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The Shake Weight

Updated on January 14, 2011

Shake Weight For Women

Shake Weight For Women
Shake Weight For Women

The Shake Weight

The Shake Weight is not a new As Seen On TV exercise product but it's still creating quite a stir. Perhaps the comedic value of Shake Weight is mainly responsible for this but the product itself is really pretty good.

The Shake Weight really exemplifies everything great about an As Seen On TV product. It is inexpensive, provides a simple solution to a problem a lot of people have and the shake weight videos are hilarious. This product has it all but like I mentioned already, it really seems to work.

We will look at the videos in a moment, and believe me they are a riot, but let's begin with a little about what this product actually is. For all intents and purposes, the shake weight is just a very simple at home workout device. It looks just like a single dumbell but it does a whole lot more. In fact, the the appeal of this item is like any other good as seen on TV exercise product. It makes exercising easier.

The promise of the shake weight is that if you use it for about 6 minutes a work out, you will tone and strengthen muscles in arms, chest and even abs. It sounds a bit too good to be true, but I really felt a significant, but embarrassing, burn from the moment I picked it up. I would like to point out that I had very high hopes for this things but extremely low expectations for this thing so I was pleasantly surprised.

Before we get into a review of the shake weight, let's take a look at one of the shake weight commercials so you can get an idea about what the product does. I'm sure you'll also begin to see why this thing is the butt of a lot of jokes as well. I'll include some funny stuff at the end of this hub in case you haven't been hip to all the fuss.

Shake Weight For Women Video

Shake Weight Review

OK, so I'm assuming you get the joke after watching the shake weight for women video. Well, let's try and get past that for a moment and talk about the product. But, the spokeswoman was correct in saying that it's been featured on Ellen, The View and other shows and I'll put the videos below so you can see for yourself.

But, regardless of how silly the shake weight appears, the exercises make sense. You can simulate the motion you see in the video with no weights in your hands and you should be able to feel a sensation in your chest, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles depending on your stance.

When you actually get to try out a shake weight you'll understand how the resistance will help develop and tone the targeted muscles, and it really works well. You only really need a few minutes a day with this thing and initially even less because you'll want to allow some time for your muscles to recover.

My only complaint was that it took me a while to get control of the vibration and jiggling produced when I started shaking. I got a little dizzy and my teeth would chatter. My solution was to use an old mouthpiece from football, but I did get used to it after a few days.

My first reaction to using this thing was total surprise. I was shocked how difficult it was to actually hold on for 3 minutes, and even more shocked to feel all the different muscles being engaged while using this one simple device. I was not surprised however, at how utterly ridiculous I looked using this thing, but it has become a running joke in my house. The rest of the world seems to be in on it too as we will see below.

Keep in mind before you buy shake weight that there are two very different versions. Above we saw the shake weight for women and to the right is the shake weight for men. The men's version is obviously a bit heavier and in turn more expensive. But, I actually prefer the shake weight for women because I don't want to get bulky. I would rather use lighter weight and extend the time I workout just like I do with my other work out routines. But, if you choose to buy a shake weight, make sure you are fully aware of which one you are getting.

Shake Weight For Women

We’re sure you have friends and relatives who would love this special offer. Get an additional Shake Weight® including the FREE gift: the "Upper Body Toning" workout DVD for only $19.95 and $9.95 P&H!

Shake Weight For Men

only $29.95 plus shipping and handling, you're going to love the way your arms and upper body look. Plus, with your order today, you get: the "Upper Body Toning" workout DVD, a $15 value, yours absolutely free.

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The Shake Weight For WomenShake Weight For Women DVDShape Up With Shake WeightShake Weight in Just 6min A DayShake Weight For MenShake WeightRevolutionary Shake WeightShake Weight For MenShake Weight For Men DVD
The Shake Weight For Women
The Shake Weight For Women
Shake Weight For Women DVD
Shake Weight For Women DVD
Shape Up With Shake Weight
Shape Up With Shake Weight
Shake Weight in Just 6min A Day
Shake Weight in Just 6min A Day
Shake Weight For Men
Shake Weight For Men
Shake Weight
Shake Weight
Revolutionary Shake Weight
Revolutionary Shake Weight
Shake Weight For Men
Shake Weight For Men
Shake Weight For Men DVD
Shake Weight For Men DVD

Shake Weight Images

Before we get totally silly here, I think it's a good idea to take a look at some of the images of the shake weight in action so you really get an idea of how simple, portable and effective this can be when adding it to any workout routine. I use mine standing in from of the TV, but it's so small you can keep it well hidden in any room of the house and grab it whenever you want.  This is important to me because I hate junk scattered around the house, and for the most part, effective home fitness equipment is usually to large to keep out of the way. You really don't have to devote a room or any significant space to your shake weight so I really think it's an ideal workout tool.

I couldn't be happier with this silly thing, but I have a feeling that just as with the Snuggie, a lot of people might buy a shake weight just as a joke. It certainly providing some comedy relief all over the networks as you can see below.

Shake Weight On Ellen

Now for the fun part. Perhaps no one has embraced shake weighting more than Ellen Degeneres. It's obvious that the moment Ellen saw the infomercial her comedic light bulbs were going off and she smelled a bit. Well, the shake weight became a long running gag on her show last year and she did a masterful job.

From her desire to give her audience the one stop shopping experience to somehow getting this little contraption into the hands of her unsuspecting A-List guests, Ellen is probably more responsible for the early success of shake weight than any infomercial or marketing campaign.

Watching her is is an absolute riot and her zingers with Queen Latifah here, and Jason Bateman below, are classic.

The Perfect Punch

It has been several months since I've gotten my shakeweight and it does seem to work but it is not as enjoyable as my Perfect Punch has turned out to be.  I feel like a get a more complete workout with the Perfect Punch and the cardio workout is very very good.  I know the appeal of the shake weight is the lack of time it takes to feel the burn but punching will do it just as quickly and define your arms even more. 


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      After reading this I had to get one =D it was really cheap as well from uk supplier

    • fadibody profile image


      7 years ago

      Bottom line, it's all about being healthy. However, on the onset of technological advancements, being healthy has become a fad nowadays.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Since they have a shake weight for woman and for men they should make one for teens from 13-16

    • 4FoodSafety profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Fontana, WI

      Great Hub - wow did you do the research! Excellent information and videos. Thank you!


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