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The Rice Diet Solution

Updated on May 20, 2011

Duke University Rice Diet

This is one of the most interesting diets, but has been around since the 1930's. It is responsible for the reversal of obesity and treatment of all sorts of diseases, including heart and kidney problems.

Walter Kempner joined the medical department at Duke in the 30's, and created a diet based on rice, sugar, juices, fruit, plus supplemental vitamins. This has helped thousands of people around the world with their health problems and weight.

Today there are many centers that you can check-in to for 2 to 8 weeks of supervised help on the Rice Diet.

Reduce your stress diet

Rice Diet Menus

The Program

This Rice Diet system is not a fad, but was developed as a complete system for improving overall health. Meals on the Rice Diet are just one part of it. The system has group workshops and classes for stress, exercise, nutrition, and is medically supervised in most cases.

Menu Plans

People who go into this diet plan have a very limited menu at first. Adding fresh fruits, fish, beans, vegetables, and grains daily. It got the name Rice Diet, due to the original study, but at least 30 different types of foods are included in addition to several types of rices.

Below is a brief overview of the

Lunch and Dinner 
rice, a vegetable or grain, and 2 types of fruit 
rice, a vegetable or grain, and 2 types of fruit 
grains/rice,milk, and fruit
3 straches, , 3 vegetables, and fruit  

Rice Diet Weight Loss

This has shown results as much as 60 pounds in a month, but results vary based on what you have to lose and what caused your weight gain in the first place.

There are many people that their weight gain was caused by a medical issue or prescriptions that they may be taking, These are the individuals that will benefit the most from this plan, even though anyone will get a positive effect on their overall health. The Rice Diet was developed to treat disease naturally.

Although it is well known for it's weight loss and it is called a "Diet". It is more of a natural cleanse and will give you benefits far more than the weight that you will lose. If you follow the plan outlined in Robert Rosati's book, you will be at your own body's ideal weight within a short amount of time.


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