I stay close

to you through prayer good Deeds meditation

building ‎and sustaining relations with family

friends and those who want to witness my success

blossom .

As we stand in today's reality my ambition

Is to settle my debt it will take 16 months

From when I am employed.

Renovate me and my sister's town house.

Purchase another bike.

And save for another property at age 48 fully paid.

And another at age 58.

Retire at age 68 with a million rand in savings from

Age 58.

Have a passive income of 40 000 from my two


Travel to India once a year, chill with the Swamiz

In the mountains. Visit Greece and visit and learn

more about the Greek culture and Mythology.

Locally visit the Game Farms.

In Africa go to the Congo see the glory of the

forests and the might of the mountain gorillas.

The Universe please give me time and may I have

the patience and wisdom to spend it wisely.

‎The Love of a Mother (One Day May I Find God)

Gods Poet Nkosi


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