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Unlock your Mind-Power lies within You and You Alone

Updated on April 27, 2012

Mind is a Mirror in Judgement

Thing about the time when someone praised your work. A sudden elevation in confidence level occurs, a feeling of increased self worth, a renewed form of mental and physical energy. Now in sharp contrast, if a criticism is in place. The opposite effect in a negative form affects us. This is because the mind acts as a mirror to external perspectives and opinions. If people say you are a nice person, you believe in it. If the opposite is stated, you re order yourself. While this basic instinct is necessary for overall development, and is also a contributing factor to self worth. Excess indulgence in this trait can lead to depression.

The reason is simple, but overlooked

Now and then we try to evaluate ourselves. This in order to self assure that we are moving in the right direction. For that we turn to our mind for answers. The problem herein lies in the simple fact that the mind in general cannot see the whole picture but only part of it. It collects bits of data from here and there past experiences, people's outlook, failures in life. At the same time overlooking your talents , success and skills. Now the outcome of this polling can easily be understood. Depression, suicide, Phobias the list goes on. In short, our mind is a poor judge and critic.

Understand that Mind can provide suggestions but should not dictate terms on how we should live. How can a servant instruct the master. If that happens you have chaos at hand with no order.

Osho on his quest for mindful awareness produced these quotes. " The body is a wonderful device which can repair and maintain itself. there is no need for your intervention. What it requires from you is to master the mind which has no destination ."

Time to Tame the Bull

So how to value oneself. To make a fair judgment while at the same time allowing space for developments.

1. Refine from being guilty. Guilt can undermine our capacity to learn and cope with a difficult situation.. Instead learn from your past experiences and chart out a better way for the future.

2. Understand the power of mindful awareness. To be aware of your present situation. I have used the word Aware instead of Focus as both depict different outcomes. To be aware, is to watch and absorb everything as a whole. No need to strain or flex your senses to the limit, but be a casual spectator. To focus is to concentrate hard on a particular part, and being unaware of the rest. So when you weigh yourself, maintain an awareness of all your strength and skills and not just focusing on your failures.

3. Perfection is a beautiful word. Strive for it but never be a victim. To be an expert, one has to start from the novice. Everything changes, so give ample time to reach your true potential.

A major obstacle when we look into ourselves, is the flow of thoughts that pass within our mind. A traffic so congested, bottlenecks are a sure outcome. This refrains people from soul searching. So how to clear this mental block

Understand the basic fact that Thoughts cannot be suppressed. Because they are within themselves too powerful. If tried you can get a window of silence for a few minutes and then the thought train starts all over again with double the strength and vigor.However instead of reacting to each and every thought, just observe it. Soon you will find whether a particular thought is rational, logical or plain gibberish. Gradually, the thoughts melt away one by one, unblocking and clearing by its own will.

A Clear Mind can provide the apt solutions and the preferred suggestions.


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    • jeugenejohn profile image

      jeugenejohn 5 years ago from Kerala

      Thank you for going through the article Olde Cashmere.Really appreciate your comment.

    • Olde Cashmere profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Really enjoyed reading your article. These are some spectacular tips that will come in handy for anyone looking to improve their state of mind. Voted up, useful, awaesome, and interesting (: