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The Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh and the Counterfeit Birth Control Saga

Updated on March 11, 2012

The Sandra Fluke debate is going to many places she probably had suspected it would. Some women who have gone to Georgetown University Law school, which is a Catholic school. Some women attorney's actually are questioning if Fluke knows much about the school or the US Constitution (the latter may depend on what year she is in). The school itself is nearly absent of any religious symbols. Those who are attending there now or a long time ago, do not need to be Catholic to attend, they just need the intelligence and money.

It seems Sandra Fluke knows exactly what she is doing. In an Washington Post interview, she indicated that she chose the school knowing full well it was a school that did not cover drugs contrary to Catholic teaching in its student health plan. She was president of "Students for Reproductive Justice". Her mission was obvious - to get the school to provide them despite the school's religion. Sandra claimed she was a victim. That is how she got in front of the US Congress. Sandra said that having to buy the pill was a burden and indicated that females in the school were distraught about it because the school refused to provide them at no cost. You know, the cost of condoms can add up!

Fluke went on to tell the committee that her contraception costs average $1000 a year while in law school. What exactly was she buying? What type of contraception does she use? Why? Because if you walk down the road from the school to the Target store, the pharmacy will tell you that a month's worth of pills runs $9, WITHOUT insurance. The same price is at Walmart. I think Fluke needs to explain where the $1000 amount is from, which on its face, if we are talking about pills, is simply a lie. Even it the cost is $20 a month, it is a lie and Pelosi, who was the chair of this committee, knows this. Yet, oddly, none of the committee asked her for specifics. Fluke did not mention that her law school does cover the pill when it is a prescription because the pill can address other medical problems. Why not?

Fluke sought some justice to the injustice and her personal crusade to get Georgetown to pay for her contraceptives. Now Limbaugh would add, "to have sex", well, while true, I mean, the whole debate is moot if sex was absent, it puts a uglier, derogatory, facade to it. His other words used are just his feelings that have now had 10-12 sponsers of his show gone. He should have kept his mouth shut.

But, the basic motive of Sandra was that. Her attitude was the school should flip the bill for birth control, not me, a rich law student who can afford the school. This is not a cheap law school to go to. Not everyone gets in. By admitting why she chose the school speaks all about her real intent and motive long before she ran out of money to buy the pills. What did she do before all this? Was there any inquiry by the Committee into this???? I am willing to bet that Sandra probably did without things in order to buy the pills if money was tight. Or, was money ever the real issue?

I think not. It was more about her making a name for herself and it was a planned crusade. She could afford paying $9-20 a month for the pill, she just did not want to. She wanted them free. Yes, there is a very issue about whether the government forcing religious entities in supplying them, but it is not here. Not really.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Good point-I'd forgotten about the Obama thing-staged!

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      I have to agree. She, and I doubt by herself, planned this. She is a tool. How ironic she got a call from the president for her courage and suffering at the most opportune time for a great photo opportunity. The whole thing stinks. It's OK for Maxine Waters to call all republicans demons but heaven help the man who uses the "S" word.


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