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The Real World Ramifications of the COVID-19 Situation

Updated on March 22, 2020
Mr Archer profile image

The COVID-19 situation just keeps getting better. Every day we hear new stories that upset our apple cart even more.

I really don't think it will come to this!
I really don't think it will come to this! | Source

Dear God, what next?

First, we had "It's no big deal!" and "It'll blow over!". Then we get "Hunker down and stay inside, practice Social Distancing and we will be okay!". We hear that Sports will not be in session until sometime in May at the earliest. Businesses and schools, out until the first of April (like I believe THAT one!). Celebrities and athletes test positive and preach "This is real! Stay home and isolate yourself!" even as they say "But we have no symptoms." and luxuriate in the privacy of their mansions, waited on hand and foot by others less fortunate while the boss twitter themselves to death telling the masses of their hardships.

I am getting sick and tired of this passing for "Updates" and Headline News"! How about telling us about the regular people who have the all the symptoms yet cannot find a test to verify if they have this virus or not? How about making the tests available to the Common Man at little or no cost so we can stem the tide of this apparent killer before it gets out of control even more?

Or how about just telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth for a change? Might be nice, considering...

But it might come to this.
But it might come to this. | Source
Or this.
Or this. | Source

So now we are not testing people unless it can make a difference in their health care? Why this, why now? Is it because the affluent have taken up all the tests available already? The Rich and Powerful in the state of California took or bought at exorbitant prices off the Black Market and verified that while some might truly have the virus, they are not exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever? Is that the reason for no more testing? Now, it's not like they are mingling with us po' folk, walking the streets together and visiting our homes, thus making them a Typhoid Mary or something; no it was because they had the money and power to get what We the People cannot afford: safety in testing.

Or is it because California has admitted to themselves that they cannot hope to contain the virus? They are giving up and saying "Just deal with it people".

Available Information from the CDC: Number of Deaths from Flu, Pneumonia and COVID-19 2019-2020

Number of Deaths
Death Rate (%)
Flu (Week 40 2019 to Week 11 2020)
Pneumonia (Same Period)
est 20%
COVID-19 (Week 4 2020 to Week 11 2020)

No one halts the economy, calls for pandemic rigors, or cries "PANIC!" with the annual Flu or Pneumonia, yet COVID-19 is a world stopping virus? NOTE: These numbers are for the United States only and do not reflect worldwide numbers.

Then we have the War Profiteers and Insider Traders making money off the pandemic

Two brothers drove over a thousand miles in Kentucky and Tennessee, buying up huge supplies of hand sanitizer (over 17,000) and masks (2,000), then reselling them on Amazon for huge profits. They were caught, and forced to donate the remainder of their illicit items to charity but only after they made an untold amount of money. They might get fined, or put into jail for the profiteering but only time will tell if they are held accountable. Who knows how many people they might have negatively affected by purchasing these supplies in areas where "they didn't think was a problem and redistributing them" to people who "need" them more (read: will panic and pay through the nose to have them).

Then we have our illustrious leaders in Washington. God bless them every one. At least four Senators have been accused of selling stock before the market crash, using information gathered in a closed door meeting before the pandemic was officially announced. At least one of them also warned well-connected donors to "dump" stocks also, thus allowing them to save their money rather than allow it to go down with the ship, as happened to an untold amount of Americans as the stock market crumbled amid the crisis.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to whitewash her dealing, the Senator from Georgia relays that she had no idea of the stock selloffs, none at all. One can almost hear the syrupy sweet southern accent from Georgia saying "What? Sweet lil' ol' me do somethin' as despicable as that? Surely you jest!" A spokesman for her confirms that she had no idea whatsoever; however, the spokesman goes on to say it was her husband, chairman and CEO of the New York City Stock Exchange (how convenient!), who sold the stocks. Oh, now its the old "It Wasn't Me It Was My Husband!" defense. We all know husbands and wives don't talk to one another when it comes to money in the household, (cough cough).

By the way, evidently saving millions of dollars wasn't enough for them (him?) as they (he?) "also reportedly bought shares in the tech firm Oracle and Citrix, which provides teleworking software" (direct quote from the New York Post). And she didn't know, nor tell him what might be coming down the pike? Hmmm.

Isn't this what Martha Stewart went to prison for? Having prior knowledge a stock was going to drop and selling off her investments before it fell?

And to come full circle in this article...

The professional athletes, celebrities and such who have access to tests which We the People do not have. Across the country, there is an evident shortage of tests for those who are actually ill, possibly from the coronavirus; and yet, they cannot get tested to confirm it because there just are not enough tests to go around. Every day, another Somebody is detailing how they have been tested and have it, even though they are not exhibiting any symptoms!

How they hell did they get tested if there aren't enough tests to go around? And why the hell are they being tested if they do not show any signs of being ill?! Am I missing something here?

Oh yeah, they are Famous! They have Money, Power, Prestige! They matter to the World, or so we have told them, allowed them to think. They count, we don't; simple as that.

Again, I think that...

All our precautions will not matter one iota. COVID-19 is here, is everywhere already. Big cities, small towns, across the country. You will get it, and you might suffer symptoms. Some will get more ill than others, and some will die. Much as the flu and the cold will morph into pneumonia for some whose health allows it, the people who get COVID-19 and have underlying health problems which are severe enough to allow it to navigate to their lungs and progress into pneumonia, will possibly die.

Where I live, a rumor is circulating that there is more than one person in quarantine in our local hospital which is ill with what could possibly be COVID-19. We live in the middle of the country, far from either shore. We are a small community, but have access to larger cities less than an hour away. People commute daily to and from for work on a normal basis. Additionally, a major interstate runs through the larger city less than an hour away. In this city there are any number of places to eat, sight see, and visit, some world famous. In our little town there are also world famous locales, places to eat and such, which draw people from literally around the world on an annual basis.

Why don't they verify these are actually COVID-19? I think you can guess without my having to say it.

Fear. Fear of what will be, of what will happen to the area if they are verified. Do I know this for a fact? No, not at all. This might be simply a rumor, or there might not be any tests to give. It could be an honest decision, or there could be nothing to the rumor.

We do not know. And THAT is the truth I am wishing we had, the truth we could be told right now. No more delaying the timelines, no more putting off, no more dangling money and the possibilities of saving us in our hour of need.


If this is truly worse than the flu, so be it. If these draconian measures of Martial Law which are being bandied about are truly needed, then shut up and put them in place! But know we still have needs which will have to be met in one manner or another. Food, shelter, water. If we need a nationwide food stamp program and a maximum amount of items purchased, then get on with it. If we are going to receive some form of assistance to purchase this food, get it done. If we are going to use unemployment to supplement families, why are we waiting? A massive amount of America is already out of work, and the number is only going to continue to grow; there is no time for wringing our hands and fighting because of being either red or blue, conservative or liberal, because of your actions we are already a nation out of work.

Or else...

Ignore the illness and put us back to work. Let those who are going to die, die. Let those who are going to get ill, get ill. But let the rest of America get on with its life! We cannot sit in our houses, not making money, fearing the worst, and trying to prepare for a different kind of zombie apocalypse as best we can.

**NEWS FLASH** And in Springfield, Missouri today, a response which makes no sense to me at all. Evidently, the Springfield School District is preparing to welcome children of first responders and health care workers into their schools as a daycare. That's right, in this "no more than ten" people together at a time semi-mandate, the school district of Springfield is opening its doors to the children of a certain segment of the public which might be the most affected group there is, and welcoming them together in an environment which will be rich for the possible (probable) spread of COVID-19. Not only amongst themselves, but to the paraprofessionals who will be expected to watch over and care for them. Not teachers, not upper level staff, but the paras, the lowest on the totem pole employees. This will no doubt lead to them carrying the illness back home to their families, thus infecting THEM! Does that seem right? Fair? Just? Smart?

"Let's get all of the children of the group most likely to catch the virus together in one room and bring in someone not remotely involved with them to care for them, wipe their noses and watch over them! Then those people will go home to their families and bring the virus to their children!"

What can go wrong with that plan? Hell, why not just hang a bloody steak around their neck and push them into shark infested waters? Or put six bullets into a revolver and play Russian Roulette? If Springfield believes this is a good idea, then they must also believe that we should all go back to work and ignore the illness. You cannot have it both ways, we cannot sit on our hands and wait for the inevitable collapse of our society.

Or we will wait, and watch people get sick and die anyway. This "will we won't we" has got to stop and a decision made which will allow us to proceed on a course that will allow us to save as much of the civilization as we can. No half measures, no limp handshakes, no more guesses. As it has been said, a leader can be wrong, but that leader can never be seen as unsure.

All we have right now is people who are unsure leading us. We need a leader. We need a decision. We need action. Now.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mr Archer


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    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      13 months ago from South India

      Hi, Mr Archer, It is a very well explained article on the pandemic influences. Please find some time for reading my article for overcoming viral malady:

      We must overcome this threat for humanity and economies by adapting useful technologies.

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      13 months ago from Missouri

      But JC, how much time is needed? A month? Three? Six? A year? Do you expect the world's economy to just sit idly by and wait this thing out? We can't! If we try to do this for too much longer we will risk food shortages, not just toilet paper shortages. We will risk mass bankruptcies and foreclosures on homes, along with evictions. We will risk a Great Depression which will take a decade at least to escape from! Can we risk all that to flatten a curve of something which will probably overtake our healthcare system anyway? We do not have what we need now, let alone for months on end in the healthcare system. Ventilators alone will cause mass deaths because of their scarcity now. Vaccines are a distant promise.

      I understand the "wait and see" thought process; I really do. But I do not think we are thinking far enough ahead in what shutting down the world will mean in the long run.

    • JC Scull profile image

      JC Scull 

      13 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      The plan of action being proposed by most scientist is simple: flatten the curve and buy enough time until cures are available to mitigate the effect of the virus. Those cures in turn buy us enough time until a vaccine is available. That is the only solution.

      Opening up the economy and sending people back to work like Trump is proposing will cause hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of sick people to overwhelm our healthcare system

      With an overwhelmed healthcare system and millions of people sick comes collapse of our workforce and the eventual bankruptcy of companies. This will lead to shortages of food and other essential goods.

      This is not a virus that only affects a portion of the population. Young and old are affected. Young and old have been dying.

      Listen to Anthony Fauci and all the other scientist. There is only one way to deal with this virus. Flatten the curve. Slow down the virus. Buy time until drugs and vaccines can be developed. Treatments will come first - there are a few that hold promise and could be available soon - vaccines will come later.

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      13 months ago from Missouri

      JC, thank you for your quite well educated and obviously well investigated response regarding the flu to my article. I am aware of the distinct types of flu and while I lumped them together for my article, I did so with intent: to the vast majority of the world, it is "the flu" regardless of the type and sub-type so in doing this I sought to make it easier for the layperson to understand.

      As for the distinct types of coronavirus, as they become prominent each has been represented as a particular type or name such as SARS or MERS and had come to be known as such. Each are similar to each other, with distinction made as to where they showed up. SARS was Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and I believe I also saw it referred to somewhere as Southern Asia Respiratory Syndrome; and MERS was Middle Eastern if I recall correctly. So, COVID-19 is Coronavirus of 2019 and has been represented as a variety of SARS in some locations in the media. Interestingly, SARS first occurred in China in 2002, and to date no antidote or vaccine has been successful; I wonder if the current form of it is closely related to this one. Anyway, to keep it simple I lumped them together in the article.

      The problem Mankind is having is these coronavirus are mutating to a degree which presents the problem of Man not having any protection against them, no antibodies in our blood. And we will not have any by hiding from it in our homes for months on end. The major city near me, Springfield, Mo. stated just today that it is imposing a 30 day mandatory stay at home except for necessary businesses. They decide who and what is necessary. Thus, they are basically declaring Martial Law and shutting the city of 150,000 down for a full month. Is this the right answer? Who knows? But I can say that the economy will be adversely affected for dead sure; small businesses will fold for certain; and without some kind of assistance people will lose savings, run up credit cards, tap into their 401k's or something else to survive. The majority of people do not have a month or more of money and food lying around; they just don't.

      Thus far, our government has not done a good job of managing the crisis. Each day, and sometimes more than once a day, we get another version of the Truth. We need the best knowledge now, the best answers now or else we are headed for a bad place, my friend.

      And that is all I am after in this Hub: truth. honesty, action.

      We need to find an answer for this virus, but we cannot destroy ourselves in the meantime. We cannot allow our elected officials to make money off this thing either. And we should not be allowing celebrities and "famous" athletes to dominate the tests that are available to the exclusion of those who may really need it.

      Our country is so far off kilter it is ridiculous, and this is an example we need to learn from.

      We also need to not "fall" for misinformation, and to not sit on the toilet trying to wait out a virus which might not be able to be waited out. A few weeks might be survivable for an economy; an few months or more is not. And that will create a problem we might not be able to overcome.

      Unfortunately, the rest of what I wrote about here is a matter of public record. Our Senators did do this; celebrities and athletes seem to be getting tests that normal people cannot get; and Springfield did state they were going to open their schools for the children of first responders and put paras in charge of them, at least before the city shut that idea down today, I guess.

      My frustration stems from not having a good plan of action, from not having good information, from not following any plan through before jumping to another one. We are sacrificing something we might not be able to get back for a maybe, and that pisses me off. The fact is we do not know the full extent of this virus other than it is prolific, and it has spread everywhere around the world in a few short months. If we think we can control its spread now...

      We are fools. It is already here, there, everywhere. It is just a matter of will we exhibit symptoms or not, will we become terribly ill or not; will we die or not.

      I have no doubt my family has been exposed to it here in our little hamlet, none whatsoever. But we cannot get tested because tests are not available here.

    • JC Scull profile image

      JC Scull 

      13 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      Your assertion that the flu kills many more people than COVID-19 is misleading in many ways.

      First of all, there are two types of influenza viruses that cause the human flu: A and B. Each of these types have various substrains, i.e. H1N1, H2N3, etc. Consequently, there are 198 different influenza A subtype combinations alone. influenza B has 18 subtypes.

      If we wanted to make a direct comparison, we would have to compare COVID-19 directly with any of these subtypes on a one-to-one basis.

      Both these influenza types have been around for centuries and have had plenty of time to adapt and mutate. COVID-19 is a novel virus and it is just beginning to learn how to adapt in order to invade as many biological forms as possible.

      The Spanish Flu was the H1N1 virus, which killed 100 million people between 1918 and 1920. Fortunately today we have a vaccine that pushes back on this virus, as long as people are willing to be vaccinated every year. Even still many succumb to it annually. It makes sense that H1N1 in combination with all other subtypes can be more destructive than COVID-19 seems to be at this particular point in time,

      It is too early still to be able to glean at the numbers provided by the CDC or the WHO. These sort of extrapolations are best made after statistical figures have had time to develop. This allows researchers enough of a baseline so that proper analysis can take place.

      I understand the frustration that you are feeling. We all are. However, proper decisions are made through a process of logical thinking that includes the adequate information and background. Unfortunately, there is a lot of disinformation coming out of many sources, including our own White House.

      I urge you not to fall for uninformed and short-term solutions to complicated problems.

    • Mr Archer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mr Archer 

      13 months ago from Missouri

      Bill, my friend, thank you. Here's hoping that you and Bev and the critters are doing well also. Hopefully you guys are holed up and safe at your place. Take care buddy.

      Ms. Doris, thank you also. I am not sure that any politician in office is a true leader. Cuomo has some positive attributes and seems to be fairly straightforward in his approach. Who knows what 2024 holds?

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      13 months ago from Beautiful South

      Some of my thoughts, exactly. I like your last paragraph. We need someone like Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY. He is authoritatively leading his state with a cool calm demeanor, and he doesn't give a tinker's dam about the criticism. I wish he were president right now. At the least, I wish he were running in 2020 for president.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      13 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I hope you and your family are well, my friend.

      Blessings always



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