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The Promise Of Tomorrow(land)

Updated on January 5, 2016

Okay, this is a long (and raw) rant, so bear with me...

Yesterday sucked, and it sucked hardcore. It wasn't one event, piece of bad news or even catastrophic loss, it was just a series of little things that became big things that spiraled out of control and became an avalanche of negativity and frustration. It was the kind of soul sucking, emotionally draining, full of dumb ass fucktardary that can break a person. I was that person, and I nearly broke. Like collapsed into a sobbing mess at work kind of broke. THAT'S how much yesterday sucked.

And now with the light of a new day upon us, I have a resolution. Most New Years resolutions are loosing weight, or making more money, or staying in contact with friends and family more, etc... And those are fine. I have those same ones too. But for the last several years I've kinda sworn off the resolution bit, cause it doesn't really change anything it seems, other than to make me feel even more a failure when said resolution is forgotten about and so much dust by February.

I have a simple one. I'm gonna carry this pin with me.

Everywhere, everyday.

If you saw Tomorrowland, you may know why. If not, I'll briefly explain. In the movie, the pin induces a gateway vision to a wonderful place known as Tomorrowland; where jet packs exist, impossible things happen, and there is by-God hope.

And that's what I need in my life. Some positive waves and hope. Don't misunderstand, I'm not buried under the weight of depression (at least, I don't think I am) I'm not giving you a sob story. Just relaying the tale of a bad day. But the thing about bad days is that they end. Tomorrow will be better.

The pin is a reminder that tomorrow, or at least the promise of tomorrow is better than now. Whatever shit life throws at me, whatever bog I'm trapped in, whatever little things that become big things... I'll grab the pin, and know that tomorrow will be better. Period. Cause it has to be. The promise of tomorrow.

This simple thought brought a weight off my shoulders this morning, and a smile to my face. I feel better. I feel INSPIRED. I feel creative. I feel READY. All those emotions I felt when watching the movie, I feel now. The pin sits on my desk at the moment.staring at me with hope. With promise.

The promise of tomorrow.

Now stand aside, I've got shit to do.


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