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Home Infrared Fir Saunas Benefits

Updated on August 31, 2019
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Home Infrared Saunas Intro

Home infrared (FIR) saunas have become a go-to therapeutic tool for pain relief, relaxation, stress relief and can aid in the prevention of some illnesses. Saunas have always been a great healing tool, but infrared sauna technology has created a whole new revolution in heat therapy.

The following data has been gathered through reliable resources and is not intended to be used as medical advice, but rather as information for general knowledge. While home infrared saunas are considered safe to use, it is advisable to check with your doctor before starting any sauna-related heat therapy.

What are the Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

The main benefits you get from an infrared sauna or FIR (far-infrared) technology include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Detox
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Circulation
  • Heat Therapy/Muscle Relaxation
  • Stimulate Immune Response
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Clears Sinuses

Dr. Amy Meyers writes about these benefits on MindbodyGreen (MBG)

However, these are the known and basic benefits of using infrared and FIR technology for your health.

The following hub sections will go into some details about the health benefits of this technology.

Home Infrared Saunas for Pain Relief

Pain Relief:

Chronic pain affects your life in an adverse way. It can decrease your productivity at work, take a toll on work and personal relationships and keep you from doing what you want to do. Pain can also cause depression and drain your energy.

Some of the causes of chronic pain include stress, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Home infrared saunas have been shown to be effective at activating better lymph circulation and the reduction of inflamed joints and tissue.

Pain Relief


Detox Boosting Portable Far Infrared Saunas


The skin is the largest human organ. It is designed to aid in the release and elimination of toxins and chemicals. As a matter of fact, it eliminates about 30% of the waste from your body.

Perspiration is the primary way skin accomplishes toxin elimination. Infrared saunas cause the body to sweat aiding in the elimination of toxins by increasing metabolic function.

This also makes your skin look healthier as it removes toxins that hide deep within your pores.

Infrared Saunas Help With Stress and Anxiety

Stress Relief:

Stress is a fact of life. Today's world is hectic making it difficult to take time for yourself. Your body and mind need time to relax and renew. Your mental and physical health is at risk if you let stress take over your life.

Home infrared saunas provide you with a great option for relaxing with your favorite music and a magazine or a good book.

For those who don't care for hot tubs, this is an alternative. For those who use hot tubs, FIR saunas make a great addition to your relaxation routine.

Anxiety Stress Depression

Improved Circulation and Far Infrared Saunas

Improved Circulation:

A good sauna session will aid in the dilation of the blood vessels. This increases blood flow, heart rate and with regular sessions it may be able to lower your blood pressure at least temporarily.

Improved blood circulation also improves the appearance of your skin and allows healthy nutrients to come to the surface.

Heat Therapy and Far Infrared Spa Technology

Heat Therapy:

Home infrared saunas offer heat therapy that gets deep inside your muscle tissues. Since it increases lymph circulation, it is conducive to increasing oxygen to your muscles and tissues which is important to pain relief and good health.

Stimulating Immune Response With Far Infrared Saunas

Stimulate Immune Response:

The elevation of the body temperature is believed to stimulate your immune function.

There are several tumor type cells, bacteria and virus strains that are not very tolerant to heat, unlike healthy normal cells.

The heat produced by a sauna session stimulates your white blood cells which is why it is believed to improve your immune system function.

Your Thoughts

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Improve Your Flexibility With a Portable Spa Sauna

Improved Flexibility:

Home infrared saunas relax tight muscles restoring the elasticity of your tissues, improves your flexibility and increases your range of motion.

The effect of increased flexibility can last beyond the session and with regular use can keep you flexible for a long time.

In order to optimize this effect, you need to stretch those heated tissues in order to enjoy the full therapeutic value.

The tissues that can be affected include tendons, ligaments, fascia, thick and contracted scar tissue, and joint capsules.

Home Far Infrared Saunas - Home Sinus Remedy

Clear Sinus Cavities:

For people that suffer from chronic or seasonal sinusitis, ear infections, and other respiratory conditions, home infrared saunas can be very beneficial.

The heat produced by infrared saunas aid in opening the nasal cavities and in drainage of mucous. This can help to prevent middle ear infections and keep your sinuses clear as well as open your bronchial passages to some extent.

While the effect is temporary, it will last long enough for you to rest and with regular sessions, you may find you experience fewer problems with these chronic conditions.


There are some people out there that profess that home infrared saunas aid in weight loss, but this is not a proven fact.

Infrared saunas do aid in the release of water and toxins through perspiration which can result in the temporary loss of a pound or two that returns once you replace your fluids.

There is no proof that it melts fat, but it does aid in improving your overall health which can lead to weight loss for some people.

There are built-in and portable type home infrared saunas on the market that can range in price from just under $200 all the way up to over $10,000 depending on your budget and needs.

Your doctor can recommend the best option for you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 CeLeste Christopher


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