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The 'Super Starch' Diabetes Miracle Cure: A Review

Updated on March 3, 2015

A diabetes miracle cure is something that scientists, physicians and patients have been desperately looking for, for many years. Diabetes continues to cause the loss of sight; limbs, kidneys, nerves and patients are forced to take drugs that often lead to side effects. However there may be a 100 percent safe solution now to reverse diabetes and this solution is reportedly backed by scientific research to prove its effectiveness.

A well-known nutritionist Yuri Elkaim has brought out a Defeating Diabetes Kit that offers information on how to use a certain 'super starch' in the diet to reverse the effects that diabetes has on the body. The questions is, how effective is the kit in helping people with long-term or recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetics use the 'super starch' to reverse the disease.

What is this mysterious Diabetes Miracle Cure?

On the face of it, the solution offered by Elkaim is a simple white starch, known as a dietary resistant starch (RS), which is found naturally in a number of foods that we eat regularly. RS appears to be one type of carbohydrate that is not digested, but that passes into the large intestine and acts like beneficial dietary fiber.

According to new research at the Iowa State University in 2014, this super starch can eliminate Vitamin D loss through urine and help improve blood sugar control. It can reduce high blood sugar by 41 percent. 5 grams of RS in a muffin was found to help overweight people reduce and stabilize their blood sugar levels very effectively. It was found to improve insulin sensitivity by 33 percent in 4 weeks and lower fat accumulation. Sugar cravings and excessive hunger are hallmarks of type 2 diabetes which this super starch has been shown to consistently reduce. The super starch is also known to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood.

Who is behind the Defeating Diabetes Kit?

The product has a well-established name and reputation to back it: Yuri Elkaim, who is a renowned nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author for The All-Day Energy Diet published in 2014 by Hay House. Elkaim has helped over 500,000 people achieve better health over the twenty years of his career as a nutritionist. His approach to better health and healthier weights has been simple and uncommon diet strategies that have been found easier to adhere to and more effective than other difficult and boring approaches to diet. Elkaim tested the 'super starch' with his own clients as well as his own type 2 diabetic father and found the results to be miraculous.

The Pros

Those who have used Elkaim's guidebooks have experienced significant improvements in their blood sugar levels (by as much as 50 points in some cases), higher energy levels, improved bowel movements, dramatic weight loss, and reduction in insulin injections needed and so on. Since the kit only recommends all-natural foods, there is no fear of side effects. The instructions for the program and the recipes are detailed and easy to follow. The Super Nutrition Academy modules are detailed, and offer video, audio, MP3, workbooks and cheat sheets for easier and quicker learning. The advice is practical, easy to follow and straight forward.

The Cons

It is difficult to fault a system that is based on such solid research and a diet of natural foods. The price of the product is also low enough for it to be affordable, compared to the expensive treatments, weekend programs, health educator programs etc. that cost hundreds of dollars.

What to consider when purchasing the Diabetes Miracle Cure

There are two types of purchases possible with the kit. The standard available at a special price of $17 at the official website offers a set of recipes, information about the super starch and media to help users learn more about how to use these superfoods to turn their lives around. For the same price, a free trial is available on the upgrade, which further includes a report of 5 unusual superfoods that are known to beat diabetes, as well as full access to the Super Nutrition Academy.

The Super Nutrition Academy claims is a collection of the nutritionist's health secrets, tips and advice that, when combined with the Diabetes Kit, is designed to help users achieve the dramatic health improvements and wellness that they are looking for. It is a 12-module online course that is run by Elkaim to help people get the right information from reputable scientific research.

When buying the kit, the user may need to decide whether they are looking only for a cure for their diabetes, or also want more information on what foods to eat, how and when to eat them, and other secret tips on living a healthy, disease-free life. Elkaim offers a 60 day 100 percent money back guarantee, which gives customers two months to find out whether or not the program and tips are effective in their lives.

The Verdict

Overall, with the excellent reviews, low price and scientific backing of this diabetes miracle cure by Elkaim is bound to have positive effects against diabetes. It can be a consideration for people in any stage of diabetes, looking for a way to live a healthier, disease-free life.

© 2015 Juana


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