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The Secret To A Lean Body

Updated on March 30, 2010

Watch and Learn

Observing people is a great way to learn about why or how they got the body they are carrying around. You know what I am referring to, shapely legs, great arms, tight buttocks, and great stomach abs. A lot is said about 'you' when you put on latex exercise attire. Summertime is about the most unforgiving time of the year! Parading around on the beach in that two-piece swimsuit, bikini, or speedo will give you a bird's eye view of most anyone's habits and activities.

One important thing to learn about fitness success and failure is to take notice of your personal habits. Sure reading books, journals and articles are important to improving your knowledge, but taking stock and paying attention to your activities is also key to understanding body leanness or bulk.

For instance, when you've been to the beach or some exotic resort, just how many people did you see sporting anything resembling six pack abs? Really, out of the hundreds of people baring their bods to the sun and God, just how many would you say have great abs? Most likely, the opposite is true. Look around, there are some bodies that are okay, some down right skinny, and some should just cover up all that blubber!

But, what people do on their vacations is not typical of their state of fitness. Obviously, most people on vacation are not following their normal activities and behaviors, that's not the point. Instead, the point is what they have been doing to get the body they are now showing off to the world.

Habits and activities of both fit people and fat people can determine successful versus unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the fat. For instance, learning why people are fat or fit can be tracked through their actions in the grocery store, restaurants, office or gym. Paying attention to the activities of the people around you can tell you a lot about their body shapes.

Not to pick on overweight females, but these are the ones that claim they can never lose any weight. However, they are also the first ones in the kitchen whenever someone brings donuts or cookies! Or the guy who says he can't get rid of the beer gut skips breakfast regularly (a killer for the metabolism), and drinks 2-3 before noon. No wonder he's got a gut!

Or, the ones with the slim figure who seemingly eats everything and anything (including tons of junk food), but never seems to finish over half of what she's got on her plate. Actually, she's not eating an excess of calories (daily) because she is a snacker, and that's probably why she's thin. Not everything is as it appears on the surface.

Whether a person is fat, thin or fit there is always an underlying reason. Their body mass revolves around their lifestyles, activities, and habits. Look beyond the surface and you can learn a lot about why people fail and why some people succeed when it comes to weight management.


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    • ivori profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Eisenberg 

      8 years ago from Titusville

      Thank you (again), Chris!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      You got it spot on.. you can tell a lot about lifestyle from physical condition !


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