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The Merry GoRound of Healing

Updated on July 28, 2011
A big part of healing is being with others
A big part of healing is being with others | Source
never discount your friends, one of them may save your life some day,Tks Mike
never discount your friends, one of them may save your life some day,Tks Mike | Source

The merry go round of healing

Let me start by thanking hundreds of people that helped, pushed and sometimes called me a dumb ass. I don’t wish Kidney failure on anyone, however if you must have a disease or cancer of some type I sure hope you have a network of people that care.

Shortly after the operation, I contacted one of those lovely hospital reminders they call staph infection. I spent longer in the hospital to fix this than the operation itself. Two weeks later I picked up another one, I think this one was from the pick line in my chest where I was doing home injections of medication. Oh isn’t it just fun to be your own mechanic, all this comes without an instruction book too.

After three months setting in my friend Tim’s all leather electric recliner, all I had to do was get better. You would think that after 3 months I would be a cloud just waiting to get back to work.

The best is yet to come; it was more of learning how to drive all over again than just stepping back into my oversize shoes. My friends know me as just a crabby old fart who likes to do things my own way. This has served me well over the last 60 years giving all that I had to put up with.

My life and heart has always been in law enforcement. I won’t go into details anymore but I have two families to worry about. My work family was happy to see me back at work, even though I wasn’t the man I used to be. It’s hard to explain but I’m dragging a little now after running full speed for so many years with all the bumps and cuts accrued along the way.

For someone in this business it’s hard to admit any default, ether in personality or health. Most of us succumb to being an invisible protective person. That comes with a personality change and super powers.

All this and a bucket of fishing worms can’t make you feel better if the bodies not ready yet. The Kidney is like main traffic light in town and it’s trying to communicate to everyone in Russian. Let’s put it another way, imagine your 9 years old and someone snatched you up out of bed and you woke up in Rhodesia where nobody spoke English. Yes there’s a new learning curve that you must make work so all your friends that you have now made speak your language or you speak theirs.

In reality your body is put in restart so it won’t try to kill the new intruder “you’re Kidney”. No one likes a stranger just moving into their basement who says I’m here to help I’m your new friend. Just try to put yourself in those shoes and see how fast Mr. Shotgun would come out to save the rest of the family. The immune system is what keeps all those tiny bugs in check in your stomach, bladder, intestines, etc. Whenever any of the parts are changed these little bulldogs rear their ugly heads and regain to chew away at the intruder. I think you get the picture. The body as a whole is such a marvelous system of checks and balances where everyone of the smallest little organisms must be in check or outcome the dogs again.

I have a virus called the BK Virus; it belongs to me and has been sleeping peacefully for over 60 years until one day I was blessed with renewed life from my friend Mike Huggard with the gift of a new Kidney. Now this package was slipped in there while all the other kids were asleep and couldn’t defend themselves against the intruder. The BK takes care of all the bad things that we may eat, or just ingest accidently, and keeps the body whole and intact.

Setting all that aside, the shakes, bad altitude and worst of all not being there for my family after all the help, worrying and sleepless nights. But you know if my wife and friends can forgive me I guess I can be a little easy on myself then.

It’s almost a year now and I feel like for every ten feet I cover I rest a couple. I’m guessing once again I will be riding my John Deere like a broking bull trying to cut all the weeds that didn’t have a vacation.

For any of you friends having a transplant please join a social group and see what others have done to stay alive through this mental process , let the doctors handle the physical part.


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