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The Most Intense Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Updated on September 28, 2009

The Most Intense Bodybuilding Workout Routine

You go to the gym every single day and nothing changes. Well, you get tired from the same old workout. You think it's about time to change your regular workout into something that is more intense. This idea of intensity might help out your life in many different ways. so there you are sitting at your desk trying to develop the next greatest work out from team. But you were stuck. you cannot think of your own workout routine. How the hell are you supposed to fix your muscle mass without a plan? Nothing is coming to mind. That is OK because I have the perfect plan for you. This is the most intense bodybuilding workout routine ever.

The Most Intense Bodybuilding Workout Routine:

This is a full body workout. You should only do this for no more than a month...

  • Sit ups -- You will want to grab a 25lb. weight. Next find that chair where you will be doing your crunches. Place the weights on your chest and cross your arms over the weight. Now you will want to do three sets of ten reps with this weight. If it is too light for you, grab a 50lb. weight. To know if you're doing this right, you should feel a burn in your midsection.
  • Bench Press -- First you will want to locate a free bench press. You will then want to grab four 45lb. weights. Take two of those 45lb. weights and place them on one side of the bar and take the other two and place them on the other side of the bar. Get yourself under the bar and do three sets of ten reps with that intensity. You should feel your breast almost ripping apart. If this is not happening, try more weight.

  • Pulldowns -- Find the machine that allows you to do pulldowns.  Place the weight peg at 105lbs. You will being doing three set of ten reps.  This may be light for you, thus you should increase the weight.  This will be working your upper back.  If you do not feel any burning sensation in your back, you are not working hard enough.  Come on now!
  • Shrugs -- Take two 65lb. weights.  Walk over to the mirror with one weight in each hand.  You are going to keep the weights at your side.  Now raise your shoulders and rotate to the back.  Do this ten times for three sets.  If you feel that the muscle between your neck and shoulder is being worked out, then you are doing the right thing.
  • Squats -- Go over to the squat machine.  Grab four 45lb weights and place two on each side of the machine.  Now squat down and feel your hamstrings being ripped.  But not ripped to the point where you need to go to the hospital.  Make sure it is heavy enough for the workout to be effective.
  • Dips -- Find to benches and place them about 4 feet apart.  Place your feet up on one bench and your hands in the push up position on the other bench.  Your stomach must be facing the sky.  Now dip down so you bum almost touches the floor.  Make sure you feel the back of your arms being worked out.  Now to increase the intensity, put a 45lb. weight on your stomach.

Now here is the hard part.  Do it all again one more time in the same workout...

This piece was on the most intense bodybuilding workout routine that is ever made.  I think this routine will be perfect for those of you want to build muscle within a short period of time.    Remember that this routine is only meant to be worked on three to five times out of the week.  Make sure you get adequate rest before you go up into this routine.  If you do not you can call laps during the exercise.  If you are unsure about this routine please contact your doctor for further information.  Good luck with trying to work on your bodybuilding.


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