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Burpee Magic - The Single Best Exercise Ever

Updated on August 20, 2014

Kathy Smith, president of Kathy Smith Lifestyles, and well-known fitness guru, believes that one of the single most effective exercises anyone can do for overall fitness is the humble Burpee.

If you have not heard of a Burpee before, you probably soon will, as interest grows in this entirely free exercise which can be performed anywhere, anytime, with no special equipment.

Actually, "Burpee" is really just a fun name for a squat thrust, but let's face it, "Burpee" is a much better name!

Here is Kathy demonstrating how to perform a Burpee ...

Burpees are effective because, although simple, your entire body gets a workout ... your abs, glutes, back, arms, legs and chest all benefit.

You also build muscle from lifting your own body weight, burn more fat in less time than many other exercises, and your heart-rate and metabolism are boosted.

The Basic '4 Count' Burpee

To perform a basic Burpee, begin by standing with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Count 1: Squat down and put your hands on the ground.

Count 2: Jump your feet back together to straighten out your body.

Count 3: Jump your feet back into the squat position.

Count 4: Stand up returning to your original starting position.

Getting Started

Probably the best way to get started with Burpee fitness is to start at a level which is comfortable for you, and slowly add more Burpees each day.

The 100 day challenge suggests starting with just one Burpee and adding one each day until you can perform 100. It is a deceptively effective exercise, so obviously, take care, especially if you are not used to training.

According to Dr Mecola, of Peak Fitness, the world record for Burpees is held by a gentleman namde Paddy Doyle who managed to perform 1,840 Burpees in one hour.

I'm not quite there ... yet ...

For the More Advanced ...

If you need any further convincing of the benefits of Burpees, have a look at the Burpee workout below. This is definitely for the faint-hearted, but it certainly proves the advantages of Burpee training.


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    • profile image

      Visitor 4 years ago

      Burpees are simple to understand, hard to do, and they work. Don't think I could do the second workout.