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The Power of Epigenetic Essential Oils

Updated on March 19, 2017
The dozen pack and one more.
The dozen pack and one more. | Source

Understanding Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been a mainstay for me since 2005 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, diffusing was what I found most beneficial to raise her spirits and to know she was breathing in their pure goodness.

In 2012, when my dad had brain surgery, I used them to get him out of hospice so that the family would have some closure time.

For me, essential oils are what enhance a healthy lifestyle, even though they may seem expensive. However, when I discovered the 100% USDA Certified Essential Oils of the Epigenetic Labs I was glad to see that this company is not only providing the “real deal” but also at an affordable price.

That “real deal” concept is extremely important when it comes to essential oils because if they are not pure and certified organic then what you could be putting in your body is not only the essential oils but the pesticides and herbicides that were used to raise the plants from where the oils came. That is something you do not want to do. Also, some companies don’t include just the essential oils but augment with other additives, which makes it cheaper for them to produce but loses the beneficial value of the oils.

Organic life in a bottle

Lavendar and Peppermint Essential Oil.
Lavendar and Peppermint Essential Oil. | Source
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils.
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils. | Source
Lemon Essential Oil.
Lemon Essential Oil. | Source
Frankincense Essential Oil.
Frankincense Essential Oil. | Source
Herbs in a bottle.
Herbs in a bottle. | Source
Add some lemon, orange or grapefruit to your water.
Add some lemon, orange or grapefruit to your water. | Source
Geranium Rose and Magi-Comples
Geranium Rose and Magi-Comples | Source
Clove Essential Oil is great for the mouth.
Clove Essential Oil is great for the mouth. | Source
Grapefruit is perfect for curbing your appetite. Put it in your water.
Grapefruit is perfect for curbing your appetite. Put it in your water. | Source

My Healing Journey

I’m on an arthritis and sciatica healing journey and in doing that am searching for products that will help me reach that goal. After learning about the different ways you can use essential oils, it's easy to understand why these need to be part of my regimen.

I’m proud to say I take no medication and no pain killers. When I need a solution to help maintain my healthy lifestyle, I look for natural ways to address what I’m facing. To do that I start with essential oils and keep on hand what I consider the healthy dozen.

There are so many reasons to benefit from the pure ingredients and answers to so many health questions. What I’ve found is that we each have our favorite reason why we use this one or that one, but here is my go to list of what I use and why.

Lavendar is my favorite and one that I think everyone should have at home and on their desk at the office. Burn your finger on the stove, get a bruise, or a cut, Lavendar is the answer. Plus, it smells great and sometimes I’ll just diffuse or smell it knowing all the goodness it offers.

Lavendar often makes me think of Eucalyptus because it’s great to rub on sore areas of your body, which is often the reason you got a bruise in the first place. Yet, don’t hesitate to breath it in if you are sensing any bronchial issues.

Throat feeling a little sore or sense a cold coming on, put Lemon oil in warm water and sip that. This recipe has ended so many potential colds for me before they even began.

When I wake up in the morning, Frankincense is my go to. I like to put it around my eyes for clarity and rub a tiny bit on my head. For me, Frankincense is the go to for memory and helping relax the eyes. However, it also offers some relief for arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory powers and joint flexibility. So, I generally also add a few drops to my shake.

Power in a bottle? Well, for me that is Oregano. This is such a powerful oil that you must take care not to use it alone or it can burn. If you have a fungus or sinus problems – try some Oregano.

Epsom salt baths are my go to for relieving the pain of arthritis and I often add Peppermint. Yet, peppermint has so many other qualities. It’s great to breath in and to freshen your breath. Peppermint oil also helps the other oils to work better. I’ll often make a mixture of the oils I feel parts of my body might need combined with coconut oil and then top that mixture off with adding some peppermint oil as the last ingredient.

I like mixing Orange with Peppermint in the diffuser. I call it the joy mix. It just seems to brighten up the room. And who doesn’t like the smell of fresh oranges. Like many of these oils, it’s also perfect to add as an ingredient to a variety of recipes.

While fortunately, losing weight is not something on my need-to-do list, sometimes I just want to curb my appetite a bit so I’m not tempted to eat things that are not good for me or my arthritis. Grapefruit is amazing for that. Add a little to your daily water consumption and you’ll be wondering why you aren’t as hungry.

Since all 12 came together, there were a couple I wasn’t as familiar with and now one of my new best friends is Tea Tree oil. I’m testing it out for my hair by putting some in my shampoo and conditioner and adding a drop or two in my daily morning shake. I’ve also heard that teenagers suffering with acne have had amazing results using Tea Tree oil.

For a while now, I’ve always combined a little Rosemary with coconut oil and rubbed that on my scalp and through my hair before taking a shower. I generally like leaving it on for a bit (sometimes overnight) and then shampoo it out in the shower. I also find my mind feels a bit sharper. So that’s also a great plus.

Geranium Rose oil is also great for the skin and something new on my go to list. Since I stay away from putting any products on my body that have added ingredients, I often mix essential oils with coconut oil, especially for putting on my face before I go to sleep at night.

Got a tooth ache? Clove oil to the rescue with its amazing power to numb the pain. For anything mouth related, consider Clove oil.

I know that I only mentioned the chosen dozen, but this company has one other essential oil that I love for my arthritis. They have it in both a pill and essential oil and it’s called Magi-Complex. The ingredients in both include turmeric, frankincense and myrrh which is a great anti-inflammatory combination. So, since often the pain of arthritis comes from inflammation, taking both these products is an added bonus.

After writing this article it reminded me of all the reasons I use essential oils and before I even finished, I had added orange and grapefruit oil to my water and rubbed my scalp and hair with a combination of Rosemary, Geranium Rose, Tea Tree and Peppermint. I also added some Magi-Complex to areas where my arthritis was acting up and Tea Tree to help reduce the pain.

So, let that be a reminder to you as well. If you have Essential Oils, use them. Whether you have or have not used these wondrous oils, I encourage you to try the three, five or my favorite dozen pack. Once you add these to your daily regime, you will find less need for using medicine to cover your symptoms when you can use oils to get to the core of the problem and help heal your body.

For more about essential oils, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to hear how you use essential oils and will gladly pass on other suggestions in future articles.


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