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The Tattletail: Skins

Updated on July 16, 2013




The Tattle-tail: Skins

When we age many of the internal and external toxins that we have taken, eaten, drank, and been subjected to or exposed to in our lifetime shows up in a very specific and peculiar way, our skin. We wrinkle, crinkle, show odd discolorations, get bumps, rashes, boils, or unusual growths that appear out of nowhere, and we should know when something is definitely wrong. If we are healthy and lucky our skin glows without blemish. However, sometimes if we do not do all the right things like diet properly, drink lots of water, and use preventive medicine we will not have a youthful, luminous, and luxurious appearance without blemish.

The skin is an electromagnetic containment sphere that is layered to contain, maintain, and gauge the temperature of the body, contain blood-flow, contain and maintain muscles and tissues, and oxygenate the sphere (our body).

So when these unexpected maladies appear on the skin what can we do to reverse or reduce the signs of aging and negative effects that we have been exposed to? Is there actually a fountain of youth? The answer is yes, and it all can be beneficial to our skin and bodies when we take the proper action to induce the nutrients that govern our skin like the release of keratin and collagen to the vital areas and organs, especially our skin. Since the skin is made up of the element keratin and collagen, we need to feed it properly to generate and convert this energy into keratin and collagen.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? Yes, it is true, it is the largest organ in our body that protects our entire body from the elements and is the only organ that can be seen and spread from head to toe, close to 3000 inches of it (

Keratin is the element or substance that governs the skin, hair, and nails. Keratin and other essential vitamins for the skin are produced in the liver and is generated by Melatonin conversion in its natural state in our atomic soup in the stomach, where it is churned up. Melatonin produces a substance in the body that speeds up the absorption of vitamins A and slows the processes of cancerous cells already in the body.

Our skin is the photosynthesis converter for the body, where is absorbs sunlight or otherwise known as ultraviolet rays and converts it into vitamin D. It is made up of layers of epidermis, stratum cormeum, and dermis.

Some of the substances and vitamins produced can speed up the metabolism in the body or liver that converts the energy as it engages it into vitamin A, which is carotene which we absorb from ingesting carrots or orange colored vegetables, along with orange colored squash. It also produces beta-carotene that is good for our eyesight and produces much needed anti-oxidants.

There are two primary vitamins that can and could reverse the signs of aging they are CoQ 10 and Carotene when combined they make a formidable, vital, and powerful source of energies that give our skin a youthful and a vibrant appearance of health.

But, CoQ 10 and Carotene combined are not the only vitamins that we need to supplement our diet to gain a more youthful vibrant skin. The other vitamins are vitamins B3, A, D, and K. We also should consume 8 glasses of water to replenish and revitalize our skin so that it remains supple and wrinkle free. Drinking at least 1 cup of coffee a day can reduce your risk of liver cancer by 0.53% according to a study of thousands of individuals (21 January 2005, NewKerala - Health India URL:

We should always pay attention to our bodies especially our skin utlizing and engaging several ways of doing just that, are looking for discolorations, bumps, or rashes to name a few of the signs that something may be wrong, and we should contact a doctor.

So when we find something wrong we need to know what to do we see something is wrong, yellowing, purple shades, or redness of the skin are telltale signs of Jaundice, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Dermatophagia, and disorders of the liver, toxicity of the pancreas. Lacking Oxygen that is vital to our body turns the skin a purplish blue when it is lacking.

Both disorders of the liver and pancreas are affective disorders that are detrimental to a healthy vibrant skin and detrimental disorders that affect our overall health. Stress and fear also inhibits the cellular structure from working properly and could cause a number of problems and is a factor attributor at the onset of diseases.

Volume 1, Issue 22, March 3, 2013


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