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The Paradigm Shift and You

Updated on July 19, 2013

Paradigm Shift of Consciousness


You are so much more

You are not the descriptions put on you throughout your life. Those were only someone else’s limited beliefs. You can rise above these beliefs. You were created and given the charge to do just that.

We are shaped and conditioned in a world of limited minds. We seek to go outside of those beliefs, but are often met with ridicule. That enact craving to soar beyond those limits will stir in our body from time to time, edging us out further on the cliff, so we can fly.

We hear deep inside of us a calling, and it taunts us daily. We want to fly. We want to experience all that we can be. The journey begins with lonely days and nights. Leaving the familiarity of our life structure and entering an unknown world is daunting. At the beginning of our journey, we run into the invisible blanket of lonely days and nights. There seems to not be a single person around us who agrees with our mission. Our dream cannot sustain us through the constant battle of society’s rules and regulations. Our energy and desire falters, as we take a -nose-dive down into the land of should and should not. As we stand with the rest, we are informed that our choice to be like everyone else is best. We have given in, and begin to deluded our dream, yet this dream –our calling, will persist. The calling to shift our paradigm consciousness needles us until we try again.

Lonely Looking Sky

Have you felt the calling?

This song from Jonathan Livingston Seagull reminds us of the calling, and the loneness we do enter at first.

Hearing the Calling

What is the Paradigm Shift Calling?

The Calling nudges to question those accepted truths that have built our foundation. The reason behind this is those truths, which we had surrendered too have put us in a box. We have let the falsities of humankind’s beliefs put us into a box. The Calling comes when that box become uncomfortable, and we thirst to be set free. It reminds us of those dreams that we did not aspire to live. Those dreams that touched the very core of your soul. The Calling whispers in your heart, about the authentic persona, which you have kept hidden from your world. Those hopes, dreams and ideas, which your world drove out of you. Those dreams that never go away. . That Calling, which in the past we did try, but meeting the blanket of loneness, sent us back. In your heart, you are aware that you never did totally let go to experience fully. That paradigm shift was ignored, and your dreams stayed lock up, as you once again firmly planted your feet back into the reality of delusion. The call of the dreamer though will return to you, asking for you to take that paradigm shift of consciousness. To wake up and dare to dream again is its’ message.

Soaring to Our Authentic Being


Dear Father

The Call of the Dreamer

You are so much more, and the dreamer within is aware of this. Your dreamer yearns to discover life beyond those limitations your community has put on you. The dreamer calls out to you to follow, and you will try to fly. Each take off though is met with thoughts mimicking truths, but in reality they are only false truths. The call of the dreamer is answered with one word- but. This word is our excuse ticket, and stirs us away from our dream. The call of the dreamer is ignored over and over, until eventually the flame from it becomes a small flicker. The dreamer never completely dies, instead its’ energy has been cut off. The energy is redirected to the action of the non-dreamer. Enveloped in its’ cloak of should and can’t, this community conditioned person dies slowly within. Freedom to soar is slowly replaced with elements of false truths. The dreamer’s voice has become silent, or so they believe. The call of the Dreamer never dies, for it is your spirit. It travels with you throughout your years, though you might not be aware it is there.

It tries to get your attention, however the message is misunderstood. When people wonder if this is all there is in life, they are being signal by their dreamer. Instead of tuning into it, people tend to perceive that more material things, or a new relationship will fix their craving. This gives them a temporary sanctuary of happiness, yet that yearning will again stir inside. This yearning is the dreamer within, who has your dreams. It has the desire to soar as the authentic you. That part of you that has been denied. Instead of being embraced, you outcaste your true self. This was done in the prefix that society’s approval was paramount

Dare to Dream


Taking the Paradigm Shift

There will come a time though that the dream will regain your interest. As the thirst to ride your dream increases, you are beginning to awaken to the fact that ignoring your dream has dearly cost you. As the need to experience your dream grows within you, it will rekindle your flame. This is the first step to putting the dreamer on center stage. It is at this point that you will experience your own paradigm shift. This is the stage of becoming the warrior for your dream. When you feel this shift, others opinions will not manipulate you into letting go of your dream.

The warrior stance places you on center stage, and you will fight for your right to discover who you really are. As you close the curtain to your past, on this stage, you do so with love. Love is what fuels you on your new journey.

Love is a major part of this paradigm shift of consciousness, and it spreads outward in all areas. As you enter the dreamer’s dream the experience of being alone takes on a new meaning. There is an understanding that being alone is not necessary lonely. There could be new people entering your life, who might wish to give you all the answers. The saying, if you see the Buddha on the road kill him, applies here. It simply means other’s answers are not yours. You must go within to discover your own truth. Buddha lives within you, not outside you. If you can stop resisting this period, you will discover those lonely days and nights become a blessing. You will find comfort there, for you are now becoming an expression of you. The authentic you, versus you, which has been conditioned by those who did not know better.

Be-by Neil Diamond

After the Paradigm Shift

Your consciousness changes when you go through this paradigm shift. your expression is align to your authentic self. Your truths and beliefs are now yours, because they have a deep resonation with your own spirit. You are more confident within yourself, and people pleasing, approval seeking fall to the way-side. You are open to discover and fly to new heights. You share your experiences not with a club, and saying my way is the only way. This paradigm shift has prepared you to know that is a false truth. You have joined the paradigm shift of consciousness, which is changing our Universal mind. You are now on your path. You now are being!


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      MysticMoonlight, I am so happy you could hear and feel the call of this hub. It is better to follow our calling, whatever it is. I know it is hard, but to me it has been harder to not.

      Mystic Moonlight, it would be lovely for yourself to be the authentic person you are. I am glad this hub has nudge you to try:)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Renee, this is absolutely wonderful. I feel as though you are speaking directly to me in this Hub as I am experiencing these very issues in my life at present. I have struggled and struggled with trying to fit in to my society but as much as I try, I cannot. I feel a call that seems a different life away from the mainstream of where I live, I shy away from people because I don't want to have to pretend around others. I have such drive and need to be my true self but repress it daily. Oh, how lovely it would be to be me! I feel the shift in extraordinary ways, it calls to me to step into my true skin and this Hub explains things so well. Thank you for writing this information. It is music to me! Voted, voted, voted!!!! :)


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