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The Most Common Beliefs and Truth Regarding Health of Kids

Updated on May 26, 2020
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When you are into parenting, you want to be more involved, feel connected and focussed on your child. You want to grab all the knowledge regarding the health of your kids to make him happy and healthy. As a result, parenting can sometimes transform into a roller coaster ride for you. When it comes to a child's health, some waves of information can be tyrannical or can be misleading. Whether you agree or disagree, but most advice comes from the family or friends. Then the world of internet is accumulated with loads of knowledge, and you are not sure of its authenticity. And not all advise is been medically proven or not safe to follow.

Here are some common misconception about the child's health and the actual truth behind them.

Drinking more milk increases the height of children.


Certainly, milk is a very good source of calcium and its consumption is also helpful in the physical development of children, but this does not mean that drinking more milk will increase the height of the child faster. Always remember that the simple rule in this regard is that only mother's milk should be given to a newborn for 6 months.

After this age, he should also be given things like cow's milk, lentil water, semolina kheer, mashed banana and porridge. Two cups of milk is sufficient for children after the age of 1 year, after this age there is a possibility of lack of hemoglobin in the body of children who drink more than the required amount of milk.

Drinking milk mixed with supplements leads to growth


This notion is completely wrong. There are many types of products sold with different names in the market which are recommended to drink, mixed with milk. It is true that by using them, children get partly ingredients like protein and calcium. But it is not related to good growth. Yes, some children do not like the taste of milk at all, then such supplements prove to be beneficial because after mixing them, the children drink the milk very easily.

Hanging and skipping in the hanging bar increases the height


This assumption is completely misleading. In such ways, the height of children cannot be increased. 95% of their physical development depends on heredity. It contributes to only 5% of its diet and physical activities. Hanging in the hanging bars and activities like skipping, may prove good for children's fitness, but it cannot increase their height.

Swimming is beneficial for children


Swimming provides very good exercise for the whole body of the children, it is definitely beneficial for physical fitness, so you must teach your children swimming, but remember that it does not increase their height.

Consumption of vitamin C does not inflict cold


It is true that vitamin C enhances the immunity of children, so their immune system is strengthened by its intake, but it is inappropriate to supplement the children without consulting the doctor. It is better if you add orange, pineapple sweet lime in their diet and Citrus fruits such as grapes should be included prominently as they contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

Vegetarian children do not get protein nourishment


This assumption is completely wrong. Apart from all kinds of pulses, Soyabean and Paneer are also very good sources of protein. In this way, vegetarian children also get adequate nutrition. Like none vegetarian provides nutrition to children, they are also perfectly healthy.

Eating carrots increases eyesight


It is true that vitamin A present in carrots is very beneficial for eyesight, it protects children from night blindness, but it also does not mean that you feed your child with only carrots. All fruits and vegetables of red, yellow and orange colour contain a sufficient amount of vitamin A. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables are also beneficial for children's eyesight. The most important thing is that if the eyesight of the child is getting weak due to any reason, then take him to the doctor, in such a situation, this problem cannot be solved only with the help of nutritious food.

Feeding almond and walnuts helps in the rapid mental development of the children


It is wrong to believe that if children are fed almonds and walnuts in high amounts, then their mental development is more rapid. Yes, the omega 3 fatty acids present in these dry fruits nourish the memory part of the brain, but it does mean that the mind of children eating almond and walnut is much sharper than others. If the child is given a balanced diet, it also delivers adequate nutrition to the brain.

Children's growth stops due to gymnastics and belly dance


This belief is completely wrong, any such activity does not inhibit the physical development of children, rather it makes their body healthy and fit, anyway, children practice this gymnastics and dance only for a short time in hobby classes. But there are no side effects. Children who take Dance or Gymnastics training at an advanced level for a long time, there is definitely some pressure on their muscles and joints. In such a situation, their coaches take special care of their children's health through a special diet and exercise.

Adequate sleep is necessary for growth


It is true that 8 to 9 hours of sleep is very important for children between the ages of 2 to 10 years. Sleep maintain the energy level in the body of the child, the growth hormone is secreted during sleep and this helps them to improve their physical development better. This is why if there are children of this age group at home, then the routine should be such that it does not disturb their sleep.

Children's immune system is strengthened by playing in open spaces


It is true that children playing in open spaces like Parks have a strong immune system. Vitamin D present in sunlight is also beneficial for their brain with the development of their bones. Along with exposure to viruses and bacteria present in the environment, antibodies present in the body of children are active and strong after playing. Children who play in the park are physically stronger and more active, so they should not be protected from contact with the external environment.


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