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The Third Eye in YOU.[ Listen to the Master]

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

One Spot Of several in the city.

Kriya Yoga Listen to the Master.

The 3rd Eye.

Ever since Shri.Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Started his Ashram at Pune in Maharashtra a few hours from Bombay by train his spiritual induction in any human being was a hit and it spread world wide.The Induction in to the process of Meditation labeled as 'Transcendental' was all over India.Even it was established in industries having large labor force.The movement even was said to have reduced labor problems.Increased production and peace.

At present the where about of this Master of Meditation is not seen or heard it was over 30 years ago this was a most heard of spritual movement.

Then down from Himalaya there were several Masters who traveled all over the various English speaking countries speaking on GITA and teaching YOGA.These Masters were most efficient speakers following the first Master Swami Chinmayananda.He just could talk on any of the Chapters on GITA so effectively that it was pin drop silence in his GITA GYAN camps all over India.

There was Kriya Yoga Master from down the Himalayan Range.He had learn t all techniques of several Yoga from 32 Masters.He toured all countries telling them how to breath from your spinal cord to create the electromagnetic force.His teaching was a compliment to techniques of all types of yoga not contradicting any technique.

The most recent addition being Si Sri Shiv Shankar in his wide campus at Bangalore teaching THE ART OF LIVING a huge catch with people having money and looking at how to spend effectively.He has a Ashram where thousands go to practice his ART OF LIVING,huge voulenters all over the city and offices at selected location draw croud with money to spend.

Then came Swami Ram Dev with his belly pull ups that made people slim and dis cease ceased sucsucsfully.Practice class is free but training at the foot hills of HIMALAYA where thousands can stay is not free for all.His method of meditation and excercises coupled with Yoga is well attended by many senior citizens as well as middle aged and young executives who need a destress to start the day with free mind is needed to take the day well.

There was plenty of takers as seen in pictures who wanted to sit under a PYRAMID like building shown in the picture and practice a different stroke of spritual training supposed to open your 3rd Eye so as to feel you have no estrangled mind and you experience a empty mind.The benifits of this technique of meditation which required no excercise or prayer,no Yoga and Prayer was Total Health Checked up free like the Executive Medical Check Up done in 5 star Hospitals.

The Benifits declared were:-

1) Total Health.

2) Concentration.

3) Spiritual Knowledge.

4) Peaceful & Joyful Mind.

5) Improved Awarness.

6) Clear purpose of Life.

7) Enhanced Memory.

8) Self Confidence.

9) Enlightenment.

The Laws were:-

1) Natural Normal Breathing.

2) This breathing makes the mind empty and at this stage huge amount of Cosmic energy floods the body cleaning the energy channels.

3) Gradually this activates the hiden potentials and Third Eye Activation to be in this state you got to practice this type of meditation daily.This is a must.

4) The daily practice increases the Cosmic Energy for your Meditation.

5) There is no time fixed for this meditation.You got to be free relaxed and sit on a mat or comfortable Chair and all your body parts must be tension free.

6) Just sit comfortably,clasp your fingers,close your eyes and simply observe your natural breath,you have began your meditation.There is no prayer nor chanting mantras.Meditation is pure obsevation of breath.

7) So when are you going to start.Start today.Open your 3rd Eye.



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