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Beauty Products: The Power Of Perfumes And Fragrances

Updated on December 9, 2016

Humn.. perfumes are awesome! Each perfume has a distinct smell. Is there anyone who doesn't like perfume? Perfumes are pleasant, attractive and inviting. They enhance our mood, make us cheerful. Using perfume has numerous health benefits.

perfumes in beautiful containers
perfumes in beautiful containers

Perfume containers / bottles are a thing of beauty

I don't know, I always feel happy to see the perfume containers. Most of them are colorful, shiny, transparent and have designed tops. It gives pleasure just to hold them in hands! There is some aesthetic connection to perfumes and fragrances. The bottle holds liquid perfume that is crystal clear, mild colored and smelling awesome. The container/ bottle attracts people who have an aesthetic sense. I like to preserve the empty perfume bottles which look attractive, just for pleasure.

from my perfume collections
from my perfume collections

Perfumes: Introduction

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents to provide a pleasant scent to the human body. Ancient texts and archaeological evidence show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest civilizations.

Modern perfumery started in 19Th century, with the synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin, that allowed for the composition of smells which were previously unattainable from the natural aromatics alone.

Source: Wikipedia

France is known for the best commercial perfumeries in the whole world. Wearing perfume has plenty of benefits. It hides the body odor and enhances the mood. You can wear the perfume to match your mood. Your choice of perfume reflects your mood whether you are in playful, mischievous, reserved, or in a timid mood. Perfumes offer various smell selections for different moods

The main purpose of wearing the perfume is to hide the natural body odor with a pleasing smell. It, no doubt, enhances your confidence, uplifts your mood. It keeps you fresh whole day. You love your body smell. If you wear perfume while sleeping at night, you feel satisfied and get proper sleep. Make sure that you are wearing mild smell, not the strong one.

Some Benefits of Wearing Perfume

Fragrance: Obviously, people use perfume for fragrance. It helps to hide the body odor, ensures that you smell good. From ages, people were using perfume to keep their body pleasant.

Boosts Confidence: Wearing perfume gives more self-confidence. We get an inner strength that we get accepted, especially in parties. It has become our routine to wear mild perfume while going out.

Enhances mood: Perfume influences the mood of the person who wears it. We feel happy with the pleasant smell of the perfume.

Makes you attractive: Perfumes are rich in pheromones that make you attractive to other people with you. It gives a clue on the aesthetic sense of the person.

Aphrodisiac: They have pheromones that have natural aphrodisiac properties. It supports naturally for attracting the opposite sex person.

Boosts health: Though there is no concrete evidence to prove that it helps to boost health, wearing perfume has indirect health benefits such as it enhances your mood, gives satisfaction, lowers stress and anxiety, can lift your spirits, confidence etc, which in turn support good health.

Aromatherapy: Using perfume in body massage and bathing is relaxing and has therapeutic benefits. Citrus fruit, floral and spice perfumes help in calming the mind and soothe the body. It lowers the stress levels, treats insomnia, helps in getting quality sleep.The essential oil in the perfume helps in relaxing the body while sleeping.

Help in getting good sleep: Using mild perfume while sleeping at night helps to get good sleep. Also, it gives your partner a fresh and aesthetic feeling. It supports in attracting the partner easily.

Cures a headache: This is an amazing benefit of wearing perfume. It cures a nagging headache. However, I feel, wearing strong perfume compounds a headache.

Makes you feel better: A person wearing perfume feels better than a stinking person. It gives him the inner satisfaction of his body.

A few Special Fragrances and their Functions:

Lavender: Aids in getting good night sleep, helps in relaxing the nerves while sleeping.

Pepper mint: Helps in alleviating the stress.

Cinnamon: Takes away fatigue, makes you feel fresh.

Citrus: Are associated with cleansing as well as improving mood and concentration.


There are different kinds of perfumes available in the market, for men and women separately, with distinct scent choices. Select the appropriate scent for getting the maximum benefit. Wear perfume daily as there is no harm in it. It makes you feel better always.


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