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Health Benefits of Papaya - Fruit of the Angels

Updated on September 30, 2012
Papaya (halved)
Papaya (halved) | Source
Papaya (whole)
Papaya (whole) | Source
Papaya Tree
Papaya Tree | Source

A spherical fruit with sun-colored meat of delicately sweet taste, papaya is a nutritious crop grown widely in the tropics and prized worldwide for its health benefits.

Tagged as the “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus, papaya or carica papaya is heaven-sent for its nutritional punch.

Papaya and Its Nutrients

Basically, it has papain, an enzyme that smashes down or hydrolyses hardy protein fibers and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent, antioxidant, antiseptic, digestion helper, immune system booster, as well as wounded and damaged skin enhancer.

Also, papaya is a great natural source of vitamins and minerals.

It is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, K, dietary fibers, folate, and calcium, among other essential nutrients.

Below is a more detailed description of how papaya nourishes our body and primes our health.

Papaya for Smooth, Young-looking, and Healthy Skin

Perhaps the most popular use of papaya is for the skin.

It has been used for ages in traditional medicine to combat acne, dry skin, rough skin, skin with uneven tones, sun spots, age spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and even skin injuries.

In fact, many modern-day makers of creams, body lotions, body wash, face mask, facial moisturizers, face and body scrubs, and even face serums have embraced age-old wisdom by using papaya as their main product ingredient.

Papaya can address a host of skin problems because it is a powerhouse in antioxidants, which include skin-pampering vitamins A, C, and E.

Papaya for a Healthy Heart

Papaya is excellent for our ticker for it keeps our cholesterol from oxidizing.

By stopping cholesterol from oxidizing, papaya prevents deadly plaques from building up in our artery walls, allowing our tickers to pump like a trusted workhorse as well as thwarting heart attack and stroke dead on their tracks.

Papaya does this through its trio of vitamins A, C, and E.

Also, papaya has fiber and folic acid, which help drive down the level of bad cholesterol naturally or without the use of medication.

Papaya for Sharp Vision

Apparently, eating whole fruits like the bright-colored papaya would actually help us from getting blind in old age or developing a condition that our doctors call age-related macular degeneration.

In fact, fruit intake can guard us from the gravest kinds of blindness-inducing disease.

Research suggests that we eat three servings of fruits like papaya each day.

To take this suggestion, we can add in papaya chunks to our breakfast of Greek yogurt, eat rice and a viand with papaya for lunch, and add papaya to our salad for a light dinner.

Oh, slurping papaya smoothie anytime throughout the day is also a quick and easy way to fold in this fruit to our daily diet.

Papaya for Cancer-Free Lungs

Research has it that vitamin A tends to drop in the presence of a carcinogen in cigarette smoke called benzo(a)pyrene.

Good thing, the same research suggests that by simply increasing our vitamin A intake, we can actually help counter the harmful effects of this carcinogen.

Papaya has loads of vitamin A.

Making this fruit a daily part of our diet can truly build up of our defense mechanism against the toxic effects of cigarette smoke.

Papaya for Improved Digestion

Papaya also does wonders for our digestive system.

It acts like a broom by sweeping toxins in the intestines, aiding digestion, easing constipation, and treating intestinal worms naturally.

It can do these tough jobs because of its papain, which is largely responsible for its digestive benefits.

Also, its beta-carotene, folate, and vitamin C all help in preventing colon cancer, which can develop when there is way too much toxin in our digestive system.

Papaya for Anti-Inflammation

Two enzymes in papaya – papain and chymopapain – have been found to help relieve inflammation, a major problem for people suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Of course, these two enzymes get plenty of help from papaya’s antioxidants – beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E – that also work hard in easing inflammation and even in addressing skin problems like burns.

Papaya for Strong Immunity

Overall, papaya is great for boosting our immunity.

It is a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals that all help in fighting free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals, as many of us know by now, wreak havoc in our bodies and trigger many kinds of disease.

Certainly, papaya is one of nature’s healthy gifts to us humans.

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Health Benefits of Papaya


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      This fruit certainly has a lot of healthy benefits for us. I love the sweet taste of it. I didn't know that it helped with skin and help fight cancer. This will motivate me to eat it more often.

    • Injured lamb profile image

      Injured lamb 5 years ago

      Wow...that's enough reasons for us to have the papaya everyday...thanks for sharing this great and useful hub with us Kerlynb, I do hope that the papaya tree I have planted last month could grown up quickly enough so that I don't have to buy...:)

    • mwilliams66 profile image

      mwilliams66 5 years ago from Left Coast, USA

      A well researched and comprehensive hub. Though I knew about the digestive aid that papaya provides, I was unaware of the vast nutritional value. Time to hit the fruit stand!

    • profile image

      wwolfs 5 years ago

      I haven't tried this but have always heard that it was good for your skin. Nice hub and very informative with many health benefits. This is one fruit I too will have to try. Thank you for sharing.

      Voted up, useful and interesting!

    • algarveview profile image

      Joana e Bruno 5 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

      Hello, Kerlynb, as usual another interesting hub, I had no idea papaya had so many health benefits, your considerations on the benefits of papaya for the skin just got me thinking I could probably benefit from it, since the skin of my belly was terribly damaged by pregnancy. I will have to try it, since I think I've never even tried papaya, it was just one of those fruits we look at the supermarket, but never buy it... Voted up, interesting and sharing! Stay well!