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The Secrets to Eating and Ordering The Right Pizza

Updated on February 10, 2016

Americans have an insatiable appetite for pizza. We order pizza during lunch or when we don't have anything to eat for dinner. We can order online, through the telephone, or maybe even buy pizza in the grocery. When we want something hot and fast, ordering a pizza is just one phone call away. But did you know that the pizza that we're eating nowadays is not the same as the pizza the Italians ate during the ancient times?

According to Scott Weiner, a pizza historian, the Italians made pizza using fresh ingredients. They used fresh mozzarella from scratch. Since the demand exceeded the supply when pizza came to the United States, most pizza joints used low moisture mozzarella. These kinds of mozzarella have a shelf life of six months. The sauce that the Italians once used were made from fresh tomatoes. Nowadays, pizza makers use canned sauces that have preservatives and have high sugar content.

To check whether the pizza that you're eating is fresh and natural, here are some guidelines. First of all, check the cheese. A real mozzarella cheese is made of milk, salt, and water. Italians used to cover the entire dough with cheese. Nowadays, the pizza makers use cheese that are filled with cornstarch which add a lot of grease. There is a simple test to check if the pizza is made of natural ingredients. Get a slice of pizza, then blot the slice with a paper towel. If the paper towel turns greasy, then low moisture mozzarella was used. To determine whether real mozzarella was used, the paper towel should not be greasy.

Another way to check if you're eating authentic pizza is the sauce. Most pizza sauces are filled with synthetic coloring and preservatives. During the ancient times, the Italians would make their own tomato sauces by crushing the tomatoes. They leave chunks of the tomato to preserve color. The color of the sauce should be dark.

The dough is also a determining factor. Most pizza dough are dense. It doesn't cook all the way through and it makes you full fast. The real crust is made of flour, water, and salt. They are usually fermented for 48 hours and the dough is stretched nicely and easily.

Pizza can wreak havoc on your weight when eaten in excess. Some people would eat pizza two to three times a week. To control your weight, here are some guidelines in ordering the right kind of pizza.

First, order thin crust pizza. Thy only have less than 200 calories. Second, the serving size of a slice of pizza is the size of the hand. This will ensure portion control and avoid weight gain. If it's bigger than your hand, cut the slice in half. Third, order a thin cut, whole wheat crust with veggie toppings pizza. More importantly, hold the meat. Veggie pizza is filled with nutrients that most people avoid eating. The meat can cause an increase in calorie intake.

The FDA is sounding an alarm on pizza boxes. Before, pizza chains used thin paper board boxes. Unfortunately, these boxes cannot withstand moisture so they switched to corrugated cardboard boxes. Now, pizza chains use chemical boxes. According to scientist David Andrews, when the hot pizza is placed on a chemical box, the hot moisture emits the chemicals coming from the box. The chemicals are leached into the food. The dangers of using chemical boxes are deadly.They can increase cancer and wreak havoc on the reproductive system. The FDA has banned all three chemicals that are found on these boxes.

So who says you can't have your pizza and eat it too? Pizza is a sumptuous delicacy. If we have a keen eye when ordering a pizza either from a famous pizza chain or making our own pizza, then we can devour safely and savor the taste.


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