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The Morning After Pill Effectiveness

Updated on December 30, 2010

The Morning After Pill Effectiveness

There you are having an intimate time with a person that you really care about. Things start getting pretty steamy and you both decide to take it to the next level. Next thing you know you are both in the process of making a baby...yes having sex. But you do not want a baby. However the situation you were put into was unfortunate: the condom broke. What are you suppose to do? Am I to take the morning after pill? What is the morning after pill effectiveness? Do not worry, you are reading the right article. Continue, you might find some answers.

What is the morning after pill you might ask? Well, the morning after pill helps prevent a person from having an unplanned pregnancy when the use of a condom did not work properly or there was a lack of contraceptive during the sexual intercourse process.

The idea of the pill is that if you take it after sex, you will be able to stop a child from forming inside the uterus. Note that the idea morning after is misunderstood by the general population. If you go out and ask a pharmacist or read the box of the morning after pill, you will see that you have up to two or three days to take the medication to prevent a pregnancy. Therefore, if you are still in that time frame I recommend that you go get the pill.

However, know that if you can take it sooner than later, you are only increasing your odds of not getting pregnant and ensuring the morning after pill effectiveness. Basically, if you do not want to get pregnant, know about the morning after pill and have a mishap during sex, get the pill in you as soon as possible.

So you still may be not 100% sure of the morning after pill effectiveness. Well, it is a good thing you are thinking like this. People tend to think that the pill is a full proof plan to preventing of bringing a child into the world. but these people are misinformed. The morning after pill is not a for sure solution to complications during intercourse. Still the odds of the pill not working are very slim, but the fact that they are a "perfect" solution would be a dabbling in ignorance. Therefore, make sure you know that if you rely on the morning after pill effectiveness as a the answer to preventing birth, you may be disappointed in 9 months...

Who should rely on the morning after pill effectiveness? There are many types of people that would use the morning after pill for a solution. First off, the pill is for women... Therefore, guys that mess around with a girl and have a little accident, you cannot take the pill to solve the problem for yourself.

Further, the people that can benefit from the morning after pill effectiveness the most are those who are not interested in getting pregnant; girls that have been tricked into having sex because of being druged; girls that have been raped; partners that have changed their mind about having kids midway through the child making process; and, girls that have many partners that are interested in not having unprotected sex. These are the people that should love the morning after pill effectiveness.

Overall, if you have unprotected sex, you should take the morning after pill. You cannot rely on the morning after pill effectiveness to the utmost degree, however it is the best solution for those that have no other option to prevent the beginning stages of pregnancy. In my opinion, if you do not want a child the only full proof plan that is available is abstinence. If you cannot handle that, know that every time that you have sex, you are risking bring a person into the world. Nevertheless, if you are stuck in the situation of potential pregnancy, good luck in making the situation better for yourself.


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