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The Shangri La diet - lose weight without effort or giving up your favorite junk food

Updated on May 20, 2011

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Shangri La Diet How to Guide

This is not really a diet as most diets go. It's a change in the way you live.  The theory is that your body has a set point that it wants to be, and this will help you get there.  Making a small daily change that will never eliminate your enjoyment of any food, just possibly the amount you eat of it.

Diet How to (in a nutshell)

  • Consume 100 to 400 Calories a day from extra-light olive oil (ELOO) and/or sugar water per day.  Make sure you do not mistake this for extra-virgin olive oil, which is higher in calories and will change your weight loss outcome.
  • Later switch to refined walnut oil and flax-seed oil, several times a day.  Although, it must be taken an hour after you have eaten and an hour before you eat the next snack or meal. 

This ensures 2 things:

  1. There is approximately two hours of snacking you avoid due to following the rules.
  2. You consume calories at a more level rate and therefore you stay full longer, which reduces cravings for sugary treats, that you might get if your blood sugar drops.

Basically the Shangri La Diet will lower your hunger, but it is still up to you to eat less.  The book makes it clear that you need to reduce your overall caloric intake, not ifs, ands or buts.

ELOO and/or sugar water is used as a natural appetite suppressant, making it easier to restrict your calories.  If you have some real need to always eat, even when you are not hungry, then you may need more help than this plan can provide.

Although, you will find a good amount of information on the Internet, for the Shangri La Diet, the book will always have more advise, simply because of the copyright.  It has an easy layout and comprehensive explanations.  It can act as a great guide on the implementation of the approach, as well as the background behind and the many studies that support the Shangri La Diet history.

Lose weight with no effort, and don't give up junk food

Sounds crazy right? Not so, states most that have really applied this book to their life.

You should be skeptical if any diet makes this claim, it may be a scam, designed to get the most desprit of us. We all would like to believe that we can lose weight without spending any extra effort or giving-up our favorite foods. This diet book is very clear, but goes against all the best weight loss advise most of us have heard. Although it is hard to let go of those old standard ideas, if they've not worked to helped you lose weight in the past, why not try a different approach.

The best thing about this diet method is, it is quite easy, painless and cheap to try out for size. If you believe that this will not work before trying it out, you will probably talk yourself out of it and fail. You need an open mind, and you will be very surprised to find yourself losing weight. If your like your reading to be offbeat and quirky, but with fact driven research, you will love this small book, but there is plenty more reading if you want to reference all of the footnotes.

I hope you will at least check out the first 10 pages of this book "for free", to help make a decission if this is the plan for you. Just go to this book on Amazon and click "look inside".


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