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The Raw Food Diet: What Kinds of Foods Can I Eat?

Updated on July 19, 2011
Raw foods are healthy
Raw foods are healthy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are central to the Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet consists mainly of fresh, preferably organic fruits, vegetables, sprouted beans and lentils, and raw nuts. Some raw dieters also include unpasteurized, organic dairy products, coconut and coconut milk, avocados, even Sushi dishes. Sushi, or any type of raw meat is not recommended for raw food dieting but such items are up to the discretion and palate of the dieter.

Portion size is of little concern as long as meals are well balanced. One should avoid overeating nuts, avocados or coconut, which do contain high levels of fat. Fat is essential to a balanced diet - but all things is moderation.

Raw meals are often chopped, pureed, blended and dehydrated. Recipes can include salad combinations, delicious fruit smoothies, and even raw pizza, (which tastes better than it sounds). Dehydrating mimics the cooking of foods to some extent, and is handy for on-the-go lunches. Raw foods don't necessarily mean cold foods, meals can be heated to around 116 degrees, foods heated above that temperature are considered cooked.

Raw food dieters often experience some early symptoms that usually diminish after several days to two weeks into the diet. These symptoms can include headaches, dry skin, cooked food cravings, and fatigue. These symptoms are usually associated with the detoxifying effects of a raw food diet. Dry skin may be caused by eating fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of pesticides. Thoroughly washing helps but it is highly recommended that only whole, organic produce be selected.

Many diets consist of frozen, prepackaged meals or chemical-laden concoctions that don't offer proper nutrition. Dieters often fail because they just don't feel well and are often hungry.

Dieting with raw food offers a healthy alternative that can actually increase metabolism - probably the main reason for the effectiveness so commonly reported with a raw food diet.

Will the Raw Food Diet Work for Me?

Any successful diet requires some will power on the part of the dieter. It is not productive to push yourself too hard however. Some cooked foods can be eaten; it's just not recommended that cooked and raw foods be eaten during the same meal. It's also not required that you give up all your favorite foods. If you are worried about not having enough will power, start by eating raw foods for breakfast and eat normally for the rest of the day. You will probably find that a raw food breakfast is a delicious and energizing way to begin the day and will encourge you to incorporate more raw foods into your diet.


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