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The New Trend and Benefits of Yoga you Guys Should Never Miss

Updated on April 10, 2017

Yoga for Men: The New Trend you Guys Should Never Miss

Who says yoga is only for women? Although there are various online sites which often show women doing yoga positions, it’s amazing to know that there are also men who love doing this practice. And what’s more amazing with it? It is now bringing amazing health benefits to men and women anywhere in the world. As one practice that brings wonders on how we must connect more from the inside, yoga for men aims to deliver valuable results and help pave all the worries and stress this world offers. Cool, isn’t it?

A Quick Glimpse about Yoga

‘Union’ – that’s what yoga literally means. You might be asking, “union of what?” It’s the union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. (Source: Yogananda)

There are several types of yoga and each one is targeted to a specific purpose. Some of them are Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Mantra yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, and Raja yoga. The one commonly practiced is Hatha yoga which focuses on physical postures (asanas), which aim to purify the body and create awareness and control over internal states.

Benefits of Yoga for Men

Men are known to be strong and as compared to women, they are naturally less susceptible to emotional stress. However, today’s lifestyle trends bring people not just stress, but anxiety and other health issues. And if not taken seriously, these can bring more damage to health.

Yoga has a lot of benefits; these are proven by the thousands of people who are making testimonies how this practice is bringing positive results to their personal lives, families, and interaction to the society.

The following are the amazing benefits of yoga for men.

It offers great spectrum of total health, more than just fitness benefits.

Being fit does not only mean having nice abs, strong legs and masculine body. It goes far beyond being strong. It is becoming radiant and healthy from within. And yoga can help you achieve the results on that journey. It’s the combination of physical strength and being calm in mind while opening the heart.

It develops spirituality, far beyond to the usual aim of religion.

Being religious is different from developing spirituality. Doing yoga does not only help connecting to God but more importantly, it helps men to better connect and relate to people God has put into your life. It helps in making effective and harmonious connection with everyone.

It aids in improving sex life.

Are you one of those men who are having sexual problems? Get into yoga practices and you’ll have a more improved sexual experience. Yoga helped in improving control of the pelvic floor which results into longer and better orgasms.

Yoga also stimulates body awareness, thus, reducing anxiety and increasing the flow of blood into the genital area. It also helps in flushing out body toxins which impinge sexual performance.

Yoga helps build muscles and alleviate pains.

How do yoga helps in building muscles? Yoga naturally utilizes the body weight and resistance. Just imagine the various yoga positions. They obviously can build leaner and stronger muscle. It can also strengthen tissue muscles and improve blood circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen flow in the body and that aids muscles to recover faster from injury.

Yoga promotes flexibility. The various poses help in eliminating tightness and strains in body parts. It also makes joints strong and makes sure that connective muscle tissues are in good condition. Proper posture is also one of the most important aspects of yoga practice.

It boosts immune system and promotes flexibility.

Yoga, when practiced regularly, boosts immunity and protects body cells. According to experts, yoga helps in gene changes which aid in enhancing the body’s defense system.

Gain more confidence

When your physical and mental aspects are in balanced condition, you become more confident in facing and dealing with everything. You’ll be more capable of developing valuable relationships with others, and yourself.

Yoga helps you to become more productive.

Yoga helps improve memory, focus, and concentration. With all these, productivity is ensured since you can make better decision and plan more effectively.

Need to know more on the benefits yoga for men can bring? Contact us today!


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