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The Swine Flu- Health Facts

Updated on August 15, 2014

Swine Flu- A Threat To Humanity


As ill luck would have it, in spite of the phenomenal advancement in science and technology, today the modern world is racked and trampled by numerous threats and perils. These hazards are both in shape of diseases and in the ever-increasing environmental pollution. The latest menace that man faces today is the “Swine Flu” scare that has the capability to become a pandemic and thus preservative steps must be taken by countries worldwide to buffer themselves against this contagious disease.(check the history of swine flu at

Swine Flu or H1N1 flu is an infection caused by the swine influenza virus. It is virus common throughout pig populations. Worldwide transmission of the virus from pigs to humans is not common and does not always lead to human influenza but now due to increasing environmental pollution not only have there been cases of swine flu affecting human beings but its transmission from human to human as well. The people who have easily caught the disease were farmers who raise pigs and butchers who came in contact with the meat. Thus this disease has become a big threatening remark to the world today as it is vicinal and can spread very quickly.(See videos:,)

The recent declared “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” by World Health Organization is due to the fact that the recent out break involving numerous deaths in US and Canada have been linked to the H1N1 virus of swine flu. The fact that it is conterminous and can scatter rapidly from human to human, and that the medication available has not proved effective against this deadly disease has made the situation all the more serious. Moreover ,in this disease symptoms are just like ordinary flu symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat , headache and chills people usually do not take it as serious until there are complications in breathing and a person dies of pulmonary complications. The very fact that the environment is so polluted has made the strain of H1N1 virus very intense and resistant against regular medication which do not work to stop its effect. This has made the situation all the more worse.

Countries worldwide have declared a medical emergency and have taken precautionary measures to reduce the chances of a global pandemic of the disease-Medications have been imported and large scale vaccinations are being carried out to safeguard people against this disease. Moreover those patients who have been found infected are immediately isolated from others so that the germs do not spread.(see videos for vaccinations)

Moreover, standard commercial swine flu medications have been effective in controlling some of the flu infections but these medicines are few and the demand has increased manifold. A general awareness about the disease is being created by the media to make people precaution from the disease. Recommendations to prevent spread of virus among humans are to use standard procedures of this disinfecting households and people to keep there noses and mouth covered if they appear to have flu. Cleanliness must be maintained at all cost. Countries like Korea, Thailand, etc have made security checks to disallow patients suffering from flu to cross borders.

Thus the treat to humanity in the shape of disease or natural disaster is always God’s way of testing the human capacity to help each other and manage effectively in time of crisis. Therefore, this treat of a pandemic can be avoided if the medication is made available at cost effective prices, and people are made aware of it through the media and government and Public Health agencies work together to prevent this disaster to ever taking place.

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