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Depend On Yourself For Success

Updated on November 9, 2012
Moving on up
Moving on up | Source

Depend on yourself, not your partner

Regarding the overused cliché, "You complete me" when referring to a relationship: Rather than reducing yourself to 'needing' someone in your life in order to be whole, why not strive to be complete, on your own? We came into this world alone, and it is an absolute guarantee that we will be leaving it just the same. Instead, why not say to your partner, “I am complete. And I want to support you in being complete”.

Confidence is key

So many times I see couples head down a destructive path where one partner is headed in the right direction, towards success while the other rides the coattails and collects all of the rewards from the other, pulling their partner backwards. Why is it that one successful partner is seen as enough? Why can’t each have their own successes and share in their riches?

Depend on yourself

Instead of worrying whether or not you are going to find someone who will be able to provide, and care for you economically, and emotionally, depend on yourself to do those things. With divorce rates rising to an all-time high, think of it as safeguarding your future. FINISH SCHOOL. If school is absolutely 150% not for you, then find your calling. We all have one, it is whether or not we answer the phone.

Hold your partner's hand

We have all been guilty of pushing our partners to succeed. Instead of standing behind them pushing them forward, grab their hand and walk towards success together. You cannot play mommy or daddy forever.

If they don’t want success, don’t force it

Sometimes, people will continue to look for the easiest way out. They will settle with what is necessary, and depend on someone else for the rest. If you feel like you’re doing all of the work, you probably are. Maybe it is time to branch off onto your own road. Remember, you came into this world alone, and you will be leaving the same way.


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