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How To Make Your Kids Eat The Miracle Vegetable

Updated on January 27, 2015
Malunggay Leaves
Malunggay Leaves | Source

The Proven Fact about Malunggay

Malunggay is a miracle vegetable. The Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Philippines conducted a research and have proven this fact. I could not agree more with their findings because even before they officially declared this, my family has been reaping and enjoying the benefits of Malunggay.

It is loaded with all vitamins and minerals so that it is not just a food, but also a natural source of anti-aging and medicine for protection and cure against various illnesses. Malunggay is like a spring where abundant health benefits freely flow. It has Vitamins A, B, C , E, calcium, iron, protein, sufur containing amino acids methionine and cystine, phytochemical niaziminin, protein, fiber phosphorus, beta-carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and more.

Don't Ignore Malunggay

If you live in tropical country like the Philippines, chances are you have malunggay trees in your backyard or your neighbors do have. But the question is, do you take advantage of the health benefits of this vegetable or you simply just ignore this vegetable? Why buy expensive multivitamins when there is malunggay? It is what you and your growing kids need. This is the cheapest and the best way to protect your whole family from being malnourished and sickly. Your kids should be fed with malunggay.While it is true that most kids are not fond of vegetables there are ways to make them eat malunggay without making them cry.

Foods That Will Make Kids Eat Malunggay Without Tears

Lumpiang Shanghai  With Malunggay
Lumpiang Shanghai With Malunggay | Source
Homemade Pizza with Malunggay
Homemade Pizza with Malunggay | Source
Homemade bread with malunggay
Homemade bread with malunggay | Source
Siopao or steamed buns with malunggay
Siopao or steamed buns with malunggay | Source

Be Creative

Creativity is needed so we can successfully incorporate malunggay to our favorites foods. The above photos are four of the favorites foods of the kids at home. Malunggay is added in these foods so that even those who are not fond of eating vegetables can eat vegetables.

First is Lumpiang Shanghai. The kids love lumpiang shanghai a lot, so I always add thinly sliced malunggay leaves to the filling. I am always honest in telling them it has malunggay but because the taste of the lumpiang shanghai is still good even with malunggay, they enjoy the food just the same.

Another top favorite of the kids is pizza, and I make it at home. I always sprinkle dried malunggay powder in my pizza and I also add some dried leaves of malunggay in the pizza. The kids eat without even complaining.

I also do bake bread with malunggay. Malunggay bread is a healthy snack that the kids also enjoy.

Siopao or steamed buns with malunggay is also another great way to incorporate malunggay in your kids' food. Just add some fresh leaves when you cook the meat fillings for your siopao.

You can also add malunggay in your empanadas. Just as you do with steamed buns, just add malunggay leaves with the fillings.

Malunggay Tea
Malunggay Tea | Source

More Ways to Enjoy the Benefit of Malunggay

I start my day the healthy way by drinking malunggay instead of coffee which is unhealthy for it has caffeine which is addictive.

To make the tea, just boil some water and then add some malunggay leaves, after a quick boil the tea is ready and I make sure I have some wholewheat toasts or pancake with it.

Always remember that you reduce the potency or malunggay if you don’t drink the newly boiled immediately. Once the taste turned bitter, it means it has almost expired and no longer as potent as when it has just boiled.

Most times, I do add some ingredients to enhance its flavor and make it healthier. I add lemon juice and raw honey to the tea, sometimes turmeric and apple cider vinegar.

Favorite Dishes With Malunggay

Chicken Tinola With Malunggay
Chicken Tinola With Malunggay | Source
Mongo Soup with Malunggay
Mongo Soup with Malunggay | Source

One of my family's top favorite dishes with malunggay is chicken tinola. I always fortify this dish with fresh malunggay leaves. I add the leaves when the cooking is already done so that the leaves are not overcooked keeping its nutrients intact.

Another favorite dish at home is mongo soup. I do the same procedure of adding the leaves when the cooking is already done to make sure the mongo soup is truly healthier.

My friends have once tasted my spicy tuna with malunggay in coconut milk and they could not stop praising the taste. All the more my crab dish in coconut milk with lots of malunggay leaves. It was a also a big, big hit. I always cook these dishes in thick coconut sauce because Malunggay tastes really good in coconut milk and I always add turmeric for added flavor and health benefit.

Applying  squeezed malunggay to skin cut or wound
Applying squeezed malunggay to skin cut or wound | Source

More Benefits of Malunggay

1. Use malunggay extracts to treat fresh cuts or wounds. Just squeeze the leaves then apply the extract on the wounded part so it will heal quickly.

2. At the first sign of colds or cough, eat some few fresh leaves of malunggay to get immediate healing. I do this and it has been very effective.

3. Make a homemade natural vitamin for your kids using malunggay. Get some leaves add some virgin coconut oil squeeze the leaves in the oil until you extract some juice and let your child take at least a tablespoon of this mixture. Do this every day so that your child gets a daily natural multivitamins. This will strengthen his immune system so he will not be susceptible to common diseases, apart from giving them clear eyesight, healthy skin and strong bones and teeth.

Do you want to avoid any kind of cancer? Make it a habit to drink fresh malunggay juice of malunggay tea on a regular basis.


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