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The Treatment of Gout: Natural Gout Treatment and Home Remedies for Gout

Updated on June 19, 2012

There are quite a number of over-the-counter medications for the treatment of gout but these can be quite expensive. If you want natural gout treatment and some good old-fashioned home remedies for gout then you have come to the right place!

Whenever I hear somebody say they just suffered a gout attack, I usually wince in pain and sympathize with the person. You know as well as I do that gout is a severely painful form of arthritis which is even more painful than rheumatoid arthritis!

Gout is certainly no laughing matter, that’s for sure. Imagine getting skewered on a rod and then getting burned while skewered on the rod (did I hear you say *ouch* in there?). Yes, it is indeed that painful!

Before we list down some natural gout remedies, here are a few quick facts on gout symptoms.

Gout in index finger
Gout in index finger | Source
Gout in large toe
Gout in large toe | Source

Signs and symptoms of gout

1. Extremely high levels of uric acid in the blood (medical term for this is hyperuricemia).

2. Swelling and sudden surge of pain in a joint, most commonly in the big toe. Other affected joints may include the heel, Achilles tendon, ankle, instep, knee, finger, wrist or elbow.

3. Uric acid crystals are present in joint fluids.

4. More than a single attack of acute arthritis.

5. Fast development of arthritis which forms in a single day and produces a red, swollen and warm joint.

If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of gout listed above, it would be advisable to check with a qualified medical professional who may need to draw a sample of fluid from the affected joint and check for the presence of crystals which normally indicates the presence of gout.

Natural gout treatment

As I have stated above, the treatment of gout need not be expensive. Here are 6 simple and natural treatment for gout that are guaranteed to not only save you a lot of money but will also prevent subsequent gout attacks!

Low Purine Foods
Low Purine Foods | Source

1. Follow a low purine diet – eat only foods that have low purine content (0-50mg per 100g) such as:

  • fruits and vegetables (except those that have medium purine content such as beans)
  • breads and cereals which have low fiber or are made with white flour
  • fresh fruit juices, coffee and tea
  • dairy such as eggs, skim milk and low fat yogurt
  • macaroni and pasta
  • fats, oils, sugar and sweets in small amounts

(For more information on low purine diet for gout, please do read my hub on this topic).

Foods to avoid for gout
Foods to avoid for gout | Source

2. Discipline yourself and AVOID eating foods that have high purine content! Check this detailed list of foods that cause gout and make sure you avoid these foods religiously!

  • Red meats such as beef, lamb, pork, turkey
  • Game such as pheasant, rabbit, venison, quail
  • Organ meats or offal such as brain, kidney, liver, heart, tongue
  • Seafoods such as shellfish, scallops, herring, trout, anchovies, mackerel, fish roe
  • Extracts of meat and yeast
  • Foods that are made with high-fructose corn syrup
  • Processed foods served at fast food restaurants

(For more information on the foods to avoid for gout, please do read my hub on this topic).

Some books on natural gout treatment (low Kindle prices!)

3. One reason why natural cures for gout save you a lot of money is because you have to lessen or eliminate altogether your consumption of beer and other grain liquors! These types of liquors have high purine content and can increase the amount of uric acid in your blood so stay away from it. How about wine? Well, for wine with low alcohol levels you may drink this in moderation.

4. Avoid drinking enriched fruit juices, soda, sports drinks and other beverages sweetened by high-fructose syrup. Another money saver remedy here!

5. A super natural treatment for gout is to drink a lot of water, at least 8 – 10 glasses everyday. In addition to helping flush excess uric acid in the bloodstream, staying hydrated guards against constipation and kidney stones.

6. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day several days a week. If you are overweight, you need to lose that weight as soon as possible. Just make sure you don’t follow any crash diet advice from weight loss gurus or else you increase the risk of a gout attack! Do check with your physician first before you start your exercise regimen.

That’s it! Six simple natural gout treatment that can help prevent gout in any of your joints! The treatment of gout is even made more effective if you keep track of your uric acid levels – ideally, your uric acid levels should not be more than 6 mg/dL (or 6 milligrams per deciliter).

I hope these home remedies for gout have given you useful ideas so you can continue to live a normal and healthy gout-free lifestyle!


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    • angied83 profile imageAUTHOR

      Angie D 

      6 years ago from Cebu, PH

      Thanks for letting me know this hub has been of help to you, northlandws. :-)


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