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The Thinking Prosthetic Leg

Updated on July 17, 2012
The X2
The X2

Prosthetic technology has come a long way baby! While that use to be the slogan for the woman's cigarette, Virginia Slims in the 1970's, it applies today to prosthetic limbs. Losing an arm or leg for any reason is a horrible physical and psychological event to overcome. I really cannot imagine it, personally. It alters everything.

Today's prosthetic limbs allow people to operate at a near normal capacity, with training, people without legs or arms function like they did when they had them. On the cutting edge now is a leg that "thinks". Currently, being tested by Otto Bock health Care , is the X2 leg. This "leg" has a CPU that takes takes the "thinking" out of walking. The leg has six sensors that note minor changes in movement, such as, added weight, slight tilts. The CPU then makes an instant adjustment to the leg. If the person walks faster, the X2 leg will adjust resistance in the knee (assuming it was amputated) so the leg does not slip out in front, as what normally occurs. The resistance acts as the prosthetic's muscle. The X2 allows those who need it to do just about anything they did before the tragedy except for lifting. It has a 320 lb. limit. The X2 is not waterproof. However, due out in 2013, the X3 leg will appear, which will be waterproof.


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