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The Perfect At Home Manicure!!

Updated on April 18, 2009


This is what my nails look like before I treat them.
This is what my nails look like before I treat them.

You will need all these to achieve the best looking nails.

The things you will need.
The things you will need.

The At Home Manicure!

How To Give yourself a free manicure!

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Many Many women these days are spending more and more money on going to the nail salon to get there nails done not knowing what harm they are causing their nails by layering acyrillics on top of their own nails when they could be having their own nails done for a fraction of the cost and can have perfectly healthy nails at that. If some one would have told me that I could do this at home and that it would only cost me around $30 dollars a year to do it I would have told them no way. Thats not possiable. Until one day while at the mall here in Nashville I got stopped by one of the carts who try to sell you stuff...You know the ones you try to avoid because they tend to not be worth what they are trying to sell you in the first place. They tell you its truly original you cant find this anywhere in the stores and we will sell it to you half price just for buying it today. One of those carts. Well I got stopped and the woman working the cart told me about how I could have perfectly healthy nails in just a short couple of weeks and demonstrated on my nails. I couldnt believe what they looked like after she was done.I was hooked right then and there and bought the product.

First Step:

You always want to make sure that before you try to do anything to your nails that they are clean properly first. I always wash my hands and then I dry them and make sure that they are completly dry before starting step one.

In the first step of your manicure you are going to use the Buffer on the purple side faced down on your nail you are going to file the top layer of your nail. In this process it will take just a few seconds to file your nail. This will make it so that the next step will allow all your nails natural oils to come to the surface.

Second Step:

In the second step you are going to take the white buffer part of the file and you are going to in circular motions go around and over your whole nailbed. This technique enables your nails natural oils to come to the surface to help your nail become nourished. After you are done doing this you will want to make sure that you rub each side of the file with a cotton ball of alchol to cleanse it from the dirt that your filing has left behind.

I have noticed a dramatic difference in my nails since I first started using this product. I have bought the similiar item off the shelf in the walmart but have noticed that it would not give me the same dramatic effect that I had received from the item I paid more for in the mall.

Third Step:

The next step you are going to do is to take the gray part of the file and in the same technique as before you are going to rub it in circles around your nail and on the nail bed to cause the oils to be soaked into your nails. I personally do each and every finger seperatly rather then doing all one thing first. So I go step one step two and step three before leaving each and every nail.

My husband is a truck driver here locally and has some of the worse looking hands from having to do manual labor and this will cause his nails to look gorgeous afterwards. He tends to hear about it later because of it.

Fourth Step:

In this step you will need to have a cotton ball without the alchol on it. You will use the peach cuticle oil (or whichever kind it is now) I havent had to buy it in a year so I dont know what kind it is now, In this step you are going to place a drop on your nail and watch as it flows down your nail and let it soak for just a couple seconds. Then you are going to take your cotton ball and rub it into your cuticle area. This is a vital part to your achieving a great nail because this is giving your cuticles the vitamins that they need to not dry up and peel away from your nails. I personally love the smell of them afterwards from the peach smell they leave behind.

Last Step:

The last step is to take the violet nail bed healer and apply a top coat of this to your nails. They say the best results you will receive is if you will apply this several times a day and do this for several weeks and your nail bed will be drastically healed. I use this as the top layer in my french manicure.

If you want to do a french manicure I use the white paint before I use this violet healer and apply the paint to my nails for several minutes I have it dry and then apply the healer to my nails and it gives me a salon look for just the fraction of the cost.

Also it is important to know that when you purchase the kit with the oils and nail bed healer you are also purchasing the 4 sided tool, The file tool is also a lifetime guarentee so you dont have to worry about buying it over and over and over again. I have switched mine out already once and I had mine for over 2 years before needing a replacement.


after being done..
after being done..


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    • profile image

      teresa 5 years ago

      i want to buy some peach cuticule oil from magiff where can i find them or how can i order them

    • profile image

      kathy 6 years ago

      where can you purchase this item