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The Single Mom Teeth Whitening Scam

Updated on September 6, 2010

Like so many things in life, we’ve been sold the idea that we can only be happy when the colour of our teeth is a shade of white that will match our kitchens or bathrooms. Actually, for once I can’t blame the ad-men as it turns out that in the 17th Century, some barbers would use nitric acid to whiten teeth! Even worse, the Ancient Romans thought that urine was good for whitening teeth!

Nowadays, teeth whitening is usually based around using peroxide products. Luckily, if you’re vanity demands you risk acid burns, increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation there are plenty of options from professional dentistry to varying-degrees-of-dodgy-and/or-ineffective home applications.

But what if you’re vain and cheap? Well, if you believe in the adverts the internet spews at you then it turns out that a single mom/mum has found a new (and cheap) solution. I’ve seen a couple of versions of this, one by a ‘Sandy C.’ and one by a ‘Becky Bell’, but the basic set up is the same.

Each of these obviously fabricated women has a ‘blog’ with just one story on it which turns out to be the inspirational story of how each of them stumbled upon the wonderful ruse of using two ‘free’ trial products simultaneously to whiten their teeth.

Each ‘blog’ is littered with a trail of gratified clones all clamouring to shout that this ‘really works’ so as to convince the unwary reader of each site’s legitimacy. Likewise, both blogs use the logos of prominent news organisations to make readers think that these sites are more legit than they actually are.

So far, so suspicious. Each of the blog supplies ‘promo codes’ so you can get your own ‘free’ samples. The point is obvious. You are supposed to think ‘what have I got to lose?’

The sad fact is you can potentially lose quite a lot. Like the acai berry scams, these teeth whitening scams are based on the idea that anyone who thinks that this looks like a good deal is probably not savvy enough to read the terms and conditions attached.

All of these scams work on the following basis:

- You sign up for two products and only pay a minimal amount for postage.

- After a set period of time (usually 14/15 days) if you haven’t cancelled they will take a set amount from your account (anything up to $80). They will keep taking money on a monthly basis until you cancel your order. They will usually mention this in the small print, but they’re banking on you being too stupid to notice this.

- They make it difficult or impossible to cancel. They do this by making it hard to find a contact number, by making you wait on hold for ages, by putting you through to someone who doesn’t speak intelligible English or by just flat-out ignoring you.

The really smart thing about this scam is that they get you twice for two ‘different’ products which means they sell twice as many of their scam products and make it twice as difficult to cancel.

There are plenty of ways to get whiter teeth, but folks the sad fact is there are (probably) no easy or cheap ways. Please don’t let these scam artists make a fool out of you. And if you have been caught out by this, then please do yourself a favour and cancel your credit card, because they will keep on taking money from you for as long as they can.


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    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Thanks for bringing this scam to light. Although at my age I trust few people these days lol

    • profile image

      Maureen 7 years ago

      you are 100% right on the money (no pun). I too fell for the "Single college student mother of two finds the secret for whiter teeth for under 5.00 dollars" and the two promotional codes that indeed allowed me to get two "trial" products for $3.00. That said, I haven't received a single product and I just spent two hours of my unemployed morning canceling two products on one of the two "trial offers".

      Not only does "Dazzle white" or "sparkle white" and "premium white" charge you 87.98 for a month of the "trial" BEFORE you've received any product, they also add a "free" subscription to some fitness entity (online of course) and I'm sure a myriad of other "companies". While trying to cancel online, I was informed that I'd still be charged the 87.98 if I didn't return the product within the 14 day trial.

      Here is the BEST part: they establish a date 21 days from the order date to bill you and assume you will receive the product(s) within 7 days have 14 days to use them and if you don't call, that initial date sticks even if you never received the products! AND it's completely legal.

      I will be filing scam reports on and with the BBB. I'm usually the first one to spot a scam however, I figure I can cancel during the trial period and you are again 100% right - they make it nearly impossible to do so. I will be disputing all charges from all of these people for the balance of my day.

      Thank you for posting this!

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Ethel, thanks a lot for your comment, I'm pretty paranoid myself!

      Maureen, really sorry to hear your story but thanks a lot for posting your experiences. It's unbelievable what these scammers get away with. Best of luck getting your money back.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Thanks for share this information. nice hub. We have to avoid this type of scam.

    • iskra1916 profile image

      iskra1916 7 years ago from Belfast, Ireland.

      Many thanks for this information !

      I have seen a lot of these ads recently though thankfully I am a poor subject for internet scams.I usually operate on the commonsense premise that anything advertised as 'secret' or 'quick' methods of doing anything are probably too good to be true.Coupled with the fact that i live in almost permanent pauperism, i usually don't take any

      Any product with a bleaching agent is sure to do permanent damage to the tooth's enamel I would imagine.

      Thanks again for highlighting this scam, hubs like this which cut through the bullsh*t are a much welcomed public service for us hubbers !

      Maith thu !

    • profile image

      Thankful 7 years ago

      Thanks...was told about a great whitening offer by a friend, and when I googled Becky Bell your info came up...Thanks so much..I was ready to give up my CC #

      You R an angel


    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comments guys.

      J, I'm really glad to hear this hub stopped you from wasting your hard-earned money.

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 7 years ago from UK

      I am so glad you have written this hub. I came across this a few months back, and nearly applied, as I had read the blog you speak of. For some reason I was very wary and did not follow through with the dazzle white. Glad I never now as since this time I have read several reviews, like yours, stating the same thing.

    • profile image

      Paros 451 7 years ago

      I really hate all of the ads I see on almost every web page these days, but it doesn't change the fact that it is still a "buyer beware" world.

      Scams have been run since the dawn of time and they always will. There is no such thing as trial period products on the internet or on an infomercial. It is guaranteed that if you give one of these fraudulent companies your credit card number they WILL squeeze money out of you in some scummy way.

      The really sad thing is, that enough people actually fall for these scams, that the fraudulent companies are still able to buy infomercial time, banner ad space, etc. to keep ripping people off.

      The networks and webmasters are also to blame. I know that it takes money to host things and keep a television station alive, but it doesn't change the fact that those people are providing the medium for which the scammers use to take your money. In some ways this is worse!

      Just be careful and most importantly do the slightest amount of research before buying any product or investing in anything.

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Helen thanks for your comment, you were definitely right to be wary!

      Paros, thanks for commenting. I agree people need to be more careful. You can't afford to give your card details away to anyone without doing your research first.

      I also note that this hub has attracted the attention of the scammers themselves! I'm going to leave Sherry's post up for the time being just in case the cancellation number actually works.

      Since customer service is your 'number one priority', I'd like to know how you plan on reimbursing customers who have been ripped off by your small print?

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      I've come across scams like this as well luckily for me when I place the order I make sure to put the shipping amount on a separate debit card, it goes through and i don't have to worry about them charging my credit cards. I have come across other scams as well with online clothing stores that i talk about in my hubs.

    • profile image

      tnderhrt23 7 years ago

      Knowledge IS power! Every time i saw that add about a mom and her simple discovery, I wondered...and was tempted, I hate to admit...wonders no more! Great job!

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Brandon, thanks for your comment, glad to see you've found a way to outwit the scammers!

      tnderhrt23, thanks for stopping by and commenting. There's no shame in being tempted, it's part of human nature to want things to come easily, unfortunately the scammers know this and use it to their advantage. Glad this hub has been useful to you!

    • mammakerr profile image

      mammakerr 7 years ago from Scotland, UK

      Thanks for posting this. You have just confirmed what I already suspected - that this was just a scam!

      Having been stung in the past for being charged for products/services I no longer want, I now avoid submitting CC details for 'FREEBIES'.

      I am now put off purchasing anything with an auto-order. I would prefer to be invoiced first!

      I've actually just signed up to HP today, and I've already seen the tooth whitening ad on a couple of the Hub Pages I've visited!

    • Sage Knowles profile image

      Sage Knowles 7 years ago

      Thanks for the research, what I don't understand is how they get so much good advertising space. You see their ads everywhere all the time!

    • profile image

      Guest 7 years ago

      Brandon, when you give them your DEBIT card, you are risking the money in your bank account.

      With a credit card, the money charged is the card issuer's money - you didn't pay your credit card bill yet and you can dispute the amount; however, when they charge your DEBIT card, YOUR money is gone. Very difficult to get your money back.

    • profile image

      Alan Paterson 7 years ago

      I was slightly worried about this when I went to a webiste that obviously picked up the info of where I live and dropped it into the article... a real rookie mistake that would get anyone thinking something's wrong. Also we don't say 'mom' or 'elementary school' in New Zealand.

      Scammer are getting clever, but clearly not all that clever.

    • profile image

      Fiona  7 years ago

      There is also one that I know of called "SheerCover".. I'm sure a lot of you would have heard of it as they have infomercials all the time on TV. They look legitimate and offer a trial pack for only $20 or something like that, it seems like a great deal and product but they don't tell you that they keep your credit card details and secretly charging you monthly fees of fifty-something dollars so they can "replenish your supply" every 3 months. I had no idea although i used my debit card, until I needed to make a particular payment and noticed my balance was in DEBT when it should have had at least $50 in there, so I called and some indian girl told me that unless I personally called to cancel, they would keep the direct debit charges up. Of course I cancelled then and there. In the end you could say that all it cost me was about $200 to wisen up a little bit more. :) thank you, Guthy Renker!!!

    • profile image

      mina 7 years ago

      I'm really glad I read this , because I was just abit to purchase those two products until I looked around the website and saw how " dodgey " it was . Thanks again ~

    • profile image

      Scammed in Florida 7 years ago

      Had a similar and B A D experience with these bums. Wouldn't give a credit on Credit Card, only said they it was canceled, didn't give a way to return the product, started charging for other unordered services, and to resolve this, I finally had to cancel the Credit Card after contesting the charges, as the charges kept coming. These folks are located outside the US of A.. their bank is so they can avoid the US laws governing commerce.

      Avoid all teeth whiteners on the web.. they will scam you ~

      Scammed in Florida

    • profile image

      becca 7 years ago


    • profile image

      DRH 7 years ago

      Scammed in Florida again !!! These people are outrageous. I have been trying to cancel also but they keep changing the company name so they cannot be traced. I had to cancel my card and account and start over in order to thwart their charges ( all charges included an off-shore charge ). These companies are devious. Spread the word !!!

    • profile image

      AlwaysSuspicious 7 years ago

      I searched the name "Becky Bell" and ended up here. It sure sounds good, doesn't it? The fact that I even used my time to investigate this claim instead of ignoring it outright speaks volumes as to the allure of the scam. That said, however, I did see some warning signs along the way. I thought it might serve the common interest to share them.

      1. The story claimed that a major discovery had been made by a woman in, if you can believe it, my hometown. I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Its a small town in a small country. Thats why nobody reading this will have heard of it. What are the odds she and I could be neighbours? About the same as those of a perfect teeth whitening costing 5 dollars.

      2. In the "news story" "comments" section, the content was too clean and edited to be legitimate. All the usernames of other "posters" where spelled perfectly. The grammar and punctuation in the comments were also flawless. This is a sure sign of BS. Only college English profs care about this. Anyone who has used youtube knows what a legit comments section looks like. It's messy, full of misspellings and littered with slang. Also, NOBODY enters their username as a perfectly spelled name with proper capitalization. Nobody calls himself "Robert", it always "robbieD243" or something like that. Every fake poster's name was a traditional caucasian first name spelled perfectly and starting with a capital letter. Give me a break! I knew it was BS once I noticed this. But I wanted proof. That's how I found this page.

      3. The internet address was a sham. The "news source" that "ran the story" of my genius neighbor had a web address like this:

      Curious, I decided to check "legitsoundingpublication" out. So I deleted the end so that only this was left in my address bar was: and then hit enter. This should take the user to the mainpage of the publication. Instead, it just auto-looped my browser back to the original scam "new story" page, I was already viewing.

      4. There where icons of large TV networks above the site. This is like the above "username" dead giveaway. Its just lazy. Anyone can post a downloaded picture on the internet. When scammers do this they are using the respective TV netowrk's own media image for themselves, hijacking them for their own purposes. There is something psychologically comforting about seeing those familiar logos atop the fake news story. This is evidence of the power of advertising itself. Familiarity illicits comfort.

      5. The TV networks icons were not hotlinked. Any story featured on a primetime investigative magazine would have a cooresponding page on the offical website of that TV netwok or newsbroadcasting site. There are no links because there are no features pertaining to this product.

      6. No author's credits on "independent reviews" of the products when I searched them. The first site that showed up when I searched "Ivory White reviews" appeared to be a legitimate site called It did have a homepage and other articles, but a cursory scan of the article I had opened appeared to be little more than an advertisement mascarading as an independent review. A further investiagtion found similar pages of "reviews" all advocating other products, often with the exact same verbiage or wording. Whomever is running these scams has put some time and effort into this. Though there are dozens of products wholeheartedly endorsed on this site, so Ill someone is making a lot of money with a lot of scams, all of which work similarly.

      6. It claimed to be a secret. We live in a culture dominated by mass media and effortless acces to communication of all types. I mean, Tiger woods has been having an affair and how the entire world knows it. There are no longer any secrets. If 2 combined teeth whitening products were this effective, they wouldn't be cheap and they wouldn't rely on viral marketting for sales. They'd be on gunthy-renker by now. You can't keep secrets that are immensely lucrative.

      7. Professional before and after photos. No way an at-home-mom was able to take perfectly clear, perfectly lit photos of her own mouth. The lighting alone would require several hours and a professional.

      And finally, the most telltale sign of all:

      They want your credit card.

      No free sameples. No paypal.

      No way.

      The purpose of samples is to allow a consumer to discover a product or service's value firsthand. It's putting the product to the test. If a product has value, that is to say people who try it love it, they'll be back. As a seller, you need not worry about finding customers, if comsumers discover a product to be valuable, they'll find YOU. The only reason to require a commitment (in this case a cc #,) is a lack of confidence in one's own product, or the knowledge that there IS no product.

      I don't know how many people read these boards, but I have posted this information in the hope that somebody, somewhere will find it helpful and aviod being ripped off. Clearly by the ease at which I was able to find ample evidence of BS before stumbling across this page, scammers are playing a numbers game- they know that very few people will actually surrender their CC #s, but they know that there is always that few who are determined to believe in something too good to be true, and are willing to risk their hard-earned money in hope of finding it. The reality is that anything that is worth something costs something. Nothing is free, except BS. I hope more people take the time to investigate these claims before they spend their money, and I applaud the moderators of web pages like this that try to prevent it.


    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Hi all, it's been a while since I've last checked this page, which has been quietly garnering a lot of views. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has commented, especially those who have taken the time to share their stories as a warning to others. Special thanks to Always Suspicious for posting a highly detailed dissection of why these blogs stand out as fake.

      These scammers are playing a numbers game. If enough people view their ads then even if only a small percentage sign up for the bogus 'free trial' they will make enough to make it worthwhile. All of the smoke and mirrors they use is to help convert you from somebody who will look at the page and decide not to risk the 'trial' to someone who thinks 'what have I got to lose?'

      If you've been scammed by these people please share your stories here, they give a lot of weight to what I've posted. Also, if anyone spots these blogs using different names for the 'single mom' then please let me know and I'll add this to the list of keywords on the side so that anyone who's trying to check if this is a scam will have a better chance of finding this page. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Freddy 7 years ago

      I too got ripped off by the scam. Now I'm especially worried about what some people say about giving out your personal info and signing you up to other product & companies. Can anyone explain more?

      To me, what really pisses me off is they give you a time limit of 5 minutes to fill everything in order to get the "Free" price. In 5 minutes does not give you the time to read the 8-10 pages long agreement, in fact, it hardly even gives you time to look all the way down the page.

      I have to admit this experience was a first to me. Never been scammed before, but this is really upsetting me on how I was manipulated with marketing strategies

    • profile image

      Destry 7 years ago

      I was ripped off by this scam. I didn’t read the fine print. I was charged $85.00 twice. I had to return the product with Insurance and tracking number to prove it was delivered back to them. It took me almost two months to get my money refunded. I feel so stupid for falling for this in the first place and not reading the fine print I feel like a complete imbecile.

    • profile image

      Debra Burden 7 years ago use this site to report the dazzle white or sparkle white companies for the thefts that have occurred with these products

    • profile image

      louise 7 years ago

      i was literally just about to buy this and then i read the small print. not only do they charge you extra money but at the botton it says that none of the people are real including the comments.i found it funny because each time i read the story it was a different person :s

    • profile image

      louise 7 years ago

      i wonder does it actually whiten your teeth though?!lol

    • profile image

      flyingmonkey 7 years ago

      Is the only way to cancel your subscriptions to these products to cancel your credit card?!

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      flyingmonkey, I understand that some people have been able to cancel via the phone line but this is pretty difficult due to the tactics that they use to prevent people from cancelling.

      The spammers themselves have tried to post the following numbers for cancelling trials:

      866-528-6214 for premium ultra white

      888-948-5508 for dazzle smile pro

      Please bear in mind that I have no idea whether these actually work. You can try and give these a go but please be aware that it may be very difficult to get through and others have reported that the scammers have taken arbitrary payments from them even after cancellation. Cancelling your card may not be very convenient but it is the best way to safeguard your money.

    • profile image

      Will 7 years ago

      If it weren't for me playing poker all night till the crack of dawn and then seeing headline on my windows sidebar news gadget about an MSNBC article discussing Car Sales for this year as I was ready to shutdown the PC for the night, I would have never clicked on that little tiny add called "A Mom's White Teeth Trick" on the right hand side of the Car Sales article. Well, needless to say, I clicked it. Christ, I new I should have went to sleep earlier. I'm usually more alert with these types of scams. Lack of sleep and my unwillingness (at that moment) to research further is what this lead to.

      Nevertheless, I read the 'so-called-article' about Amy, yes this one is about Amy. I was convinced (most likely because i'm reaching nearly 19 hours with no sleep) after reading all the testimonials. I orded OrthoWhite and EverBright Smiles (bright should be my middle name) and felt, well, ok about it - at first. I had used my debit card and decided to check my bank account to see if anything had been charged yet. Yeap, $1.00 from OrthoWhite but nothing from EverBright. No confirmation e-mail's from either of the companies. Which I found a tad strange but didn't think to much of it. As i'm closing my all my browser tabs I land back to the MSNBC car article and I took a look again at the link for the teeth whitening so called article and noticed that it was listed under Sponsored Links. Usually Google Ad's via Adsense. Silly me, I didn't notice that before. Even worse, there was a second link for a teeth whitening article two links under the initial one I clicked and guess what, this article was about Ashley, sweet! Now I knew for sure I was scammed. I eventually found my way to this website when I did a 'teeth whitening scams' search and I'm glad that I did - IN TIME.

      I've read through each any every one of these posts, but not before I called my bank a few minutes ago and reported my card lost/stolen (a.k.r. i don't want it anymore, cancel it and toss it, give me a new one I did something stupid and got scammed) because ummm, I can't have anyone laughing at me this early in the morning. All in all, I lost $1.00 and a couple hours of well needed sleep.

      So to all, beware.

      Will in Brooklyn, NY

    • profile image

      Jamie 7 years ago

      If you fall victim to this scam, replace your credit card with a new number, refuse all deliveries (make sure the PO scans in the returned package), dispute the charges with your CC company and, for fun, file a complaint with the BBB on both companies. I got every penny back and they lost out on the shipping. Yes, my time is more valuable, but they will continue to make money if people don't fight back.

    • profile image

      rachel mialaret 7 years ago

      what gave it away for me is the fact "becky Bell" (from Adelaide south australia) was smiling with her white teeth in a obviously northern Hemisphere environment, complete with snow capped pine trees!!!!

    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      Do the products work at least ? ..

    • profile image

      Jimmy 7 years ago

      To be honest if the credit card company does not back you, you should cancel the card and change companies.

    • profile image

      Chanel (yes like the brand) 7 years ago

      Sorry in advance because this is long……….

      I seen a link @ the bottom of an AOL page and clicked on it. It was just a blue link that said “a mom found 2 cheap ways to whiten her teeth”. I looked at the page and it looked credible because it had all of the major news logos on it. So I wound up buying Vibrant Smile and Celebrity Teeth.

      The add had these codes so that you only pay for shipping and handling and both came out to be $3(which the article stated). I placed my order on January 12 and they had initially charged me for 1.95 and the other company for .99 but they only appeared as holds but then disappeared..... On the 15 they charged me for $126.42 which overdrew my account (it had not gone through, but was a hold). So I guess I was kinda lucky. Anyway..........

      After I looked at my bank account on the 16th I flipped. I immediately called the company to see what Health and Beauty was. He didn’t know. So I called Vibrant Smile first and found out that they were the ones who charged me the money. I asked for a refund. They told me NO because it was after three days. I kept asking and they kept reading me the same BS statement. I also found it weird that I always talked to the same woman each time I called. I finally talked to another woman and she told me that same thing. I even asked to speak to a supervisor but they refused, one lady even hung up on me. I thought to myself that it was my fault… I should’ve read. Then @ about 3 in the morning as I was researching I found out that many other people have had the same problem and it’s a scam. I was sooooooo relieved.

      The next day my mom and I (I’m only 18 lol) called the people to cancel my stuff and try to get my money back. We tried sooooo hard but they wouldn’t budge. We even found an inconsistency in their terms and conditions. On one page it says 3 days and on another after you sign in to the membership it says “14(35) day agreement”. We told the lady and she said that it would change soon. They never upheld their own terms and conditions that they kept throwing at us, even after we pointed out that it had inconsistencies. So we left them alone for the day. (We also printed things for reference).

      Ever since then I have been reading on line and seeing what other people have done. If you haven’t done so, try to because it helps.

      On the 19th I placed a complaint with the FTC and BBB. My next step was the attorneys general office but I decided to call the bank. I talked to the lady about my account and she put me over to the disputes area. So I told the woman working with the dispute claims what happened and she called the people. (Anytime someone makes a charge they leave a number with it.) The first number she called was some 877 number (which I have always seen 866 and 888 numbers for them). The dispute lady put me on three-way with the guy because he needed more information. The guy was like they did not have me on record and that they do not associate with Health&Beauty, which is what the charge came up as. He also said that it is a scam that they are looking into and if I send a statement, when they get something, they will get back with me. I asked what number she called and she told me an 877 one so I gave her the one I had. So she called and this guy and he needed more information. Once again we were in a three way. He tried to lie and say that I’m not in the system…. She was like “you can charge her $126 but she isn’t in the system”. So he asked for the last 8 digits on my debit card. Then he miraculously found me lol. So the lady told him that I wanted to cancel and that I wanted my money back. He tried to say something that didn’t make sense. So she asked how long the trial was and he said 14. Then she was told him” but it’s only the 19th and you charged her already.” He asked “are you from her bank” and she said “yes... I’m from Wachovia”. He said “hold on…..” Then after about a minute…….he hung up without saying anything else. So she filed a dispute report for fraud and my money was given back to me while it’s investigated.

      WHEWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m finally done lol. Sorry for the long story :(

    • profile image

      Richard 7 years ago

      Does any have a contact number for these dicks?im going to hunt them down and punch the owner of the company straight in the face,Please someone give me the details

    • profile image

      Magdalena 7 years ago

      I too fell a victim of that scam. I'm lucky to have a partner who isn't as naïve and stupid as I had been. When I told him about the product I bought he immidiately recognized it as a scam before I had a chance to buy the second one. I called my credit card provider and cancelled it straight away. If you fell victim to a scam do not bother to cancell your order which is boarding impossible, just get on the phone and cancell your card before they get a chance to proceed yet another payment.

    • profile image

      Diane 7 years ago

      Yes, I was very suspicious. Becky Bell from Tintenbar?? Thats just up the road and a tiny little village. Their add says she is an elementary school teacher. Well she's obviously not Australian because Australians don't use the term 'elementary' school, it doesn't snow in Tintenbar, and there is no-one in the local phone book with the surname of Bell!!

      I have posted these irregularities on their Comments page, but no doubt they will not be posted.

      Also, I too were suspicious when you could not just buy these products outright through (for example) Paypal.

    • profile image

      Bob jones 7 years ago

      I saw the "teeth advertisement" before and clicked on it to check it out. Luckily I looked at the comments and immediantly noticed it was a scam. The fact that everyones punctuation was perfect was an instant give-away. And the fact that the comments box was closed due to spam. Typical eh?.

      I don't really ever get scammed but I feel sorry for whoever did. I've seen an advertisement like this called "how to get ripped in 30 days", its complete BS. I've also seen one about working for google in the same format as the teeth one. Haha, scammers suck. They could at least take a bit more time to make it seem more legible.

      How ironic that the teeth whitening advertisement's on this page!.

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      It's been a while since I last checked this page but just to say thanks for all the comments and stories! Unfortunately Bob, I can't choose the ads that appear on this page (that's down to Google and Hubpages) but at least now you know not to click on them, right? :)

    • profile image

      Frank 7 years ago

      Becky Bell is also from Windsor, Ontario Canada. She might be an elementary school teacher but when I looked under all of the "Bell's" in the local school boards addresses, surprise, she wasn't listed. I know that I am a school teacher but not so sure about "Becky Bell" from Windsor... lol Thanks for the info! Almost fell for it too!

    • profile image

      Susan 7 years ago

      I fell for the scam...kind of.. i ordered the celebrity white teeth first but didn't have a visa card to order the second(the end of jan. 2010). Then when I went back to order the second (after i bookmarked the site) it was a different product. That is when i got curious and found this site. I immediately cancelled my order today (2/9/10). I have a cancellation number and i wrote down the date under it...hopefully i don't get charged anymore :/

    • profile image

      Susan 7 years ago

      I was looking at the bottom of the page after i posted my last comment. I have used Opalescence and it works but i got it from my aunt who is a dental Hygenist. I know for a fact it is WAY more expensive than $16.95...hmm

    • profile image

      Sylvia 7 years ago

      I too fell a victim of the scam. I ordered the celebrity white teeth first but was not able to order white ice. So I googled the name "Becky Bell"(From Fresno California) and ended up here thank God I did. I immediately called and canceled my credit card hopefully I don’t get charged. Thanks for all the information this site has been very helpful.

    • profile image

      jed41 7 years ago

      Thanks for the post warning about this scam. I filled out the details on one and then decided to have a look at the other site before making any commitment. I noticed that they both looked pretty similar which seemed odd and for once looked at the small print. It was enough to prompt me to look for scam reports. Thankfully I didn't submit anything. Good post.

    • profile image

      Rufus 7 years ago

      I just love the fact that there's always a nice picture telling me it's currently sunny with clouds at 95 degrees. Oh and right at the bottom of the page...


      Both that and the fact that the comments will apparently be back soon after closing down after only 10 or so comments (all perfectly punctuated and very polite) and it's about 10 months one.

      I'd just like someone to explain to me how they can advertise that it was on CNN and NBC and all those companies when it clearly then states...

      "We are not affiliated in any way with CNN, WebTV, News Channel 7, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, U.S. News or FOX. CNN, WebTV, News Channel 7, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, U.S. News and FOX are all registered trademarks of their respective owners. ® All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners. The authors of this web site are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the third-party trade mark or third-party registered trade mark owners, and make no representations about them, their owners, their products or services."

      Basically, I'm sorry, But wow. I'm actually tempted to do a scam of my own because the amount of effort gone into this must have been pathetic!

    • profile image

      Rufus 7 years ago

      Oh, sorry for this. I just have to add. The fact that every variation of this "Blog" has "Advertisement" written at the top and if you try to close the page you're met with a big sign saying "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" And a massive paragraph saying how you should stay on it.

      If they make it impossible to leave the webpage, how is anyone supposed to leave their services!?

      Sorry for that, my rant is now over =]

    • profile image

      wisergal 7 years ago

      I'm kicking myself for falling for this scam! The first thing you learn at university is how to analise a legit websit for referencing purposes.. I was wondering if the site was from Australia why did it end with .com rather than ?? Among the many other signs I was blinded by the prospect of getting white teeth for free. Hmm lesson learnt indeed!!

      Yesterday I cancelled my debit card which I gave out for the 2 teeth whitening products. was only charged shipping costs around $5 AUD. Thank gawd I found this website as I would be in for a nasty expensive surprise.

      I'm worried though if I should I cancel my account number too? I'm aware these scam artists sell off your private information. They have my mobile, address, email, and from my debit card details perhaps name of my bank I deal with.

      Does anyone know if cancelling your card is enough to get you out of this scam? Or do you have to cancel on the phone or make some sort of contact with them? I'm just worried despite a cancelled card they'll post invoices to me demanding payment of some kind.

      I've read all the posts here and am sorry to hear people payed more than the shipping costs. Wish I could report them to the ACCC but as the scammers aren't located in Australia (I looked back on the site and believe they're from cypress, Greece) us Ozzies consumers aren't protected and therefor can't do anything. I am not familiar with Greek laws but if these suckers are really from there I do hope they get caught out.

      Lastly to the people from this teeth whitening scam.... KARMA!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Lisuca 7 years ago

      The best part about this is.... the add we are talking about is posted at the top of this very discussion page..!!! HAHAHA!!! AND.. theres one about "one simple dieting trick" at the bottom...TOO funny!!

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 7 years ago

      Guys thanks a lot for all your comments, as always keep them coming in. Lisuca, it is certainly discouraging that these ads keep finding places on prominent and otherwise high-quality websites including hubpages - at least now you know what to avoid though!

    • profile image

      George in Canada 7 years ago

      Great site, many thanks. I haven't been taken and now won't. I searched for "teeh whitening scam" after seeing an advert that looked too good to be true. The sad thing is that I saw the advertisement on, a place where you go to find out about urban legends and ... scams!

    • profile image

      NeverForget 7 years ago

      These "free trials" cost me two days of epic stress and (luckily, only) 22 pounds. When I received the second sample, I decided to google the way of combining the products (how could I have believed it in the first place?) and came across all the scam websites. Today the first thing I did was cancel my debit card so that no more payments go through. I also managed to claim back 26 pounds I was charged for some unknown service not even related to this teeth stuff, describing it is unauthorised payment. Things could have been a lot worse... I'm never gonna trust any offers on the Internet again.

    • profile image

      alessonlearned 7 years ago

      I too bought both whitening products. My credit card company told me to return the products, mail the receipt from the post office to the credit card company and my money would be refunded. I also had to dispute both products with the credit card company.

    • profile image

      jimbo 7 years ago

      well unfortunate for me i couldn't be bovered to read the terms, lazyness has cost me 236.00 for two products that don't even work..but i do suffer from ocd which tends to dominate mind and stop me thinging clearly sometimes..but i im trying to get a refund with my credit card company..these scam firms are so amoral

    • profile image

      Alan from Manchester uk 7 years ago

      Seen the adverts thought about it, but remembered what my father always said "if it looks to good to be true it probably is" you just confirmed good advice thank you

    • profile image

      daddyhaddy 7 years ago

      if you read the very bottom of the ad, it says: Whitener 2010 is not affiliated nor endorsed by CNBC, USA TODAY,

      CNN, ABC, MSN, ADA, and all the celebrities featured on this page.

    • profile image

      Julia 7 years ago

      i have just made this stupid mistake and feel like an idiot. can anyone confirm that once they cancelled their card this stopped the payments from going out? i just made the order now.

    • profile image

      lou 7 years ago

      Does anyone know that if you do get through and cancel the order that this has happened or id this not real either?

    • profile image

      Will (2nd post) 7 years ago

      To Julia and any one else wondering that if you cancel your credit/debit card after ordering these products if you will still get charged,.. the answer is NO. Thankfully after making the same mistake, and now two months later after cancelling my debit card and receiving a new one I have not incurred charges. The only charge I incurred was for $1.

      To anyone else that falls victim to see and views this website, I employ you to IMMEDIATELY CANCEL your credit/debit card. I certainly would not bother with trying to cancel my order directly with the teeth whitening scum companies. Report your card lost/stolen and need a replacement - very simple to do.

      Take care and happy smart shopping to all of us next time,


    • profile image

      KT310 7 years ago

      I am soooo glad that I took a few seconds to research the article before I actually went to the websites to order my free trials. Thank God for the internet where people can post their experiences so others don't follow their footsteps, and thank God for the people who take the time to warn others! You just saved me from getting scammed like so many others unfortunately have.

    • profile image

      ValerieMallory 7 years ago

      Ok I'm not alone, but I still feel stupid >:( Luckily (HA! Yeah, after paying $149.95) I only ordered the one part from Yeah, I believed I'd only get charged the $1 s&h. Some added a charge to my account too. I was pissed. I just received the junk last week in the mail. I'm thinking 14 days of trying it out...I check my bank acct daily because I'm paranoid...and I see this 150 charge! What the flip?!!! So I open the package finally and call the 800#. The csr is condescending and foreign. I didn't authorize the charge which turned out to be an annual membership fee...the 2nd csr said I'd ordered "one months supply..." the 3rd person claimed to be a supervisor, but I know how this works-I worked in a call center before. There is no corporate contact info. Important information is missing from the contact and contract terms. Anyhoo I'm recording the calls now and saving all online correspondence I make. I'm filing a claim with the BBB. I've got dates and so-called csr id's. My debit card was canceled. I'm going to fight until I get my money back! I'm sure this isn't the last I've had to deal with this. NEVER AGAIN! One thing that I feel very strongly about that nobody's mentioned yet...

      Can we say TERRORISM funding!!!! and Identity theft!!!!

    • profile image

      Todd 7 years ago

      I fell for the scam also and spent most of the afternoon trying to deal with it! The product(s) did not work but the real shock was when I opened my credit card statement today and found the $277.42 in charges. I can't believe I fell for this, I can't afford it. The people who concocted this scam should be jailed and made to pay restitution to it's victim's.

    • profile image

      Iggy Hanks 7 years ago

      I got taken. My VISA bill shows 3 orders when I ordered only ordered only 2 trial offers. I phoned VISA 4 times wanting to stop the $98.98 charge from one of the companies. 3 times VISA told me it was my fault and they were not going to help me. I phoned one of the tooth whitening companies and the lady would not cancel further billings. On the 4th call VISA suggested cancelling my card and issuing a new card numbere. They said that the $98.98 bill was a fraud. One of the companies must have given my VISA # to a company in Germany and VISA considered that to be fraud as well. I will never order anything online again using my credit card.

    • profile image

      Sharon 7 years ago

      I wanted to take the time to highight what could be similar health scams. I got caught out with white teath scam and am now $350 worse off as a result of it.

      I admit I did not take the time to read everything before ordering but then I was drawn in by the author and was off guard as they had misleadingly gained a little trust.

      There is a lot of time and effort went into the article (well scam) and similar ones (I found another article by the same author written on scabies - it goes to this link that offer cost effective solutions to everyday health issues.

      They all seem to recommend using 2 products together in order to get the wanted results. Having spent a couple of hours following links etc... not only are suppliers unreasonable charging for a product without notifying you that you should cancel if you do not want to be charged over and above what you have expected.

      BUT because most of these products are sold online via affiliate links we have started to see scum taking advantage of people who like a bargain by pre-selling a product in an article and promoting the free-trial (with not a mention of the cancellation period) because they will get commission on all purchases made.

      I guess this kind of scam is only going to get more frequent so we need to be careful and be sure to read terms and conditions. If something seems to good to be true then it probably is.

      Oh the author that conned me

    • profile image

      Elsa 7 years ago

      Does anyone still have the #s to cancel the product??? I cant find them anywhere - not even the package where my 'free' samples came in!!!

    • profile image

      lorraine84 7 years ago

      i fell for the scam also, my bank have not been helpful at all, when i contacted them to cancell and stop pending payments they said it cant be done as I gave them my details, they said they had thousands of call like this a few months back and that my details have most likely been passed on to other companies. I am angry with myself for doing this how stupid!!!

      my bank said i had to phone the company myself before they would help. i phoned one of the companies but was left on hold and the person i was speaking to could not speak english very well therefore keeping me on the line for about ten mins, i was told the my membership was cancelled and i asked for conformation of this but am still waiting on this.

      i hope we learn from our costly mistakes.

    • profile image

      marina 7 years ago

      SUCH A SCAM! I wish I would have googled this before I even bought it! I got by from the testimonials! I called and cancelled and said that they never got my cancellation. I looked at my account and got sucker charged for 169+. and "customer service" couldn't connect me to ANYONE! not another person or a manager! SUCH RIP OFF! DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!

    • profile image

      Melanie 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Kent Marshall 7 years ago

      I, to was victimized by this type of deal. I followed the links in article to the subscriber pages. I then filled in the information required. The next day I thought to call the companies and find out if by ordering the free trial product, was I automatically being enrolled in anything that would cost me money. They both said yes. I then asked to have my subsciption cancelled. They tried to talk me into keeping the subscription for the free trial period.If I cancelled within the trial period, I would not be charged. I said NO! Cancel my subscription NOW. My account was charged anyway. And they charged me twice. Everything that was mentioned about how hard they make it for anybody to get through to someone at the the company is true. I had to cancel my debit card i had used. And I am going to contact the state AG office. I think it can also be a Federal issue. Because was ordered over the internet between two States.

    • profile image

      Kent Marshall 7 years ago

      I, too was taken by this scam. Where can I go to file a complaint ?

    • profile image

      Brie T 7 years ago

      I can't believe all these comments!! I was just about to get up and get my CC to enter my details but thought let me just google first just to make sure and I'm so glad I did. Sorry to hear those people that have parted with their hard earned cash, surely these companies can be stopped it's such a rotten scam. Kent and others I hope oyu get your money back. maybe if you all complain together something might be done, power in numbers, good luck.

    • profile image

      N8N 7 years ago

      paypal offers a single use debit card generator that works well against these crooks and any of those other trial membership things

    • profile image

      Felicia Sam 7 years ago

      I READ the fine print and did what they requested to cancel. Didn't matter. They charged me 89.97 twice within a week and before the 'trial' ended. Then two other mysterious charges appeared in my acount. Bank gave me 'provisional' credit as they investigate.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Phew, I'm glad I did some research. I knew that was a hoax. Thanks pal'

    • profile image

      sleem 7 years ago

      i almost fell for this scam....

    • profile image

      Sally 7 years ago

      I was taken in by Celebrity White Teeth Advantage. My origi-nal shipment cost me $.99! And then boxes started coming every week. Finally I got a bank statement that charged me $169.95. So I called them at 877-503-1282 and spoke to 3 different people. They said had I canceled within 14 days, I would have gotten my money back. The page they directed me to, I had never seen before. It was not the original page I used that spoke of the $.99. This new page was a scam. However, I did reach people at the phone number listed above and also contacted them via email at They did give me a cancellation number, I have called my bank and put stop payments on this phone number and/or email address should either of these try to make additional charges. I would suggest these same things for you to do.

    • profile image

      Bigwillie103 7 years ago

      I want to whiten my teeth so that when I go to the dentist I don't get these weird and ugly faces looking at me like I live in a dumpster. But I don't want to be scAmmed like all these other people. What should I do. Proactive has scammed me before with the so called $"20.00" package. Don't want something like that to happen again

    • profile image

      Ryan 7 years ago

      I submitted a feedback comment to They use one of these ads. Now that's f*cked up

    • DentistWestPalm profile image

      DentistWestPalm 7 years ago from West Palm Beach

      Nice Hub Pseudonymous - I guess when they say, "where there is a will there is a way," it's very true. Especially when dental bills are so damn expensive, people are finding cheaper ways around it. Because everyone knows how important your smile is to your social life, therefore we have to have it same kind of way.

      Once again great subject to post on - Keep up the great work.

    • profile image

      Robin 7 years ago

      O I am furious! I just found out I have been charged over $150! Alpine White and Ever White are both scams!

      If you have been scammed be persistent in getting your money back. Alpine White just said they were going to reimburse me in 10-15 days.....We will see though.

    • profile image

      mad1 7 years ago

      BEWARE of these samples for teeth whitening !!! I get lured into one .. they wanted me to subscribe to keep getting the toothpaste. After you cancel.. then Surprise a company called IBUILDWEALTH sucks away $40 out of your credit card !!!!!! I had to put a block on it . They better get caught... think his name is Jesse Willms from Canada .

    • profile image

      Frances Tirinato 7 years ago

      Everwhite and Whiteblast are scams!!

    • profile image

      ilovegarick 7 years ago

      How I hate to admit that I thought sure, why not? I've got nothing to lose when I sent away for these two products. Luckily, I'm always aware to be very careful in releasing access to any debit or credit card accounts. Many credit-card and banking institutions may now offer special internet applications that will create a temporary number that can only be charged up to a certain limit. Luckily, I wasn't affected with any charges as the number I gave them was only allocated enough funds to cover the shipping/handling.

    • profile image

      Lenicia Rodriguez 6 years ago

      Hi just lastnight i purchased "CRYSTAL WHITES WHITENING KIT"

      & the same exact thing happened to me there was a lady in snow smiling with her pearly whites so i decided hey let me try this ! THE DUMBEST DECISION EVER ! i don't think i have been charged yet but i am very worried :/ if i cancel my credit card will everything be better ?

    • profile image

      lil mama 6 years ago

      This is all very true indeed.. i just had it happan to me this month. they are also rood when they tell you that flat out you should have read the terms and conditions. i took me 3 calls and i was so dissapointyed with their people skills. So not worth it. my checking account overdrew because of this last month. and i am a single mom whos 21, and i deffinatley did not need this..

    • profile image

      Frank 6 years ago

      I Just fell for the scam! It just makes you feel violated. I cancelled my credit card 10 minutes later. Is this the only thing I need to do to avoid getting charged from here on out?

    • profile image

      BelliniMartini 6 years ago

      The simplest way to whiten your teeth is usually in your cupboard. It's Baking Soda. You can use it on occasion, not daily. But with the abrasion of it, your teeth become lighter. Taste bad, but like I said it works.

    • profile image

      Annie 6 years ago

      Also fell for this scam. After many agonising hours of research, learned that Everbright is promoted by company Market Leverage. Details 701 International Parkway, Ste 200, LAke Mary, Florida, 32 746. Phone 1-888- M Leverage CI 888 653 8372. Local phone 407 268 7700; (866) 696 5435;888 653 8372.Email and

      EverBrite Smile (note difference in spelling) trades as premier whitening; dazzle white; whites pro. Affiliates to Dazzle White include elite pack;healthsmile; white smile; health life; dazzlewhite; pristinhealth; healthclins; cleanwhite.

      Searched to find everbright smiles/ everbrite teeth on internet. They do not exist! Difficult to trace as trade under different names.

      If been caught out by this and in UK can phone Dazzlewhite on 0808 1201 987. However not worth phoning. I did and was told they couldn't find me on the system, and they look up account by name/tele phone number, not address, and could not find me. Doesn't make sense cos how do they know where to send product? After 10 mins of going round in ciscles call handler Bridget told me she had to end call because length of time was talking to me. No result. I phoned back and call handler not happy, as I said I had it on good authority was same company but trading under different name. He then hung up in me, so obviously had been caught out!

      To stop payements leaving your acount I suggest you cancel your card straight away and close your account.

    • Pseudonymous profile image

      Pseudonymous 6 years ago

      Guys, thanks again for all your comments. Annie, that's some detective work! I'm going to add all of the brand names you mentioned to this page which hopefully might help a few more people avoid getting scammed.

    • profile image

      Mick 6 years ago

      I find it ironic that i visited this page [] and at the bottom there was a link to this page, the Becky Bell scam []

      I hope they get charged for clickthrough links, so if everyone who reads this page clicks on the link then EverBrite get charged and lose cash...

    • profile image

      Sonia 6 years ago

      Wow what a scam for sure. They just charged my account $127.70 which they will refund me when i send them back the product. Although they will charge me a restock fee of $38.00 so in other words what should have something cost me $2.00 just cost me $40.00 and a freaken headache!!

    • profile image

      mrfs 6 years ago

      I should have read this before I signed up. I fell for this scam. It was too good to be true but I went ahead and bought the 2 products. I got charged for the full amounts even before I got the products! They refunded my account which was surprisingly easy, no questions asked but it will take days or weeks to get the refund back! These 2 companies are definitely using people's money period. Even if it's $5/person - imagine the thousands of people that fall for this scam.

    • profile image

      Roy 6 years ago

      YES! I fell for this stupid product! I bought both kits, and tried it out. My teeth started hurting from the gell's that you put on your teeth, and it hurt drinking water or soda. I was a doop! also they charged me almost 90.00$ to my account. I had to call the bank to have the money refuned back to my account because I didn't give them permission to take it out of my account! Never, Never will I try this product again. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! someone should sue them!! one more info. the gell accidently got onto my finger, and it burned, felt like somone put a lighter to my finger. I can't believe I fell for this advertisement. I'm so angry!!!!

    • profile image

      Mike F. 6 years ago

      Always use a disposable prepaid VISA debit card (available at Wal-Mart) when doing business online!!! Never a problem if you follow that simple rule!! (Just don't recharge the debit card!!)

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      I too am a sucker! I bought in to the two products and did cancel one of them but the other one got me and my bank account. I should of never paid with a debit card!!! Stupid is as stupid does. They dinged me once and I sent the product back with a letter for refund. They just dinged me again for nothing! I had to cancel my debit card! I have a BBB complaint on file... hope it works!

    • profile image

      Bill B 6 years ago

      I saw the "ad" and I have a friend that wants some whitening so I thought I would get it for her. I placed the order for the first product and mostly by accident saw the "scam" comments before ordering the second. I never received the product later was charged $62.50 (May) on my credit card. I called the phone number but no answer. The next month another $62.50 charge (June) but with a different phone number. I called and got a live person that agreed to refund the June charge and in fact did but would not refund the May charge. I am disputing the charge with Discover Card. DON'T EVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET.

    • profile image

      TK 6 years ago

      July 13, 2010

      On May 1, 2010 I saw a Facebook ad about a homemaker in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada (I'm from Vancouver) that states the woman has discovered the secret to dazzlingly white teeth at home. I was intrigued because all the other teeth whitening products cause sensitivity so I clicked on the link. It led me to a website that offered a free trial for two whitening products (the "secret" is that you have to use the two products together) and I was supposed to pay the shipping and handling fee of approximately $5 so I gave them my credit card information and clicked on "okay".

      I received the two free trials with no paperwork at all and thought little more of it until I noticed a credit card charge of $87.47 US on my credit card go through with the notation EVERWHITEKIT8888692674 PANAMA dated May 14, 2010 and EZIDEBIT PAYMENT TECH MILTON $195.44 AUD also on May 14, 2010. (The second charge I didn't notice until today.) I realized I had been scammed and that they had sent me the full kit which I eventually received and thought..."lesson learned". There wasn't even close to enough time to use the product and determine if it was useful given the shipping time and that it takes at least 7 days of use. Then on June 11, 2010 another charge appeared for $82.47 US from DAZLINGBRITE8667778751 PANAMA and I thought, "okay...the second company has sent me the full kit also." When I realized today that I hadn't received the second kit I logged on to my Royal Bank account to see what I could do about a product that hasn't been received and noticed yet another amount of $87.47 US has gone through July 7, 2010 from Dazlingbrite8667778751 Panama so I contacted my credit card to see what I could do about it. They've told me there is nothing they can do until I can show them that I have cancelled my membership with the company. They can't even seem to be able to protect me from any future charges going through. (They also said that Everwhite and DazlingBrite are the same company.) The 866-777-8751 does not work and I cannot find a website for this company. I ended up getting linked to some poor woman in Ontario who runs a home jewellery business who gets all of their angry calls including from attorneys. She suggested the only thing I can do is cancel my credit card.

      So I finally was able to contact Joy at 888-869-2674 to tell her I that I didn't want the product, I want to cancel my membership, and that I need her e-mail address. She said she can only offer me a $20 refund. She said she can see that there are two orders pending. In other words, they aren't even bothering to ship the product they are billing me for and they're already billing me for the next month's teeth whitening kit. She said she has just e-mailed me a cancellation e-mail and that she doesn't have an e-mail address to give me. I did not receive the e-mail that she assured me she had sent but while speaking to her, I got the mailing address of: 2609 N 29th Ave, Hollywood, FA, 33020 Also, at some point she restated that the $20 refund was actually a DISCOUNT on the NEXT months "membership fee". She also gave me another phone number. 1-800-440-4397

      I've done some research on-line and there are pages and pages of complaints and misery. From what I can determine this is XM Labs, LLC, 3609 N. 29th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida, 33020 and according to this link.... they are also running a $139.95 unauthorized billing scam for acai berry and regimex. Needless to say, I wouldn't even think of using the product from such an unsavoury group of people which has now cost me $465.07 Cdn and I'm expecting more charges to go through. Also, I have not received the product for the second May 14th charge, the June 11th charge or the July 7th charge which of course is just a side note.

      I'm as surprised that my bank can't protect me from further charges from this merchant as I am by the scam itself and will be spending most of my day tomorrow sorting out this mess as I did today. I have sent an e-mail to Facebook ads and I noticed I don't see the ad anymore. There are numerous names for this product according to the internet : Everwhite, WhiteBlast, DazlingBrite etc. There's quite a sad story on if you look up Everwhite or any of these other names

    • profile image

      nancy 6 years ago

      Yeah well I did this product probably around april it said that there was a teacher from my town doing it and I'm in a very small town so i said sweet good deal 3 dollars can't beet that well I canceled in the 14 days and still got charged $87.47 from both places. canceled again sent back the product which they said they never recvied and got chrged again called back again talked to the manger or something like that they said I would be refunded within 5 days um never saw any of it lost a ton of money and now 2 months later I have just bee charged only 1.57 more but I think they are just seeing if im paying attention before they hit me again for a bunch of money I'm so pissed they are gonna get an earfull tomorrow

    • profile image

      Jerome 6 years ago

      thing is with thoses scams, there is too many ads to be honest :)

      just like the scam tips that will ruins microsoft company so you should hurry and pay the scammers a lot :)

      what i do find ironic while reading this page, is the white teeth adds on top and the acamai scam on the side "for a flat belly using 1 old trick" :p

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      This one even made Wired:

      Report internet fraud at

    • profile image

      SydneyGal 6 years ago

      Notice how at the end of this page warning us about a scam, that there is another scam? Oh the irony!

    • profile image

      maria gulay 6 years ago

      i also fell for scam but the names where idol white and bright white. already been charged. am i right in assuming that i can never get that money back and the only way to stop this is to cancel my credit card?

    • profile image

      Louise 6 years ago

      I have also fallen for this scam,they taken money from my account also trying to take smaller amounts of money i haven't received any product at all. I have had to close my bank account down and open another one. What's the best way of going round getting my money back??

    • profile image

      Lynne Elf 6 years ago

      personally i think this is illegal.

      according to the add this "Becky Bell" is a teacher in a city near me. But others report that she is local to them.

      Basically they are using your IP address to insert the city name into the advert .. .and therefore they are lying.

      to me that's illegal.

    • breathe2travel profile image

      breathe2travel 6 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      I fell for one about green tea. Thankfully, my bank was very helpful, I had kept notes about when I ordered, and cancelled. The company sent me two samples in the mail after I filed multiple complaints, but I told them I was not interested in the samples, and I threw them away. My bank reversed all charges and blocked them from ever ever ever being able to withdraw money from my account again.

      Thanks for the info. I hope it has prevented others from having to experience the hassle!

      Voted useful.

      warm regards~

    • profile image

      taelor1101 6 years ago

      wow I feel bad I was thinking about getting this product because my teeth are faded yellow and i wanted it to be white. So I was looking for the whole thing about the mom but this website came up and I read a lot of the comments and Thank you guys for your stories or I would have bought it.

    • profile image

      Natalie 6 years ago

      I too fell victim to this ruthless scam. I almost always read the fine print but thought 5 bucks no biggie. Well I spoke to my bank and canceled my card and was issued a new one but there is no way of truly stopping any future withdrawls if they use different authorization numbers, so I am just hoping no further withdrawls will take place. How can people to this to others and live with themselves each and every day. Just a cruel world I guess.

    • profile image

      dan 6 years ago

      Well I just got taken for a total of 95 for one product and 195 for the other and they in no way offered a refund. Be sure to read the fine print!!

    • profile image

      Kitty 6 years ago

      Just seen the ad and wondered if it was a scam. Thought I might be too naïve so just before submitting my card details, I thought I'd check the terms and conditions - bloody hell! Always, always read them!

      You have two weeks from the order date to try the product. If you do not contact us within two weeks of placing your initial order, you agree to allow us to bill the same credit card used for your initial order in the amount of £49.95 as part of the Gleamify Advanced Teeth Whitening Home Delivery Program. If you are not completely satisfied and DO NOT want to be billed for the order, simply send back the product within 14 days. If you do not contact us within 14 days, you will be charged for the trial supply. You are responsible for the return shipping and handling charges. Item MUST be returned to the warehouse in order to NOT be billed or to receive a refund. You are not obligated to purchase after you receive your 1-month supply. As part of your order, you agree to be enrolled in the Gleamify Advanced Teeth Whitening Home Delivery program. As a Gleamify Advanced Teeth Whitening Home Delivery member, to make sure you never run out of product, you agree to be shipped a new 1-month supply 30 days after your original order date and every 30 days thereafter at the same £49.95 price. You agree to allow us to bill your credit card £49.95 (plus p&p) for this new 1-month supply of Gleamify and every monthly shipment until you cancel.

    • profile image

      Kitty 6 years ago


      All you need to do is google these things -before you order!- to find all the victims and not become one yourself.

    • profile image

      thanks 6 years ago

      i found it odd that the website i used would not let me post a comment, therefore i decided not to buy it...i decided that yesterday and found this site today, so very thankful for this site

    • profile image

      Gypsyli 6 years ago

      I received a phone call today Jan 14, 2011 from a credit collections company. Collection for Advanced Fitness for Teeth Whitening product I had purchased. The only Teeth Whitening I have every ordered was a sample of SPARKLE WHITE and HOLLYWOOD BRITE in December 2009. Yes I fell for the Single Mom Scam......a supposed Registered Nurse in my own community. Lucky for me my credit card must have expired shortly after I ordered these samples as I have just gone through all my statements and no other charges have ever been processed. So now the collection company is threatening to put derogatory remarks on my credit report. I told them "go ahead, I ordered a sample and I am not paying anything else!" So we'll see what happens. Unbelievable the deceptive crap that is everywhere. Never again. I was extremely lucky to not have other charges like so many others.

    • profile image

      Sarah H 6 years ago


      I just got my package TODAY

      I don't want my parents to get scammed! WHAT DO I DO?

      Please help me!

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      wait, i just called them and i cancelled my membership and am sending back the two items, am i out of the woods yet?

    • profile image

      Keeley 6 years ago

      Sarah H

      how did you cancel your membership and everything ect?

      I just orderd off both sites yesterday and i really don't want my mum getting scammed either .. i would actually die

      Anyone know how you can canel this

      used my mums debit card!

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      I fell for this trick. So stupid. I have learned my lesson. They charged me a total of $280. But not to worry! I just called my credit card company, and it took a little bit of time but I got all of my money back!

    • profile image

      Hej 6 years ago

      I had something similar

      it was an IQ test!!!

      you send an sms from your cellphone

      and they keep billing you

      on and on

      i lost 20 bucks in two days

      and was hard to cancel

      google everithing first

      type the subject and add words like

      scam and fraud and fake or decived

      i guess my IQ wasn't so high afterall

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I too fell for this wonderful teeth whitening scam. When I called them I told them they had charged me the $89.00 but I hadn't even received any product! They said they could not refund me until they reshipped what I never got and then returned it. Then they charged me another $79.00 for additional product. All this for a wonderful $8 FREE TRIAL....Thank God my bank credited me the money back.

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I too fell for this wonderful teeth whitening scam. When I called them I told them they had charged me the $89.00 but I hadn't even received any product! They said they could not refund me until they reshipped what I never got and then returned it. Then they charged me another $79.00 for additional product. All this for a wonderful $8 FREE TRIAL....Thank God my bank credited me the money back.

    • profile image

      jen 6 years ago

      hi i too fell for the scam.i did get a refund from the company as i cancelled within 2 days but 3 months on i got charged £81 as the company changed its cancelled debit card and still waiting if my bank to refund .

    • profile image

      Sophie 6 years ago

      How did you get through to the company and can you please share the number

    • profile image

      cassy 6 years ago

      My parents wanted to to look up all these "mother of 2" teeth whitening things... I decided to just go with a new product I saw at our local drug mart I used "Love That White Smile" and it's been less than a week and I've seen results. The product doesn't use the common ingredients that most teeth whitening products do (it's safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and works on caps and veneers!) I love love love this product.

      You start off using their cleansing and whitening system (which is two bottles of foam you squirt onto your toothbrush AFTER brushing your teeth) then, after 30 days you move onto the maintenance foam. They also have a cleansing/whitening pen for on the go (I use it after drinking pop when I'm out, or drinking coffee) and they also have lip and tooth gloss... which I havn't tried yet.

      The products are pretty reasonably priced. The cleansing system is about $50, I think the maintenance foam is about the same, if not a little less, the pen is $20, and the tooth/lip gloss is about $50 (which is why I haven't gotten it yet!)

      Hope this helps anyone looking for a great whitening system!

    • profile image

      Debra 6 years ago

      I too was conned, charged £65 (by POWER TEA) to my credit card & received nothing. My credit card company say that I should've read the terms & conditions which I'm sure I did, as I noted the tel no to cancel after 21 days. I supplied my card details purely for the P&P which was approx £8. I do have a tel number which I am going to call during their office hours 001-877-213-1449

    • profile image

      eva 6 years ago

      Hi i am a victim to and feel so embarrassed. I am normally very careful but this looked genuine. They are taking money off me and there is nothing one can do. I have now canceled my bank account and fingers crossed I will be fine. i have lost 200 pound. They don't answer the telephones or any emails. i could not file complaints to BBB and ITC as i don't have their address or correct telephone number. be careful

    • profile image

      JAMTX 6 years ago

      I fell for this as well and I am so upset b/c I ALWAYS research everything but someone had posted the "article" on their facebook page and after searching everywhere for those words that say you will be charged XX amount after so many days I didn't see anything so I did it. I could just kick myself. I used a back up account that I don't keep much money in so it caused an overdraft. I called the company and he said it was on the invoice I received but nope on the invoice it only says I was charged 1.50. When I went to the website after a couple of clicks there in small print was the T&C. The guy told me he could only refund me 50%,(there was a 3 day window to cancel!!) that was after I told him I was filing a dispute, a police report and contacting the BBB and the FTC and I kept calling it a scam and he said Ma'am if you call us a scam again I will hang up on you....what a ASS! So I disputed it with my credit union but they said there is a chance i won't get the money back since there were Terms and conditions (even if it is an obvious scam and they weren't in plain sight!) So my card is cancelled and as of today I am out 199.00 plus a 25.00 over draft! How stupid I feel for falling for this scam. No worries...this people will have to account for their actions one way or another.

    • profile image

      Walter 6 years ago

      They're still doing it....on the reputable website "". Rip-off artists like that should be jailed!!!

    • profile image

      bugsy 6 years ago

      those scamers.

      i am a victim also, imagine after more than a yaer , i received a call from a collecting agency asking for money, knowing that i cancelled everything within the lim it date. i wonder why cant someone stop them.

    • profile image

      ZT:Cue them  6 years ago


      Hello All, Just recently got scammed as well. When I called Ivory White after getting charged for something I did not buy, they told me to write a letter to Brian Lint. I was told he will read my letter. Like I care what he will read! I was assured I could never be refunded, but at least he'll read my letter. The mailing address is bogus and Ivory White does a very good job of trying to stay out of any legitimate contact, (all you can call is the 1-800 number.)

      Until now,

      Ivory White is owned by a company called Convertis LLC. Brian Lint is in consumer affairs and Susan Laurent is head of Marketing. These are legitimate higher-ups who never hear from those of us who have been scammed. You want to make a dent in this fraudulent monster, Call them. These are people who can (and should) refund you and me! Numbers are below...Not trying to be evil myself. But consider this - Convertis LLC reports to do $750k - $2M in sales each year! How??? By scamming us and never repaying. TWO MILLION DOLLARS! That's your money! See for yourself. +LLC-BOULDER-CO

      Don't bother calling the number, it just takes you to another one of their teeth-whitening companies called Bella Brite. Instead contact Sue or Brian with the numbers listed below.

      Susan Laurent

      Director of Marketing

      Phone: 303.997.1366

      Brian Lint

      Consumer Affairs

      Customer Service - Fulfillment Manager

      Phone: 303.997.1366

      Good Luck! They stole your money. Get it back!

    • profile image

      Steve from London 6 years ago

      They're at it again. Now operating from a website called with the headline: A mom’s blog about cosmetics & staying young. Don't fall for the crooked promises!

    • profile image

      rosee 6 years ago

      i saw the ad several times on pages like spark people and lifescript. these pages I considered to be ligit and they obvious just post other web advertisement so not sure who is at fault other than myself. I ordered for the sheer reason thatr i had seen it on diff sites and that must mean that its been checked out...duh. They are moving around and changing names...I ordered from Bella Brite and Ortho White only one product was delivered but my money was taken out already and I didn't even know it cuz with my online banking i dnt see what is happening until after it happens....used debit card and they cannot stop/reverse payment! Second product told me to return for a product received!!!!! Wish I would have looked it up b4 buying is all I can really say for my self. Thank you 2 those who tried to warn me if only I had ckecked it out a lil.

    • profile image

      Amy Perez 5 years ago

      I actually ordered the 2 products that I came across when I was searching for teeth whiteners. It was the "single mom discovers secret to teeth whitening" one. I had no idea it was a scam, and sorry to say this for the people who DID get scammed, but I did not. As soon as I received them in the mail, I called and cancelled. I didn't have a problem at all. Sorry to those who did.

    • profile image

      Jennifer Roberts 5 years ago

      I'm embarrassed to admit I fell for it. Within 6 weeks, they charged me $86 three times, plus several smaller charges for the healthclub junk. Here's my question - if hackers can find a way to get into the legimate accounts of decent, honest, hard working people, why can't they hack into the accounts of these con-artists and ruin them? I mean, how sweet would that be - crooks robbing crooks? Just sayin'. . .

    • profile image

      jenny 5 years ago

      I’m a single mom and I have 2 kids who both needed dental braces. I make just enough to not qualify Medicaid services so I can’t get free Treatment on teeth whitening. I had to pay over $4800 so that my child can have braces and a beautiful smile. . .She was very scared and timid at school. I couldn’t find anyone in Los Angeles who would do the braces at a normal price so I had to launch find it with free services like (HealthSouk- the dental discount plan or discounted dentistry) and (800 dentist) The first one was free and the second apparently charges the dentist but not me.

      - Jenny Thomas

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Not only am I also sick of seeing these, I've had the unfortunate displeasure of WORKING FOR one of these scams.

      When you call them, you are NOT talking to the scammers. 99% of the time they hide behind US and Canada based answering services (Answernet, RenEx, TeleLink etc). These are relatively modest paying jobs for students and non skilled people where you answer customer service lines for hundreds on companies at any given time. The people on the phone are not to blame, the customer is for not reading the cunningly hidden and confusing fine print. It is underhanded, but unfortunately not illegal in the USA and Canada.

      Yes, they do prey on the impulse behavior of the average Joe, and it works. The client I answered for made millions off of a similar bait and decisive "Free Trial Software" scam. I no longer work for this company but they are still in business. Their BBB rating has even gone from F to B+ after a short tIme.

      Things that may help those who have fallen for it:

      1. Go through your credit card company.

      2. Threaten action with the BBB or FTA, this will almost always result in a refund.

      3. Do not get upset with phone operators, they work in an environment where their income relies on getting you off of the phone as quickly as possible to answer the next call from some other scam artist. Be respectful, calm, and ask them about their work, negotiate. They may be a little more willing to file a false ticket to get you off the hook.

      It's a sick world, and there are honest people who are being taken advantage of by sick minded money grabbers.

      But for the love of god no one should have to tell you these days that NOTHING in an online ad is legitimate or honest, NOTHING.

    • profile image

      Advanced Skin Care Philadelphia 5 years ago

      Hi, really a very great stuff is provided by you here regarding teeth whitening scam.I was not aware of it before and Its my great experience to visit your post. Keep it up in future also.

    • profile image

      rahulyd 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      I'm sorry, but this is just sad, the fact that these things needed to be highlighted as a scam is saddening, because it's so fucking obvious, I doubted that humanity needed confirmation, it's a bit like an article on "the sky is actually blue". As it goes, if the poorly designed advert and low resolution jpeg wasn't enough, nor was the poor font usage, unbelievable title and use of icons that would have no relevance, but now people need confirmation, it's like those ads about a single mum making $600 a day at home, or those pictures of a woman who has 80, and now looks 20, I mean, reality check, if you can't see through scams as obvious as this instantly, you deserve to be scammed, natural selection will eventually remove these morons from existence, because frankly, everybody has lost their common sense, remember the days when you could tell what was a scam and what wasn't? When common sense existed, I mean, today, you people, you all need things to be verified because you are too stupid to see through scams, how about you just eat healthy, exercise once in a fucking while, and stop looking for a quick fix as it slowly rots away whatever shred of common sense you have left. These kind of things depress me, because I slowly lose faith in humanity, it was like that Paranormal Activity film, as soon as a minority of people actually questioned whether it was real or not, I continued to lose my faith in education and common sense, surely, if you are dumb enough, you deserve the consequences of your action, and don't think that it isn't your fault if you fall for it, when you burn your hand on something marked as "extremely hot", who do you blame? The object, or your own stupidity?! Same principal.

    • profile image

      Charlette 5 years ago

      Thank you

    • profile image

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    • profile image

      affordable dental implants 4 years ago

      I am trying to find out if anyone has fallen for the teeth whitening scam with Ivory Brites, and if they have and were charged the fee of $88 if they ever receive the shipment and if they were able to get their money back, this is a horrible scam.

    • profile image

      braces Poway 4 years ago

      Good one, I like to read this type of article. You put a great topic for the healthy discussion.

    • profile image

      Orthodontist San Diego 4 years ago

      I am having tooth cavity from last 5-6 month, then I take treatment from a dentist. It takes 2-3 week for removing the cavity. Now I get full treatment & my tooth cavity is removing.

    • profile image

      balawix 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      shloime 3 years ago

      teeth whitening seems like a BAD IDEA.

      one of the few side effects of fluoride, which is of proven benefit in protecting teeth, is yellowing. so if the protective stuff makes your teeth yellow, how can the bleaches and abrasives that promise to remove the yellow be any good?

      the current crop of tooth whitening products has been marketed (at least in the first stages), rather cleverly, through dentists, which made it extremely unlikely that they would speak out against such a great new source of income.

      but given a choice between healthier teeth or just whiter teeth, i would prefer to go with healthier.

    • profile image

      Gloria 21 months ago

      I was about to order when my phone screen went blank. While trying to find the offer online I came across your scam warning. Thank you.

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