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The Top Weight Loss Programs

Updated on November 2, 2011

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Watchers - Weight Watchers is one of the most successful weight loss programs on the planet today. Literally thousands of average everyday people have lost weight on this calorie based weight loss program. Many celebs have also lost weight on the program and are active spokespersons for the plan. The diet is calorie based and is very healthy.  They provide a great nutritional diet plan, exercise plan, and regularly meetings to inspire and motivate the participants. They have a  food point plan that makes it easy to stay with the program and lose weight. This program is not completely free though, but it cost well under a hundred bucks to join. So, theres nothing to lose but weight.

Jenny Craig - Jenny Craig is another calorie based diet program that is number one with a lot of people who are losing weight. The program has received a lot of very high praise in the news media. This program provides a easy to follow plan along with prepackaged frozen meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is not much guess work with this program. Everything is prearranged for the participants. People on the diet plan eat very healthy nutritional meals and learn to control their portions while making better choices in food. Well, the downside is that the meals might not be very filling for some and the diet plan is costly.

Slim Fast - Don't grumble at the Slim Fast Deal. They actually do have a very sound weight loss program that is good for short term weight loss. The Slim fast diet has plenty of diet shakes, bars, soups, meals, and snacks to choose from for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
The main principle behind the diet is that healthy replacement products are the best way to to take off the pounds and perhaps help keep the pounds from coming back. The diet provides a very sensible meal plan along with nutritional products. Participants can join Slimfast at their website for plenty of free support and  easily join their very active online community.

Nutrisystems - The Nutrisystems plan is  kind of like the lazy man or woman's diet plan. ou don't have to worry about shopping for the right type of foods for the diet. There is no requirement to cook the food or even measure the amounts with extreme accuracy. The Dieter can easily select the diet plan that fits their taste. The diet foods are prepared and shipped to them in a microwave ready pouch on regular schedule.

Atkins Diet - The Atkins Diet is a bit controversial. There are those who actively believe in the weight loss philosophy and those who think that it id is very unhealthy. The diet plan promotes weight loss by reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed. The theory behind the diet is that reducing carbs and eating more protein and fat promotes natural weight loss. Dr. Atkins has a very popular book that highlights the low-cal diet along with meal plans. Try the diet at your own risk. Always consult your health care provider before starting any type of weight loss program.


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