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Health-Conscious Series # 9: The Natural Way Of Staying Healthy

Updated on July 3, 2012

Eat right, live right!!!

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. The kind of food (go, glow, grow) that nourishes our body makes us what's inside and outside of our personality.

Eat right, live right!!! This slogan can be our mantra for life to enjoy our existence in this planet.

Even the experts (doctors, dietitians, nutritionists) will say that it is the genes (heredity) that make us of who we are, we can have a personal inventory of ourselves.

You just don't have to rely on health tips given shared by your family, friends or the medical experts. You can do a lot of research about your well-being.

With enormous knowledge and facts regarding Health, one can never go wrong when practicing the natural ways of being healthy.

Filipino seafarers during lunchtime (M/V Utviken-Wallem Philippines,25August2009) (Photo by: Travel Man)
Filipino seafarers during lunchtime (M/V Utviken-Wallem Philippines,25August2009) (Photo by: Travel Man)

What are we going to do in order to lead a healthy life?

Based from our personal experiences, the following pointers will help you achieve your goal in life to be healthy.

1) Know first the location of your country. Do you live in the tropical, temperate, equatorial, or arctic zones of our planet? What's the available food resources? Does it meet the required nutrients in order for you to live healthy?

2)Know your genetic makeup. Did your parents have certain allergies triggered by the climate, your kind of food, and environment?

3)Go to your family doctor and undergo blood testing. Did you know that all Type O (universal blood-type) people can eat plenty of meat and vegetables? Type B persons tend to feel hungry at a short period of time, so they need snacks aside from the three regular meals. Type A humans should eat more vegetables to avoid high triglyceride level (bad cholesterol). Be a vegetarian. Rare blood Type AB should have a balance intake of both meat and veggies.

4)Natural exercise and fresh medicinal plants (alternative medicine) when combined wisely will aid in the well-being of our body, inside and out.

5)Avoid polluted areas in your place (city, factory). You can start being an environmentalist by planting trees (flowering, fruit-bearing,etc) in the backyard of your home. It will not only beautify your place, but also provide more oxygen for cleaner air.

6)Eat more fruits for better body oxidation and for detoxifying your inner body parts. It regulates cleansing of small intestines (to avoid serious diseases such as colon cancer). Hydrotherapy is also recommended. Stomach tucking (or tuck-in), liposuction are being advised by doctors for faster results (if you want to have sexy bodies, according to the present fad) but you already knew the risks of undergoing such operations that can lead to serious aftereffects and death.

7)Sufficient sleep also helps in keeping ourselves healthy. Once,I had this habit talking to my cells (brain cells, etc.) I will always say, keep me young and healthy. I think it worked because I'm still young-looking even I'm nearing forty for the next two years. I was not confined in the hospital for serious ailments.

8)Friends can also be helpful in achieving your goal. Choose the kind of friend that advises you positively and wisely and unafraid to tell what's good or bad for you. They will also make you laugh often which is good for our well-being.

It's your willpower that can make you better. Positive thinking will also help combined with enthusiasm to stay healthy, whatever age brackets you belong (teenage, young adult and adult).

I may say again, EAT RIGHT, LIVE RIGHT!!!


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