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40 Signs Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Updated on July 24, 2017




Borderline personality disorder is a mental condition where an individual suffer's from long term unstable emotions. It's most commonly caused from trauma during childhood from ages 3-5. Trauma's can include: Abandonment,Sexual Abuse,Physical Abuse and Death of someone close.

Borderline Personality Disorder also goes by BPD. Individuals with BPD are known for their impulsive actions and chaotic relationships. BPD is alot like Split Personality. The trauma is occur's at such a young age and the child doesn't know what emotions they are supposed to feel. Often the trauma becomes repressed, and it affect's their life when they reach adulthood.

Signs Of Borderline Personality Disorder


1.) Impulsive actions such as: substance abuse and/or unprotected sex often with multiple partners

2.) Develop's intense anger.

3.) Irritability that other's find difficult to understand the reason for.

4.) Mood easily changes based on event's or how someone talks to them. The individual can be happy then hear a song on the radio which remind's them of something, this will cause them to become instantly depressed.

5.) Often their face is set to a from, but can easily be brought to a smile when around someone who can actually make them smile. But usually their expression's dont change.

6.) Often they can idealize someone when that person put's them in a good mood, but then devalues them if that same person put's them in a bad mood.

7.) They have a fear of abandonment.

8.) Think's in black and white in a relationship. It's love and hate when showed attention, or if they are ignored they begin to hate them.

9.) They often start off as the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend. Although thing's may move a little too fast. And they become clingy when there partner choses to end the relatiopship. They often become immature or run off to find a new partner.

10.) They like to keep their ex's as friend's. Usually so they can receive attention when they feel they really need it.

11.) They are prone to remind's their ex's of past event's which actually bring back some feelings. When someone with BPD is alone, they often attempt to return back to their ex for romance.

12.) They have a habit of pushing people away. They dont want to get to close. Most people view them as player's. But the truth is they dont want to get hurt.

13.) They have "tunnel vision". They cant see that they are hurting other people.

14.) They have a history or currently self mutilate or attempt suicide.

15.) The individual suffer's from a very poor self image of themselves. And often also how a mental condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is a condition where the individual views many flaw's on them that arent really there.

16.) When tragic event's happen, the individual tend's to shut down their emotion's or say everything is going to be fine. Often they keep themselves distracted so they dont have to think about it.

17.) Certain event's and people can trigger dissociative amnesia. It causes the individual to forget people or situations that hurt them. They are usually reminded by seeing something or someone who reminds them of a person,event or situation.

18.) They can become extremely angry over certain things. And they may even yell at people about things that a person would normally not get so angry over. But later on they may talk to you in a manner as if the yelling never took place.

19.) They are very protective of their loved ones and people they care about. They will fight for them when need be.

20.) They will often black out during a physical fight. And they do alot of damage without remembering a thing about it. They also feel bad cause they didnt mean to hurt the person so much.

21.) Very poor self body image. They may even feel that their partner is checking everyone else out.

22.)They feel more deeply that other people without BPD. Which is why they fall in love alot faster.

23.) They can develop feelings for someone who shows them the attention they feel they deserve.

24.) Some are prone to cheating on their partner if someone is showing the attention they yearn for.

25.) They are sensitive to other's facial expression's. They feel a person is mad when they actually arent.

26.) Very sensitive to rejection.

27.) They can hang out with pretty much anyone. EX: cowboy's,goth's and jock's. They are on the search for their identity.

28.) They feel who they are now is due to influence from everyone in their past.

29.) Can play the part as victim then as the hero.

30.) Self image can change rapidly from very positive to very negative.

31.) They have an issue with dissociating. It's an intense form of zoning out. It's a response when something remind's them of an painful event. They take partial or full attention away from the event.

32.) They block out painful emotions. Which actually causes them to not be able to function properly.

33.) Often are unclear of long term goals. When as a child they often have multiple thing;s they want to when they grow up.

34.) Their view's,belief's and goal's often change.

35.) They are emotionally insecure. They often actually have never known what it feels like to be loved. Usually if trauma is from abuse they will split their partne's between love and hate. It's not one, it's both and can change often.

36.) They have never known the feeling of being truly happy.

37.) They often lie so they dont get into trouble.

38.) Often they withdraw into their own little world.

39.) People often clain they are heartless or they play people. Truth is, BPD people leave before they are left so they dont have to feel the pain or the hurt.

40.) They have a need to feel loved.

Treatment Options


What Do You Think The Most Affective Treatment Option For BPD Is?

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Most common treatment options for Borderline Personality Disorder are:

  • Long-term Outpatient Psycotherapy. Also known as Talk Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

BPD Facts


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