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Aching Feet - Tired Feet? Try Yamuna Foot Wakers

Updated on June 14, 2012

Aching Feet

The one body part that's getting beaten up every single day are our feet. Yet, it's the one body part that's being neglected by most people. Why? Is it because they're way down there? Is it because people find them ugly? Is it because feet are to stand on? Gravity, one of the greatest forces on earth is taking its toll everyday on our feet. Most of our wasted energy throughout the day sinks to our feet. Throughout our lives our feet are becoming one of the most inflexible body parts resulting in all sorts of foot problems. I'm not going to discuss all those medical terms but I'll stick with tired feet, aching feet and foot pain as everybody can relate to those. The way we walk or stand, tight shoes, reduced blood circulation and dehydration are the most common causes. Take good care of your feet and those aching feet days are over.

Anatomy of the Foot

The foot is one of the most complex structures of our body. The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and more than a hundred muscles, tendons (fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones), and ligaments (fibrous tissues that connect bones to other bones). All of them working together to provide balance, mobility and support. One of the factors that play a role with aching feet is dehydration. Our feet has approximately 250.000 sweat glands and can excrete as much as a quarter of a liter of moisture each day. So drinking plenty of water is one way to prevent aching feet.

Feet Exercises

Another way of preventing foot pain or aching feet is doing feet exercises. As I mentioned earlier, most people don't pay much attention to their feet. The benefits you'll get with exercising your feet can be surprising because you will not only get more strength, flexibility and balance in your feet. It will also gain you more energy throughout the day, a better blood circulation and stability. It can benefit to your mood, lower stress and can even boost your self-confidence as it gives you more awareness over the totality of your body.

Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers
Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers
Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers
Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers

Those aching feet days are over.


Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers

Foot massage, who doesn't want it. It's an incredible feeling that deals with aching feet right away. Somebody that touches your feet and know exactly where to touch them. But we don't always have the time to go to a foot therapist. Lucky for all of us that there are some products out there that can help us out.

There is one product in particular that I want to mention here. Its called "Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers. They are hollow, half-sphered pads and have little knobs on the outer-edge. They're a great use in the office or at home while watching television or even when you're behind the computer. You can stand on them in various ways.

The product comes with an instructional foot fitness DVD that will guide you to simple proactive tools and solutions that not only alleviate aching feet and foot pains, but heal feet, and prevent new issues. You will literally feel the blood moving through and energizing the rest of your body within minutes.

Personal Review

I bought the foot wakers a year ago and I'm still very happy with them. At first I thought that by using them often they would wear out fast but they still look as new. Well, I have to wash them once in a while :) Other foot roller balls, the cheaper ones, wear out pretty fast as I read in some reviews. I think the Yamuna foot wakers are definitely worth the price and I recommend them to anybody with aching feet. They're really doing what they should do and this is giving you your feet back.


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