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The Power of Collagen Powder and What It Is

Updated on September 15, 2016

More and more ideas and ways to take care of our health are now coming out on publications like newspapers, magazines, books, social media and blogs. This is because as time passes, we are looking for easier and proven ways to stay healthy and strong over the years to come. Do you have any idea what collagen is? As a woman, I have basic knowledge about this and so I was wondering how important it is in caring our body. This research then came up and I was informed that this ingredient is essential for the skin and hair.

Collagen Inside our Body

Collagen is found inside our body in bones, connective tissues, and skin and serves as the glue of our whole body. Actually it is a word derived from a Greek word “kolla” which means glue in English. With almost 20% protein inside our body, 30% of this is made out of collagen. There are also 3 major types of collagen found inside our body which are:

Collagen Type 1
Collagen Type 2
Collagen Type 3
• Most in number
• Provide strength to tissues
• Located also in skin, intestinal walls, blood vessels and muscles
• Found in bones, skin, ligaments and interstitial tissue
• Found in hyaline cartilages and eyeballs
• Mixed with type 1 to create supplements for bones, muscles, skin
• Used in research
• Used to treat arthritis, cellulite and wrinkles

Our tendons and bones are made out of collagen Type 1, the cartilage is a combination of Type 2 and 9, and the skin is a combination of collagen Type 1 and 3.

Getting enough sleep helps the tissues and cells repair even faster.
Getting enough sleep helps the tissues and cells repair even faster.

How Collagen Benefit our Body

Every time I do a research on health supplements, it is always my favorite to check out first the benefits it can give to my body. Of course, I will check first if I really need it or not before buying it. Collagen powder has been a hot issue since last year but I never cared because they usually say it is for anti-aging purposes. Well, I do not have any problem with regards to aging factors so I really did not care as it wasn’t my main concern anyways. Lately, I heard that aside from the beauty essential it could give, it is also helpful in digestion because it aids in the absorption of amino acids. It can also cure rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I usually feel joint pains because I am a very mobile person doing multiple things inside and outside the house so I figured out that adding some collagen powder to supplement the collagen inside my body is now a must. Aside from these benefits, collagen is also known to:

  • maintain a healthier and younger looking skin, hair and nails;
  • thicken hair strands;
  • boost the immune system;
  • heal wounds faster;
  • normalize sleep; and
  • reduce inflammation

People who are more exposed to direct sunshine are advised to add hydrolyzed collagen to their drinks to improve skin health and to reduce the premature aging that the UV rays could give. According also to research, while as we grow older specifically after age 25, our body reduces its ability to repair damaged cells and tissues thus, the need for collagen supplements like collagen powder to complement how much our body really need.

Collagen Powder is odorless and tasteless so it can be added to any beverage.
Collagen Powder is odorless and tasteless so it can be added to any beverage.

Adding Collagen Powder to our Diet

Collagen powder comes in various forms too like collagen capsules and collagen creams. As a powder drink, it can be added to coffee, juice or any beverage we take in regularly because usually they are tasteless and odorless like the Recharged Reality hydrolyzed collagen powder. It is also 100% organic and known to help diminish wrinkles and smoothens and firms the skin tissues. If I were to choose a collagen powder for my diet, I will also consider if it is free of carbohydrates, fats and caffeine which this product offers.

For those who have just undergone surgery, adding a collagen supplement to your diet is also helpful to reduce scars and for faster healing of the wounds. As described above, collagen has the ability to heal wounds faster as it assists in the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues.

Are you ready to experiment the good things that collagen powder can give your body? We are not getting any younger and it is better to invest in our health than anything else, right? Anyway, before doing so, make sure to consult your doctor if such supplement is safe with you. I am sorry not to include the complications in my research though. For a safer option, check your family doctor first.


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