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The Two Major Dental Implant Systems - Straumann and Nobel Biocare

Updated on March 24, 2010

Primary Resource

We'd like to offer a special thanks to Dr. Lee Fitzgerald for providing information on systems of dental implants.  Dr. Fitzgerald is an experienced professional practicing dental implants in Dallas.

There are many kinds of dental implant systems available on the market today. When choosing your implant dentist, you are not only looking for the right person to conduct the surgery and team to take you through the process, but you should also be verifying the dental implant system that is being used.

As we have mentioned in prior posts regarding dental implant systems, the importance of the brand cannot be stressed enough. Dental implant placements will remain in a patient’s mouth for years to come. However, if the brand is not around in twenty years, that could pose serious problems and potentially complications. The most reliable brands and largest brands on the market are Nobel BioCare and Straumann. When looking for an implant dentist, if he or she is using either of these brands, then you will know that you will have a reliable system in place, should you choose to go with that particular implant dentist.

Below is a quick snippet and link to more information on each of the systems.

Nobel BioCare

“Nobel Biocare’s standardized implant portfolio comprises solutions for all indications—from single-tooth to fully edentulous restorations—offering the best possible quality and esthetics to dental professionals and their patients.”


“The functionality of our innovations, be it products or treatment methods, relies on a straightforward principle. Everything we offer must meet the following three key requirements: reliability, simplicity and versatility.”

When choosing where to have your dental implants placed, consider not only the one who will perform the surgery, but also consider the facility and the brands.


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    • Hanookai profile image

      Hanookai 6 years ago from 4312 Woodman Ave. Suite 100 Sherman Oaks Los Angeles

      In this hub nice info is given on a nobel biocare and strauman types of a dental implant.

    • profile image

      KS 7 years ago

      This is a ridiculous way to push the implant systems you use - Titanium is the same and implants that are on the market now are very similar in success and long term stability. Restorative options on many implant systems are also similar. Don't spread the BS just because you use these.