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The New Balance Women's WW928 Health Walking Shoe: A Review

Updated on December 20, 2014

When it comes to reviewing a walking shoe, there are a few things that we consider – the comfort, the quality of materials and the visual appeal as well. The New Balance Women's WW928 health walking lace shoe, available on for a little over $100, is the subject of this review.

Features of the New Balance WW928 walking shoe for women

The attractive white rubber-soled leather WW928 for women is by New Balance, a Boston-based manufacturer of athletic shoes. The company started out as selling arch supports for waiters and cops back in the '70s and are now focusing on performance shoes and apparel for “everyday athletes”. The WW928 comes with an odor-resistant Seamless Phantom Liner foam insert and Abzorb SBS heel cushioning. Customers with Medicare may also be able to avail of reimbursement for the shoes if they are eligible.

A Review of the WW928

These New Balance shoes are designed for comfort, a good fit and for walking all day in. They have very attractive specifications, with some of the latest New Balance technologies going into the design of the shoes.

These include a thick wedge heel that gives the feet plenty of support in the heel area, for maximum comfort. The leather upper is designed to be breathable and offering comfort throughout the day. Hundred percent leather shoes that may or may not be natural are usually the best option for people who walk a lot, since the material keeps feet dry and prevents chafing that is often the case with shoes that are not so breathable.

In addition, the Seamless Phanton Liner foam insert is lighter than other inserts, making the shoe lighter overall. The liner, also used in many other New Balance shoes, is known to mold well around the foot for maximum comfort and cushioning. The high-density and open-cell design of the foam means that the pressure on the foam is dispersed throughout the area of contact. Better still, the foam is odor-resistant.

New Balance has also used N-ergy midsoles that use advanced technology for shock absorption and effective cushioning. Another technology called Rollbar is used at the middle and sides of the midsole to increase stability when walking. The Rollbar is a lightweight piece of graphite that has been molded into a flat insert in the shoe to prevent the feet from rolling inwards and outwards when used in the middle and the sides of the shoe. A Walking Strike Path technology also helps to stabilize the foot and give the wearer more motion control.

An Abzorb SBS thermo-plastic heel is used to provide extra cushioning at the heel. This technology is an improvement of New Balance's proprietary Abzorb technology that used a blend of Isoprene rubber and special foam to cushion the foot, absorb shock and protect the feet from the strain of high impact activities. Abzorb SBS was tested to reveal it has about 5 to 10 percent better cushioning and shock-absorbing properties as compared to Abzorb heels.

The Pros

All of the features above combined clearly make the New Balance WW928 for women a formidable shoe for active women. Users also have mostly good things to say about the walking shoe. It is popular with fitness walkers, nurses who spend a lot of time on their feet, students who find themselves walking a lot, diabetics and people struggling with obesity and just about anyone who enjoys long walks and would like to be able to do so comfortably.

The big positives about the shoe are the comfort and cushioning it offers, so much so that people suffering from plantar fasciitis, bunion issues and others have also found relief with the WW928. There is sufficient room in the toe area for comfortable walking. The high quality rubber and leather also make the shoes quite durable.

The Cons

The few issues that customers could have with the shoe is that it is a little bit on the pricier side and that it tends to slip a little on some surfaces like wet metal. Since you get a good deal of comfort for your money, the price could be outweighed by the benefits of the WW928. People on Medicare may also be able to get their money back by claiming it as part of medical expenses in some cases. If you buy it online at Amazon, then you may also enjoy special prices and free shipping.

The slippage issue is usually a case with many walking and running shoes. Also, there have been users who have experienced no slippage in puddles and wet streets at all. So the issue may only be restricted to wet metal. The shoe is an attractive white, so cleaning might be a (trivial) issue for some.

The Verdict

For women who enjoy walking and want to be able to walk for long hours or stay on their feet for as long as twelve hours at a stretch, the New Balance Women's WW928 laced shoe in white is a highly recommended option. It offers great comfort and fit that many will find well worth the price.


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