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The Mental Health Institute, Love your Life, take care of your mind. Dr Arnold Lawrance, The Honourable.

Updated on January 12, 2016

Take care of your Mind, Live your LIFE


Be Good, no one is watching.

The Chronicles of Dr Arnold Lawrance.The honourable.

The Institute of Mental Health, relationships and society.

We as the institute of mental health. Social workers, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists, as well as patients have a duty to prevent the decay of the functioning capability of the mind.
Mental health begins before the life is conceived in the womb.

The lifestyle of the mother and father of the child. Ultimately weather the baby is created out of love, lust or circumstance.

‎‎The surroundings the child is raised in.

Weather they are susceptible to anxiety, perhaps they have lack of self esteem. How much attention the child seeks, as well weather they receive enough care.

How early we are introduced to alcohol and narcotics and weather we pick up physically addictive habits such as smoking, will drastically impact on our tendencies and behaviour to be dependent on stimulates, which cause health problems, financial loss and make us a burden to our society, should we be dependents or self sufficient.

What are we to do?

Empower parents with parenting skills, as well as the power to enforce disciple on their children. Children should be groomed, guided, and at a tender age while they are willing to learn.

Children that are disobedient or dishonest, show traits of lack of morality, perhaps even character, install discipline in your child before you lose them to the streets.

Daily chores and responsibilities in the home, prepare our children for school.Doing your home work on time.Having goals and a vision for your future after matric.

The Mind, is turbulent and once there is a chemical imbalance be it due to stress, a loss of a loved one, substances, relationships, or lack of coping skills with reality, there is no cure for mental illness.It is life a long commitment to a healthy lifestyle working hard so that you can retire comfortably and early.

Once you have experienced depression and we are privileged to provide for your family, you may be fortunate to pass down vital coping skills to your off spring, as the family tree is now prown to depression.
It can get lonely.‎

Yet should you groom.

Be cautious.

Plan for eternity, life shall be bliss.

Love your Life.

Take care of your mind.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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