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The Power Of Addiction

Updated on August 13, 2013

Who Is More Powerful

I had always wondered when I was a young child how the power of addiction could ruin ones life. I have had first hand experiences now with this power we call addiction.

In my case it was alcohol that had taken over my body and mind. This liquid that we partake has more power than you can even imagine and I learned this the hard way as I'm sure anyone addicted to alcohol can agree.

You may ask, who is more powerful, you or your alcohol demons? Who will win the battle? Who will sore to the top with success and sobriety?

Alcohol demons don't know the word sobriety and frown upon the addicted to get clean and sober. If we became clean and sober who would feed these demons there fuel to survive?

Who or what is more powerful, us or our addiction? Anyone can let the addiction take over and win if you just sit back and do nothing to try to get clean and sober. This addiction will indeed take over you life if you let it. You have to bigger and stronger then the demons that lurk in all of us alcoholics.

Are You an Alcoholic

I always cringed to here the word "alcoholic". I thought it was kind of a harsh word when I was young and I didn't drink alcohol, and here I am years later writing and telling the world I am an alcoholic and now trying to help other people suffering from alcoholism to get sober. Life is something I would say, and you never know whats around the next corner.

When we where young children growing up we never thought that someday we would be called alcoholics. This happens to those that maybe took the wrong turn in life and started experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

This little experiment or should I say, curiosity of drinking alcohol or using drugs then becomes something that we enjoyed and loved the feeling of the effects of the drug of choice.

Then we continue on drinking and using to try to get that high that we first had in the beginning of our experimenting. The more we drank or used the more we needed to satisfy our cravings and consequently we start to become addicted and dependent on these drugs of choice to get us through each day of our lives.

Just Push It Away and Say No More

How We Can Be More Powerful Than Our Addiction

What I have learned in becoming addicted to alcohol and my process of becoming clean and sober is the following. Maybe, some people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs can relate to these things and possibly help you realize that you can be more powerful than your addiction.


  • Peer pressure
  • I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else.
  • I had a relationship problem that upset my life.
  • I was not strong enough and didn't respect myself enough to say the word NO even when I knew what I was doing was wrong.
  • I then began to enjoy the feeling of being drunk.

The rest is history and a long life of drinking alcohol for any reason I could think of.

I have a plague hanging in my basement at the bar I no longer use saying this: "I Only Drink Beer On Days That End In Y." What a so true statement that plague reads and couldn't fit my life style any better, sad to say.


  • I sat down and took a real hard look at my life and where it was heading.
  • I changed my mindset, my outlook on life as it was.
  • I began to think with a Positive Attitude instead of negativity each and everyday.
  • I told myself that I am stronger than this alcohol addiction I have.
  • I made myself believe in myself.
  • No more negative thoughts that I was beyond repair and addicted forever.
  • I started to get really excited about what I was about to do with my life.
  • I made a promise to myself to never drink alcohol again.
  • Told myself no one or anything will get in my way to me achieving my sobriety.
  • I envisioned my life being clean and sober and all the beautiful things I could now do with my family.

With being so excited about my new life I searched the Internet to find sites on alcoholism and possibly stories of sobriety and found Spiritual River which I might add changed my life and gave me the inspiration and determination to quit drinking alcohol and find my sobriety.

Just tell yourself that you are more powerful than any addiction and you must believe in yourself and continue to tell yourself you CAN and WILL beat this addiction.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ MartieCoetser, Thanks you as always for your so kind comments to my writing. I hope and pray you can kick the nicotine. I quit smoking cigarettes in October, but lately have been puffing on cigars.:( I was a 2 pack per day and maybe more when drinking. So i have some work to do on that but at least I'm still sober for over a year now :)

      I too wish you and your family the best year ever and to be safe, healthy and full of Happiness.

      Keep that positive attitude Martie and you will win over that nicotine for sure.

      God Bless!!

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks for this hub. I'm addicted to nicotine and this hub of yours will sure, hopefully soon, inspires me for the umpteenth time to quit. Once again my hat off for you - quitting an addiction is not easy, yet you've done it. My wish for you and your loved-ones is a prosperous 2011 and may your spirit stay strong against those alcohol demons. Tak!