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The Summer is Here-Prepare Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Summer Heat

Updated on March 14, 2011

At this time of the year with rising temperatures, our bodies tend to control and reduce our temperature through perspiration! It is our naturally built in air conditioning! Cases, in which a person cannot or has difficulty in perspiring, could in some extreme cases lead to brain damage and to other organs as well. The most common are heat strokes, exhaustion and cramps! This summer heat is welcome but there are cautionary steps one should take!

A heat stroke could just happen to anybody and this usually occurs when the body cannot control the rise in temperature. Unfortunately if this persists on a person for some time it could lead to trigger a chronic deficiency and it could in turn lead to death!

Our aged fathers and grandfathers are more prone to this situation, as so are newborns and kids!

Caution With The Summer Heat

Summer heat temperatures rising
Summer heat temperatures rising

Prepare Yourself for Summer

Symptoms of a heat stroke are feverish like body temperatures, hot and dry red skin accompanied by a fast and strong pulse! Headaches and or nausea are commonplace as well. If this is the case then try to lower your body temperature by moving to cooler place, stay out of the sun and if you can go for a cool bath!

When extreme summer heat causes exhaustion it’s due to losing bodily fluids and salt through our perspiration and you can tell one by excessive perspiration, weak pulse, headaches and nausea! Old folks should be monitored, especially the folks with hypertension. Stay out of the sun if this is the case and drink mineral rich water or a sports drink.

Now less serious but still important is the case of cramps being provoked due to high rising temperatures. This could happen to people that lead a diet very poor in salt but especially who have got heart problems. Again, stay out of the sun and drink mineral rich water or a light sports drink.

The first rule is to avoid being directly in the sun but there are times that even being in the shade at a particular time of day with the highest point in heat can cause anyone to suffer! There are ways in protecting yourself if a summer heat wave should occur by firstly drinking lots of water.

Not too long ago I wrote about Water and our Body! Take some time to read it! It´ll give some good insights on water and the types of drinking water.

Visit during the hot months the elderly that live alone and make sure they are getting enough water in their systems!

At this time you should avoid those heavy meals that are full of fat and alcohol should be reduced! Increase your intake of fruits rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and make more often cold salads with a variety of vegetables. They go down better in the summer heat!

Dress up light making sure the garments are made of cotton. Get a good pair of sunglasses and a hat! Don´t overdo it with heavy sports in the middle of a summer heat day; opt this time a year for early morning sports or late afternoon physical activities!

At home stay in the areas that are less exposed to the sun. Careful with that air co, especially with the elderly. In this case fans are a better option before you think turning that air co full blast! As a complement you can always water down the outside of your home in another effort to beat the summer heat!


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